My Blog:An Explanation

I wanted to explain why I’ve chosen to write my blog the way I have. I know it’s not typical to continue in the comments section but it seems like the way I should do it to me. I’m screwy like that.

I am recounting my experience as I remember the “high lights”, if you will. I’m not trying to be graphic or titillating but I feel like if someone who needs to tell, can relate to the level of degradation I was subject to, maybe it will give them the courage they need to tell whoever they need to, to escape.

I remember reading a book over 25 years ago about a woman who was sold into a sexual slave ring, by her parents, at the age of five. Wow! It was hard! The author wrote a disclaimer, saying she knew it was hard. She went on to say, “Just know, that you as the reader, I spared you the worst.” I will blog about that book because it absolutely changed my life in such a profound way, I have prayed for those victims AND their perpetrators ever since. IT IS part of my life. I am forever linked to that author and those that followed.

So this my friends explains my cray, cray.


One Response to “My Blog:An Explanation”

  1. AR Neal June 15, 2013 at 1:34 am #

    Always love cray cray! Thanks for followin my blog!

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