becki_p20 – My Story #TriggerWarning

3 Apr

Ive posted links to some of the bigger headlines of people who inserted themselves into social issues that were completely fraudulent and were in fact just another fraud. Frauds. They are examples. Hurtful examples. These frauds hurt the cause they inserted themselves in to. The fact they were frauds brought dishonor to the very cause they said they advocated for. It’s wicked.

I’ve added Rebecca Percy to the list. I’ve explained why in a series of blogs. If you are sincere in the endeavor of #TeamBecki you owe it to yourself AND YOUR FAMILY to read prior blogs and see screen shots provided. However, I’ve decided I’m going to have to make a more comprehensive post about my journey with Rebecca Percy. (Becki Percy @becki_p20)

I will be the first to admit I’m not a great writer. I’m not a great writer. My blogs are not about being a great writer.

I started this Duffy1958 WordPress blog years ago. I didn’t follow through much. Then I met Rebecca and became part of #TeamBecki. Little did I know the intensity and emotional roller coaster I had stepped into.

I’ve said more than a couple of times I REALLY do not want to revisit this relationship – much less write 50 blogs about it.

Have I changed my mind? No. But, if you’ve read my blogs, you’ll see where I have said multiple times I wrote many blogs because of Rebecca’s continued exposure of an underage youth on social media. Only twice today though.

I started writing because I about had an emotional breakdown to see the effort I had put towards Rebecca’s life – go down the tubes, tweet by tweet.

The first thing Rebecca did when she went to Texas, to the McAvene family was develop a FRAUDULENT GoFund. I do hope people can take a minute to reflect; put themselves in my position and evaluate what your reaction would be. *moment of silence.

In reading my blogs you’re going to have to be RATIONAL. Is that condescending? It does sound like it. I’m not trying to be condescending but it’s NOT beneath me to insult the crap out of someone.

And I use 3000 words when 12 would have sufficed. I apologize. I’m working on it. It’s a problem.

So I’m going to go through the Becki Percy saga and see how I do. I have been merciful. For all of the exposure I have given this? There is so much more behind the scenes. That’s why this is so insidious. Rebecca and behind the scenes.

I get accused of having “no Christian love” or as the Bible calls it “charity”.

The Bible’s definition of charity is …

1st Corinthians 13:4-8 charity suffereth long, and is kind, charity envieth not, Charity vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up. Doth not behave itself unseemly, seeketh not her own, is not easily provoked, thinketh no evil;

Rejoiceth not in iniquity, but rejoiceth in the truth;

Beareth all things, believeth all things, hope that all things, endureth all things.

Charity never fails.

I have been patient, I have been kind, I am not seeking anything for myself. I have walked in charity, I don’t have to have the kind of love someone thinks I should have. I have to check myself against the Bible’s definition. Sometimes I do better than other times. Sometimes I fail miserably. Sometimes I do better. It’s always my endeavor to do better because I have to and DO give account on a daily basis. In prayer. Ya’ll have no idea how many “Come to Jesus” meetings I have had WITH Jesus because He IS alive and manifest in the Holy Spirit.

Carrying on …

In my last blog I wrote about coffee-gate. I’m going to call it coffee-gate. I called Rebecca out over the coffee thing.

When Rebecca first came to my house she insisted I/we should stop drinking coffee because she said it reminded her of Lee Percy, her birth father, his coffee breath.

It would be funny, if this were funny but Rebecca has gone on overdrive about coffee now.

She even has the t shirt!

Two videos and a TShirt! To be fair the T-shirt came out with other T-shirt’s but Rebecca is all about the coffee now. ALL about it.

I feel convinced there was not a coincidence or a miracle when Rebecca goes to Twitter to explain her newfound love of coffee and how God set her free an hour BEFORE I posted my blog questioning her new affection for coffee.

Rebecca has known my passwords and from the looks of things she reads my blogs while they are still in the unpublished section of my wordpress account. You would have to know my password. It was AFTER I saw her post the tweets about the Coffee gate healings she has experienced I posted the blog calling her attention to coffee gate.

She has this “game” going. Against the establishment. Evidently I became part of the “establishment”. She involved herself in a chess match with me in her games. Except there is nothing about it which is a game. There are real consequences.

Rebecca wore an ankle monitor for at least a year and a half to REMIND her. “You are in a country, not your own. You’ve ask for SAFETY.”

Being jailed for 15 months? Consequences.

It’s frustrating because I can not aptly describe the coffee gate, the issue Rebecca made of me drinking coffee and I needed to stop. Now she describes being healed by God and even drinks coffee herself.

I know God can very well bring healing. I’ve experienced it. I’ve seen it. I’ve seen miracles. True miracles. What concerns me is claiming a miracle if you’re lying about it. That scares me.

One thing I’m going to say in this blog which I’ve not said in blogs past are the miracles. The miracles Rebecca has experienced. Extraordinary.

The “kidnapped friend” in England? She said she could hear and know everything Rebecca was going through. Everything. She was that connected to Rebecca she could know every solitary circumstance of what Rebecca was currently experiencing.

It’s a long story but that was the claim.

They attributed it to God giving them the ability.

If Rebecca was singing a song? The friend would message me and tell me. They could tell me verbatim what Rebecca was thinking, saying, experiencing. That was also part of the kidnapping. I said in another blog there were religious overtones. That’s part of what I was referring to. Part of it. “These people” were trying to pressure me into leaving my home which I make with my husband, my daughter and her family. They were going to “prophecy” over my life. If you aren’t Christian you might not understand – but that’s a big deal. If you are Christian – you should get it.

So the kidnapped victim in England could tell me every move Rebecca made and the focus was always how I could better serve Rebecca. They were relentless.

Who were those people?

Whatever the case may be kidnapping or no kidnapping, you don’t get to cause a train wreck and walk away. With no obligation. I mean that’s just crazy. People (me) wanted answers. *crickets. That’s not acceptable behavior on any scale.

In 2015; Rebecca made her original video’s of her testimony which she talks about her immigration case. She talks about how it came about for my family to invite her to the United States.

I was not the first American to offer Rebecca to come to their home.

There was ANOTHER lady. A DIFFERENT lady. Not Wendy but a different lady who lived in Texas. According to Rebecca the woman said she wanted to adopt her. We originally offered to pay for expenses of airfare. Then the next thing Rebecca said the lady was flaking out on her and she had to get out of the country before her 19th birthday because Lee was going to kill her. I believed it. I’m not going to lie. I believed her. I believed most everything Rebecca told me. Without question. I was on board #TeamBecki

I went to my family and ask about her joining us, we lived in the same house. I had to ask them and they agreed. It’s not the first time. I’m not boasting but it is what we did as a family. We helped people.

Rebecca did make a video recently; I’ll talk about in a minute but I want to point out Rebecca still has the series of videos she did in 2015 when she was at my house.

They are her first videos. She made several.

She posted those videos in 2015 and I’ve ask her to make different ones leaving my family out. She refuses. It’s hateful. (Full of hate.)

In one of Rebecca’s last videos, she said U.S. immigration did not let her in the country after she ask for asylum. That’s what I heard.

What HAPPENED was ICE was NEVER going to allow her into the country. ICE was not satisfied with the interview they did with Rebecca at customs and they were going to return her to the U.K. They did not believe her in interview.

If a person asks for asylum, they are taken seriously. They took Rebecca seriously and took her into custody for protection. Neither myself or Rebecca had any idea what would happen after asking for asylum but they “detain” asylum seekers in facilities. They are jailed.

And now Rebecca is fearful for her case before the 9th circuit.

Before Rebecca came to the U.S. I talked with her about providing evidence OF her case. She went through her paperwork and packed what she felt would be evidence in her case. There was a LOT of paperwork. I did not see it or look through it. I took the paperwork to the attorneys office and they sifted through it.

They came up with nothing.

There was nothing in the paperwork which could support Rebecca’s testimony of being trafficked or satanically ritually abused.

I’m going to insert this here. I’ve written about it before but am going to do so again.

Rebecca’s testimony has had MANY NEW DEVELOPMENTS since she came to the U.S. and satanic ritual abuse was NEW to her testimony; not only new to me but others. (I’ve gone back and ask)

Satanic ritual abuse was not part of her testimony in court for immigration. It was NOT part of her testimony prior to coming to the U.S.

NOW there is the ADDED DRAMA of satanic ritual abuse. In the testimony of satanic ritual abuse Rebecca talks about “the woods”. She speaks of living with a friend of Lee’s for a year and him being the one to take her to the woods to be part of the hunting of children in the woods.

She said sometimes when he would take her to the woods in his car he wouldn’t even stop but basically throw her out of the car.

I didn’t think about it. I didn’t think it through. However, I was on YouTube one day, and a commercial for a movie came on, and the stunt man was showing the making of the movie (snippets) and he reviewed his ROLL out of the back seat of the car, to the side of a road and the “dusting” he took because of it.

It caused me to realize this part of Rebecca’s testimony HAD to be untrue. HAD to be. (Think critically for a minute)

A grown stuntman who KNOWS how to roll (yes they do); KNOWS how to roll out of a car gets dusted up pretty good but Rebecca wants me, and the rest of you, to believe she was tossed not once but more than once. Out of a moving car. Before age 14.

No. I don’t buy it. And neither should you.

I’ve written a blog about the “development” of Rebecca’s testimony but I’m going to bring it up again for the cohesiveness of THIS blog.

The day Rebecca made a video of satanic ritual abuse, she said Lee, her father, her biological father, was going to sacrifice her to molech. The satanic god molech. Because according to Rebecca’s testimony Lee Percy is very high up in a satanic cult. This was part of the 2015 videos.

Rebecca made that video the next morning AFTER the evening she and I had sat outside and I told her of MY testimony of how “molech” came into play and was part of my testimony. The very next day she was on Twitter, tweeting the specifics of Lee was going to sacrifice her to molech. Now there is the added specific of molech.

It bothered the CRAP out of me to see that. And I DID mention it to Howard BEFORE there was bad blood between anyone. I told him it bothered me.

See I don’t think this stuff is cool, attractive or interesting. This crap is evil, wicked and meant to hurt people. I have no interest! My maternal grandfather was 35th degree Freemason and my maternal grandmother, his wife, was sold out eastern star. I can not bring myself to investigate this because I don’t even want to know. Were they innocent people? Were they guilty? My grandparents? I loved them. They could do no wrong. They never hurt me. SURELY they are the TWO people in all of freemasonry who are just there for the cocktails and company of like minded people.

Lord willing I will write a blog about it. Not today.

Anyway that’s how the testimony “evolved”. I didn’t appreciate it. And today? It’s an understatement. That I don’t appreciate it.


Anyway; Rebecca didn’t have any paperwork to substantiate a testimony of being trafficked.

There was a woman who met Rebecca and took her in for a few days. She struggles emotionally but she wrote a BEAUTIFUL, SUPPORTIVE letter (email) for Rebecca for the Immigration Court. It’s my understanding it was submitted to the court. She was the one I went back and ask “did you see evidence of trafficking or did you just believe Rebecca” She said she just believed Rebecca. I wrote about it in another blog.

What was Rebecca’s response? Because she or SOMEONE from Camp Bex is reading my blogs.

And responding.

Her response?

THE VERY NEXT MORNING; Rebecca “called out” to the woman On Facebook, “Hello, how you doing?”

The woman said she was doing well and ask after Rebecca.

Rebecca’s response? “I’m doing well and people need to just get over it.”

“I’m doing well and PEOPLE need to just get over it.”

What’s wrong with saying, “hey, there seems to be a problem or miscommunication, can we set my story straight?”

“Get over it.”?

Rebecca did not think ahead. She thought she would never need this woman again. Well, this might have needed to be thought through a little more since there is a 9th circuit court of appeals hearing coming up.

I am the only person who testified in court on behalf of Rebecca. Outside of herself. She testified on her own behalf. I was not in the courtroom.

I’ve already written a statement, a sworn testimony, withdrawing support of Rebecca. To the court. It’s a done deal.

I made VERY sure of my convictions before I wrote that testimony and the court doesn’t want to hear about emotions, triggered etc. by me anyway. They want facts. Only. They were given facts. The “kidnap victim” in England? I gave their names and the circumstances. “The woods”? Supposedly I was told where they are. I reported it. I reported to the courts where I was told the woods are. They will do with it what they will.

What I DID see on Twitter is there is currently a “hold” on Immigration in California. Evidently no one is being sent back to their home country from California right now.

Is Rebecca in California? I don’t know. I’m just saying what I saw on Twitter and could be the reason she has not been returned to England. The wheels of immigration paperwork roll very slowly. Texas may have her case or California. Or even a different state than them.

As far as Rebecca coming here legally? She had the travel paperwork part but as far as her agreement with me? It was not truthful from her end. That actually seems like extortion.

Why don’t you stop? When has enough been said?

Rebecca to this day is STILL exploiting my family. She does not stop. To this day. This morning. I get notice the stats on my blog are up. I check. Sure ENOUGH more traffic FROM the BP blog post to mine.

I do have a responsibility towards this. I have a responsibility towards the truth and in my many interactions with Rebecca through the years, she does not deal in truth or honesty. The first thing she did after she left my house, going to the McAvene FAMILY was develop a fraudulent go fund. (I wrote a blog breaking it down)

And this after she held the entire household captive with manufactured healthcare scares, faked amnesia and a kidnapping.

Rebecca does have a serious health issue which I’m not going to say but as I stood with the doctor they assured her and us it was not the cause of fainting spells OR amnesia. I’m no doctor, I’m just telling you what they said. And yes there is paperwork from the 3 separate trips to the emergency room.

After all of this, Rebecca goes to Texas and becomes part of the Wendy McAvene family. The entire family was originally on board. And in the beginning? Wendy had no idea Rebecca and her “kidnapped friend” were sending me texts and Facebook messages complaining of Wendy’s overbearing personality. She literally said Wendy reminded her of Ann. I have the screen shots or I would not say it.

How does that feel Wendy?

Wendy doesn’t want to admit she was lied to by Rebecca. Wendy defended Rebecca’s HONESTY and TRUTHFULNESS to me while she co-signed the FRAUDULENT GOFUND CAMPAIGN. The GoFund campaign was written FOR Wendy. Wendy ALLOWED for Rebecca to LIE to 22,000 followers taking financial credit for Rebecca’s needs.

Wendy has ZERO idea of the money this has cost my family. ZERO idea yet she steps right out in disrespect. And dishonesty. Making herself a liar. Destroying her own credibility.

It’s wicked. I don’t care how many scriptures you post on Twitter. Either one. Rebecca OR Wendy.

Wendy’s now ex husband of 33 years has a new love interest. I pray he has learned pornography is a killer and bad idea. It cost him his wife of 33 years, his family is in tatters, home has been sold, future finances altered. I HOPE he learned that lesson. I will let him own his stuff but to have it played out on social media AND a Texas divorce court as though it’s the only thing he had ever done in his life is grossly unfair. To be treated as though it’s the only thing he ever did is obscene as well.

Wendy’s testimony to me at the time was she greeted her husband with “good morning my king” and he returned the greeting with “good morning my queen”. They were MADLY in love with 33 years of marriage. They were a truck driving team and she was thrilled with her job. Truly loved it. She says she has a nursing degree also which is why I occasionally refer to her as Nurse Wendy.

Wendy had started following me on Twitter in August, Rebecca was on her way to her house by October. Huh. I sense a pattern.

I’ve determined I’m going to get this situation out of my system. This could be my last blog or it could be one of another 50.

Why? Aren’t you Christian too? You aren’t suppose to do this are you?

Let me give answer to this.

I cut ties with Team Becki after she went to Texas. All I ask for was to be left out. My family had gone through the major trauma of a kidnapping from what Rebecca had said. We did not take this lightly. We couldn’t. We had been through a lot in the entire process. We were broke. We were broken and we needed rest and peace. It was not to be. Rebecca. Rebecca AND Nurse Wendy would not have it. I posted screen shots of the MULTIPLE times I KINDLY ask them to block my Twitter account so I could have my Twitter feed back. They would not. And then thought it was ok to jerk me around about the BP blog. Then I see on social media, my Twitter handle is in a thread which had been circulating for a lengthy time with names of big accounts associated with it. I saw people who I had never even seen before talk about my families finances as though they had INTIMATE knowledge. As though someone had thought they needed to enlighten people so they can better defend Rebecca. Did Rebecca neglect to mention the TEN’S of THOUSANDS of dollars my family had spent on behalf of Rebecca? Did she tell them I along with my husband left our home for a YEAR? So we could visit her while she was in jail? Three times a week. Did she mention the HUNDREDS of dollars we put on her books while she was in jail? Do people have any idea how expensive jail phone calls are? I forget or I would quote it here. It’s expensive. Without exaggeration, because exaggeration is lying, the jail phone calls in a months time would be hundreds. Which says NOTHING of travel, beating our car to death, a PAID for BMW. Beat to death. New tires. The car is dead now. We have a motorcycle. The list goes on. The commitment.

THE DEPOSIT FOR BAIL BEING $6000.00. Six thousand dollars. My husband borrowed it against my advice. Trust when I say he has heard about it from me since. We still owe his sister this money. But hey Rebecca is on her way right? We rescued her.

In retrospect I don’t believe it was God’s will for Rebecca to get out of the James A. Musick Facility. We were debt free on purpose. We were debt free because I INSISTED we become debt free. I don’t believe in borrowing. My husband did. I don’t think we should have borrowed the money.

My husband said one day, “How do you think I felt? She never even said goodbye to me when she left for Texas.” My husband is done with this. The whole Rebecca thing. He did what he said he would do and what she does from here on out is up to her.

My husband literally had a heart attack over this. When Rebecca and Nurse Wendy we’re playing games over Wendy becoming co-signer of Rebecca’s immigration bond of $420 a month. That went on for about three months. Even Howard heard the conversation WITH the Bond company telling us “we were still the co-signer”.

Except we weren’t.

Rebecca and Wendy knew we were not.

They could have sent a copy of the change of co-signer to Rebecca’s attorney when I contacted them. They did not. And after WEEKS of playing hide and seek with their receipt they sent it to Howard. Howard sent it to me. Then we had to deal with the bond company. They were calling US. Its much more involved than this can convey. It caused my husband to have a heart attack. For the love of God that is NOT ok.

Howard heard my husband on the phone with the bond people. My husband was upset. He doesn’t get upset very often. I’ve seen it a couple of times and this was one of them.

After all HE had been through and he was just trying to support what I was doing, he had had it. And the entire situation happened because Rebecca and Nurse Wendy were neither truthful or honest. They could have sent a copy of the receipt from the beginning but evidently thought it more profitable for THEM to not. It was hateful. (Full of hate)

And then turn a finger pointing at me for lack of love.

Get out. Really. Get out.

The bottom line is Rebecca has involved herself in all sorts and manner of “mischief” since she has been at my house. Just a girl trying to fulfill her childhood fantasy of a family. Except she has left a wake of destruction.

There was no need.

There was no need to navigate trying to stay in the United States this way.

Had Rebecca gotten released on bond, continued her path of a safe future, gone to school, met other young people. Date. Go through a few boyfriends and find someone to spend the rest of her life with, marry. Have children. She could have HAD a baby after 4 years!

Instead Rebecca has posted the garbage online about her parents. Is ANY of it true? From my interactions with Rebecca, she has one goal. For everyone to be on Team Bex or Team Becki. It’s all about her. People who have been around longer have said they feel the same. Even Howard agreed Rebecca has an inordinate desire for attention. From my interactions with Rebecca and what I have had to disseminate I think Rebecca’s father probably molested her. Probably her mother’s father. I believe that her mother had a ouija board. In my estimation that’s where it stops.

Am I wrong? I could be. However I have searched, researched and gone back to talk with others. Am I wrong? No one thus far thinks so. They actually agree and have offered to say so. I’ve declined offers (plural) because I don’t want others to become targeted.

How can I say many families have been devastated by Rebecca? Assuredly my family. Multiple members. The underage youth Rebecca thinks nothing of was extremely hurt. And terrified.

I hope people can see and understand I had to have a sit down with this youth and explain kidnappings and HOW do you practice safety? We had to have a kidnapping safety meeting. After we believed there WAS a kidnapping. Can people get a true picture of the emotions? The emotional roller coaster?

And then Rebecca says on her Twitter, if you don’t believe me just unfollow. That’s her answer.

Does that seem right? Where is the love? Rebecca and Nurse Wendy are so challenging of me and my Christian love. Where is the love?

Well Rebecca. Nurse Wendy. The Bible is written for ALL Believers. All. Me. Rebecca. Nurse Wendy. All Believers.

Really. Ya’ll don’t get to just pick scripture to point at me with. Scripture is for yourselves also. Really!

I’m going to finish the statement of the many families devastated by this testimony of Rebecca’s.

Our country took a huge hit financially. On just this one incident. The 10’s of 1000’s of dollars for Rebecca to be detained. Her care there. They removed her braces. They cared for her. It was jail but it still cost money. A lot.

Her attorneys. They were good, responsible, responsive attorneys. Rebecca has played it off as though I was responsible for their departure from her case. No. For one Rebecca’s attorney did not believe her. She told me so. I convinced her Rebecca’s testimony of trafficking could be true. I sat in her office giving her a brief rundown of situations I knew of and convinced her. Rebecca’s actions since then put her off. The third attorney joining Rebecca’s case checked her social media. She no longer wanted to pursue the case. And that attorney WANTED this case. She wanted it bad. She wanted to win. It’s a career maker. It would be a game changer in immigration.

Now? No. She wanted out. Because she saw Rebecca’s social media.

This was extremely hurtful to them as well and believe it or not attorneys are people. They have emotions. They have feelings. Rebecca’s attorney who I originally spoke with said to me “you are the reason I do what I do. This testimony let’s me know I’m on the right track doing what I’m suppose to do.”


We don’t appreciate it.

Is this just a series of miscommunications? A few bad breaks? A couple of bad judgement calls?

Not from where I’m viewing.

No. There are a HOST of dealings which were deliberate and in keeping with Rebecca and her personality.

A person can get an idea if they read all of the Becki Percy blogs I’ve written. The lies. The deceit. The manipulation. The other victims.

Had Rebecca gone on to live her life and left me out? I would not be here. Nor published a blog. I originally wrote the blogs to HELP me disseminate what I was dealing with. It about broke my mind. My husband was worried. I made it through. It was not a good journey nor the outcome I wanted. If people think I wanted to admit I had been taken by this testimony of trafficking and satanic ritual abuse? Are you crazy? I mean really. Be reasonable and rational for a minute. I put three years of my FAMILY, resources and emotions into this testimony. Do you think this was anything less than devastating? Let me assure you. It was devastating. It about broke MY mind. Bigger and better people than me could possibly deal with this better than me. Possibly. Except it wasn’t someone else. It wasn’t YOU, the reader and I can only give a GLIMPSE of the reality and nothing of the emotional cost.

I’m going to post Rebecca’s response to me questioning “Mikey” the person who talked about voodoo donuts shop of Portland Oregon. You may or may not know about Mikey. Mikey had stayed at a man’s home rent free because he thought he was helping. Mikey trashed the place and left heroin needles about. The guy made a video about it and I saw it. I commented on Twitter. Rebecca’s @becki_p20 Twitter handle was in the comment.

She responded. Posting an entire thread using scripture to make her points.

Let me look at it. I haven’t entirely yet. Let me see what I need to respond to.

Am I a busy body? No. Assuredly I stay home. Mind my own business. Am I a busy body on Twitter?

I guess busy body does not apply to Rebecca hacking my Twitter direct messages and my WordPress blog?

By the way? I want to point out Rebecca’s method of passive aggressive. I think the actions of passive aggressive suck. It’s not cool, it’s not Christian, it’s hateful.

Am I “meddling”? Are you for real Rebecca? Meddling? God help me. See, I’m just now reading this and writing my true raw reactions. God help me. Meddling. I had to take a break. Meddling.

I brought you here Rebecca. Am I a “meddler”? I put my name to this testimony ONLY to find out I had been lied to WITH a straight face, manipulated on a DAILY basis and you, since you went to Texas trying to cast doubt on my reputation and honesty. And endanger my family day after day. To this day. How am I “meddling”? Come again?

Oh my goodness. I’m reading the rest. I have to take another break. What garbage. WHAT garbage!

Going from “house to house”. 1) I never go anywhere. Anywhere. I never leave our property. My husband does our shopping. Ive left my property for graduations and weddings. So going house to house does not apply. Let me take it a step further. Going house to house could ACTUALLY apply in a direct message sort of way. Maybe I’m going “house to house” messaging with people? No. That doesn’t apply either. I do not like direct messaging. It takes me away from my main Twitter so I’m focused on one. I have people who I direct message with but it’s rare. And I refuse other invitations. Why? Because I end up with garbage. Just like this. Or people telling me they are suicidal. Like it’s my responsibility. I can pray and advise seeking therapy. That’s it. I’m not a counselor.

Gossip. Let’s talk about gossip. Am I gossiping? A person will have to determine themselves whether I am a gossip or not.

Have I exposed Rebecca? Is that gossip? Am I gossiping? A person will have to answer that for themselves but let me tell you what I think of me and gossip.

1) I do not tell all I know. I have done my best to protect the innocent people. I have names of the people in Rebecca’s past. I could point people to them. Go ask these people what’s true. People have offered to speak up on my behalf. No. Ya’ll will believe what you will and other people are going to be kept out of the line of fire.

2) Most assuredly I was not gossiping in the correspondence I have had with the office of ICE. They received facts only. Kidnappings. Gofunds. Endangering my family. Just facts.

3) Am I gossiping by stating facts? Am I? What is my intent? Am I trying to destroy Rebecca? Her reputation? In answer I don’t tell all I know. I could post everything. I have 23,000 pictures. I screen shot everything for back up. Every blog Rebecca has written. Screen shot. I have ALL of the jail correspondence. Rebecca’s and mine. Her diary. Letters from people who sent gifts. The BEAUTIFUL gifts people sent outside of Gofunds. The people who cared so deeply. And I have to destroy this testimony? If ya’ll think I don’t think about these people you would be very wrong. I COULD give in to the triggered side of me and go all in. All in. That would be gossip in my estimation so I won’t do it. If ya’ll don’t get this? I don’t know what to tell you.

I had to go through all of this stuff ALONG with back tracking and asking other people to see what I WAS dealing with. This is what I came up with. Read the blogs or no.

I wasn’t looking for things to convict Rebecca. I have searched and researched to SUPPORT her testimony. BEFORE and AFTER there was bad blood.

oh my goodness! Does it stop? I’m still reading this afresh. Help me Jesus.

“Dissatisfied with the drama in my own life”? “Gain satisfaction by becoming involved in the problems of other people” “Is my true hope to help or just feel needed”? Did she really just say that? I keep having to go back and read. I’m fixing to end this anyway. She has FAR surpassed my imagination. Far surpassed my imagination for narcissism.

Do you respond with anger if your advice is not accepted or flawed? Rebecca the advice from me to leave my family out was the advice you should have listened to coming from me. You are that hard headed? I am more so.

Continued …

If you are still around for this part, God bless you in Jesus name.

I do have something to add. About this time, I believe I could hear Wendy LAMENTING having to pick Rebecca up, put her back together again after I’ve written a blog.

1) Each person has an obligation to themselves to be responsible for what they expose themselves to and what they read.

2) if ya’ll would have RESPECTED my family and our privacy, ya’ll wouldn’t have had to deal with a posted blog at all.

3) Rebecca hacking my private messages and blog are illegal AND immoral.

4) ya’ll COULD have been HONEST in your dealings with me STARTING with Rebecca’s return to California. Or not. Meaning or not return to California.

Am I BLAMING someone? I don’t know. I’m not sure there is any profit in blaming. What’s done has been done but seriously, DON’T insult my intelligence that you have no responsibility. Nurse Wendy/Rebecca.

Im going to end this blog with some scriptures myself.

Love covers a multitude of sins. I’ve said I’ve done that. I’ve “covered” a multitude. Just not all.

God would have mercy than sacrifice. I’ve been merciful. Ya’ll push the limits. Sometimes putting the pedal to the metal. I have been merciful in the face of your hatefulness.

Forgive 70 x 7. In one day. I have not had to forgive 70 x’s 7 but each time I am notified of traffic from the BP blog to mine? I have to wrestle it out. Forgiving. What I have learned is to better WALK in forgiveness. Walking in forgiveness is different from forgiving one incident by another.

Forgiveness does not absolve Rebecca from her responsibilities towards an underage youth.

“Rebecca do you often resort to trying to be some sort of guru on social media when you are angry or your advice not accepted?” See I’m not passive aggressive.

I am however finished. I’m shaking the dust off of my sandals against this testimony.

I am no Paul. However I followed his example in Galatians 2:11

Galatians 2:11

And for ALL of the garbage you women have put me through? I’m no saint but I pray. I pray in earnest for you both. Because ALL of the garbage ya’ll have put me through let’s me know you are messing up. ~ CG

Questions to ask/answer.

Where are the people Rebecca said she could contact once she was released from jail? There are jail letters to me saying this. Where are the people she told me she could contact to substantiate her testimony of trafficking for her court case? She said there were people. Rebecca did not follow through. She contacted former friends (?) in the U.K. but not a soul stepped forth until there was a kidnapping. The young woman (?) Who was supposedly kidnapped and her family. (?)

She never made contact with former friends or associates; what she SAID she did was contact an organization who investigates child sex trafficking. She said they were going from the United States to England to investigate. Rebecca said she was in talks with this organization and a team had gone to England, arrived in London and reported they could see evidence Lee was trafficking children. I don’t know the organizations name, I don’t know what evidence there was in London and that’s where everything goes awry. The “team” does not get heard of for a couple of weeks, according to Rebecca the FBI was called but now the organization never wants to hear or talk with Rebecca again. That’s what happened. Who were they? This was over a month filled with drama on this occasion. Who were they? What was their name?

When Rebecca was in jail she told me to reach out to Helen Furness, her pre school teacher? Rebecca said she was her teacher. Like she was the teacher she had reported to, to be taken into care. Well, yes, she was her teacher. Her preschool teacher. What? Why? Why am I contacting her? She never responded. I didn’t know until recently Helen was NOT the teacher Rebecca originally reported to. Where is she? Where is the teacher Rebecca originally reported to? Why direct Catherine to preschool teacher instead of reporting teacher?

What about NSPCC? According to Rebecca she was a keynote speaker at a NSPCC convention (?) and the NSPCC wanted Rebecca to bring them to the United States. Open a branch or connection here. Is NSPCC on board with Rebecca?

What about the “kidnapped” friend? Was the “kidnapped” friends father caught out for the crimes against children I was told he committed?

Has the female “caregiver” from the residential “care” home ever been caught out for the molestations and abuse of Rebecca?

Has the “celebrity” reporter which the “kidnapped” friend told me was an abuser of Rebecca, have they been caught out or mentioned as child abusers? (The “celebrity” name Rebecca’s testimony was missing was on its way out. I was given a name which I won’t be sighting.)

Why is there a list of parents who do not want or trust Rebecca around their children? How many exactly are on that list?

Where are the McAvene young men? Is there still a McAvene branch of Team Becki?

Why does Rebecca continue to endanger an underage youth?

That’s all of the questions I care to come up with.

I’m closing this but in closing I will recount a conversation I had with Rebecca’s attorney after I had seen Rebecca expose the UNDERAGE YOUTH, tried to get help and cooperation to get the exposure taken down and they very hatefully jerked me around. I called Rebecca’s attorney because it had become a legal issue. However we were also friends. We still stay in contact. We were friends and I said to her “If Rebecca had come into my home as an enemy and wreaked havoc, stealing from my family what she has I would have shot and killed her but she did not. She came under the guise of a grossly abused, trafficked victim. And wreaked havoc. And stolen. And does not stop.

One comment which has stuck out to me of this Rebecca and the question of asylum from a government was said by an inside source and they said, “sorry but you don’t get asylum because your father molested you.”

It’s a bad situation and very hurtful; unnecessarily so in many aspects.

So there you have it. I do believe this will conclude my series of Becki Percy blogs. I wrote them for more than one reason but Rebecca has deceived many. She deceived me on many levels but the one I MOST care about is I could not trust her with safety for the youth of my household. It’s not right. If she were a Christian televangelist people would go crazy jumping all over this with questions. There are compelling questions to be ask and answers to be had. They would be making YouTube videos about this. Full of questions. But …

But … Rebecca and Wendy run a campaign “Don’t question a survivor”

Imagine that. ~ CG

9 Responses to “becki_p20 – My Story #TriggerWarning”

  1. 3373frannie at 12:03 pm #

    Wow Catherine first I’m so sorry for this awful experience remember though God only gives what you can handle 🥰
    In the end it will and has from what I read strengthen you🙏
    You are an inspiration and a very kind a generous specimen of humanity!
    I hate these fake pseudo Christians who throw cherrypicked Bible verses 🤦‍♀️ stay strong and I’m gonna check your other blogs out👍🙏🥰

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    • duffy1958 at 8:29 pm #

      Thank you for your comment. I truly appreciate your attitude.
      I have grown and learned a lot through this. Mostly about prayer and that’s a huge part of my walk and what I am called to do is pray and intercede.
      I will tell you there was MUCH God did to protect what I do BEFORE the trials started coming.
      I touched on one incident briefly in a blog.
      I was up in my garden, before Rebecca came and I was praying. (I have revivals in my garden. You can’t go up to my garden without the Holy Spirit meeting you there. Almost like church, I’m not kidding)
      Anyway I was seeking God and the Holy Spirit “dropped into me” “Pray for your fruit. Past, present and future”
      I loved that idea. I was like “WOW! I LOVE this.”
      So I prayed.
      I prayed for my ‘Fruit’; past, present and future.
      There was a beautiful, precious presence of God. I have no idea how long it even lasted.
      I thanked God FOR fruit and for His protection of the fruit He had allowed me to take part in.
      It was one of those “marked” times in my walk.
      Now, looking back I SEE the manifold reasons I had that time.
      I am so thankful, you can not believe how thankful.
      I AM a tough cookie but I’m also the biggest chicken dog and I probably WOULD have lost my mind to think so much of what I have done, IN THE NAME OF JESUS, would get UNDONE or smashed so thoroughly there would be no recovery. This looked like a nuclear bomb went off and felt like it too.
      The whole situation has threatened countless people. I have lost count of the lives literally threatened.
      I’m going to write follow up blogs after Rebecca goes to court. I’m not trying to make an already stressful situation MORE stressful. But after court?
      The situations with Rebecca that I recount are not misunderstandings of some sort. Are NOT. People like to diminish MY end of this because it doesn’t look good for Rebecca otherwise. Not one of those people know the extent of Rebecca’s actions after leaving my house. They know what Rebecca tells them but she gives the ‘puritan’ version. They know nothing. Whatever they think? They know nothing of the reality.
      I said to someone recently, “Look at Wendy’s life prior. She was a functioning Believer, wife, daughter and mother.
      Now? There is little left of her prior life and she/they live and act in secret. Everything on the QT. It’s insanity unleashed. Without exaggeration; insanity unleashed.
      The Bible scripture, “All things work together to the good to those who love God and to those called according to His purpose” is one of the scriptures I stand on. I have seen the faithfulness of God in this scripture in my entire life. Not just after salvation but prior to.
      Rebecca said she had court this month but is not acting like it on social media. She has made a new YouTube video explaining to people how they can better help her. “Things have been crazy” Mmmm yes. They have been. She wouldn’t have it any other way. You could take that to the bank. ~ CG

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