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Neighbors of arson victims remain on high alert, fearing for more fires | KRCR

28 Oct

An early morning fire in Anderson on Friday quickly led to the arrest of a 19-year-old Cottonwood resident for his alleged involvement in starting the blaze. The final of four fires started Friday morning took place on the 3000 block of Driftstone Drive in Anderson, where around 5:15 a. m. detectives spotted a suspicious, red Nissan Sentra leaving the area. They then stopped the car and found Samuel Scholfield of Cottonwood inside.
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Migrant Crossings: Close The U. S. Border Border Supreme Court decision means many immigrants will stay in detention for longer – The San Diego Union-Tribune

22 Oct

From 2018

Supreme Court decision means many immigrants will stay in detention for longer – The San Diego Union-Tribune
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This is the picture of your future. Your new children. All of them. It doesn’t matter the age.

If they cross this border …

They will be taken into custody. Anyone crossing the border and they WILL be rushing the borders, will be running loose or taken into custody. Anyone in custody is protected by the U.S. Government. They will be jailed for protection.

In six months time they may or may not be eligible for a Rodriguez bond. A judge will decide the terms.

A Rodriguez bond is a name given in immigration to “bond out” in the same manner a criminal can bond out of jail.

Each case will be heard.

There are not enough jails. Not enough courts. Not enough sponsors. Not enough money for social services. Cash aide. Food stamps. Medical.

The people running this show know these things. I haven’t seen ANYONE on Twitter who understands this or is talking about it.

Check and see.

Tiny Home Build Off Chico, Ca for Homeless – Wow

22 Oct

Protesters rally against rehab facility housing sex offenders | KRCR

22 Oct

Dozens of parents and educators rallied at the Elijah House in Los Molinos on Sunday, chanting “Leave our town,” aimed at the drug and alcohol rehab facility currently housing registered sex offenders. People are upset partially because they feel they were lied to about the purpose of the Elijah House. They apparently had no idea the building was going to house sex offenders.
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More suspicious fires in Cottonwood | KRCR

22 Oct

There were five more suspicious fires in Cottonwood early Saturday morning according to the Cottonwood Fire Chief, Bill Morgan. The first one started at 2:19 a. m. and the last one at 4:52 a. m. Four of the fires were vegetation and one was an outbuilding. No one was injured. Shasta County Major Crimes Unit is investigating. This is a developing story and will be updated as more information becomes available.
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Prayer Warriors Unite

21 Oct

It’s Better This Way *Edit *TriggerWarning

18 Oct

I don’t care who you are. I don’t care who you tell yourself you are. I don’t care how many followers you have. I don’t care who your followers are.

I don’t care what scripture you use as your Twitter header.

If ya’ll want to be team Fiona, you are on your own. Literally.

There is not a chance in the Bible God has anything to do with Fiona’s testimony. It does not stand up.

Fiona and her group are not the only true Christians as she purports. I believe Fiona when she says she has had a born again experience. I also know beyond any reasonable doubt she is deceived in her teaching of anything Christian.

She does not know The Word of God. She doesn’t know what the Bible says; save for a few self serving scriptures. If she, Sarah Ashcraft, Rebecca Percy, David Shurter, Dr. Daniell any of the others; if they are the last true Christians, as Fiona declares, I, personally am for sure in trouble.

Their messages are first shocking to the senses and they keep after it until there are no senses. No sensibility. No evidence. Nothing. Sarah Ashcraft and the hashtags she uses. She is programming people. #ByePhonecia #HivitesGetIt #HangryHangryHivites #ByePhonecia #HivitesGetIt #HangryHangryHivites #ByePhonecia #HivitesGetIt #HangryHangryHivites #ByePhonecia #HivitesGetIt #HangryHangryHivites #ByePhonecia #HivitesGetIt #HangryHangryHivites #ByePhonecia #HivitesGetIt #HangryHangryHivites #ByePhonecia #HivitesGetIt #HangryHangryHivites How many times are ya’ll going to see that in a day? A week? A month? What does it even mean and why would people who purport Christianity try to program this #Hivite thing in followers heads? Sarah is a good marketer.

Do people believe Sarah Ashcraft, Cronsell, and Dr. Danielle in these cannibal sightings? On every trip to the market? By Dr. Danielle’s authority she believes Sarah and Cronsell have been targeted.

*Right here I want to interject. No kidding? When you mess with the spiritual GARBAGE Sarah, Cronsell and the rest, when you mess with spiritual GARBAGE you open doors you should not be opening. You can see PLENTY – is that what you’re doing? Playing with the occult and seeing the occult everywhere you go?

Doors Jesus died to close. And ya’ll are doing this? In the name of Who? What? Faith?

Who is Dr. Danielle and what are your credentials? I could put DDS behind my name on Twitter and swear to be a dentist.

Everyone is big, bad and brave on social media and FULL of MOUTH having oh so much to say. And talk, talk, talk. There will be a wave of direct messages.

Get with it. Stir this up. Be sure you mention how persecuted survivors are.

Survivors are FURTHER victimized by frauds.

And for all intents and purposes Fiona has proven herself to be very fraudulent.

I saw Fiona scream on social media “They got Mikey!”

… And then? …. Then what Fiona? What happened after they got Mikey, you never said.

That’s pretty alarming.

“Them” getting Mikey.

You know I posted a Twitter thread from young women who were held captive by ISIS to my blog this morning. Maybe some of the people Fiona will send over to prove how persecuted she is will read a tweet or two. Or maybe not. . Who knows. Who are these people promoting Fiona and the rest?

I get Fiona and the others.

Followers? I don’t get ya’ll. Do. Not. I’m happy to part ways with you though.

I am nothing and I am no one … BUT I do know this is a concerted attack on the Body of Christ.

Stirring people up to hysterically proclaim allegiance to Fiona and her testimony, FORGETTING Billy Graham’s reputation of 60 years of ministry, people have shouted expletives towards The Holy Spirit recklessly.

And you have WHAT SCRIPTURE as your Twitter profile header?

I checked in with Sarah Ashcraft today. It’s interesting. She isn’t hashtagging as she was. Was she programming people and not realize it? I wonder why she changed? I’m going to leave what I wrote before. Sarah will read my blog and be thoroughly pissed off that I mischaracterized her Twitter feed. No. I didn’t. You were doing exactly what I said. Now you’ve changed. Now I see and say so.

Then we get on to MORE ignorance and garbage. Sarah talks and talks. I’ve seen how she is completely full of it.

1) Sarah says she worked for a large corporation of attorneys who did Immigration. Sarah sits at her superior Twitter post and tweets Rebecca, “So good you are looking into online school. You can change your status of asking for asylum to one of a student visa.”

Ummmm No Sarah. Actually you can’t. Can not. If a person asks for asylum from the US Government they will see their case through to completion by relief of granted asylum or denial and return to home country. No changing asking for asylum to something else.

Why are you making situations up as you go Sarah? I think even Rebecca knew you were full of crap. Did not know what the heck you were talking about.

It brings to question if you really worked for someone as you have claimed. That’s really hurtful too Sarah. Telling someone you declare to care about, giving them false information, false hope. What if Rebecca believed you?

I don’t know all there is to know about immigration but I sure as fire researched for Rebecca exhaustively. I worked closely with her attorneys. We discussed every option. My goodness. Rebecca’s attorney from Sacramento used a legal maneuver which gave Rebecca a minimum of two years. To live. Breathe. Get a life. Make some friends. Go to work. Go to school. That was a year ago.

2) Sarah … …. here she is sitting perch on her Twitter feed and PROCLAIMING how she is being wronged by the FBI

Here we are.

“I see no LEGITIMATE reason why no one will connect me with a Victim Advocate.

Dear Sarah,

Victim Advocates are not on Twitter.

Is there a reason you are leading people to understand it is NOT the responsibility of an injured party to GO TO SEE VICTIM WITNESS ADVOCATE AT THEIR OFFICE?!? That’s how that works.

I’ve utilized Victim Witness many times. They are very helpful.

However, I had to get ready, get in my car and drive to their office, walking in and having a huge amount of support from them. I did call prior Sarah. *Just a hint.

Sarah is sitting perch on Twitter whining about no victim advocate and for why?

Dear Sarah,

I understand what being a “targeted” individual is. If someone receives Christ as their Savior, they become targeted. By the devil.

The devil comes but to rob, kill and destroy.

When people are sexually abused as children it opened us up spiritually in a manner not intended by God.

We are more sensitive to the spiritual realm. I don’t know how that works I just know it is.

All of the “spiritual garbage” “floating around”, we feel it. Discern it.

If we are not born again Believers we are in a world of hurt. Not just me.

I saw Sarah talk about when she is attacked (I wrote a blog about it) – when she was attacked she would simply say “Take a blessing and be gone.”

It doesn’t work like that. That’s not scriptural for one thing.

We are to bless THOSE who curse us. “Those” are not demons. “Those” are people who curse you.

If a person is under attack, it’s usually a bit before they understand they are under attack. It’s like an unseen swarm which is dark bringing with it whatever the person they are attacking weakness is.

I will use this as an example.

Several years ago, I would wake up in the morning and as soon as my eyes opened, the “rant” against my husband began.

I would wake up and the most horrible accusations were flying through my head. Directed at my husband. Somewhere along the line there was a rant going and wanted to unleash as soon as I woke up.

I prayed about it and I said Holy Spirit what do I do? This is not a good testimony.

What Holy Spirit “dropped” in me was, “When I wake in the morning, as my eyes are opening, I say “Good morning Father God. Good morning Lord Jesus. Good morning Holy Spirit”.

That’s what I do every morning.

And it worked.

I establish Abba, Father, The Lord Jesus and Holy Spirit as my eyes open up.

I didn’t bind the devil. Or any demons. I just did what Holy Spirit said and it worked!

I encourage everyone to start their day this way. I, you , we are establishing The Kingdom of God upon the opening of our eyes in the square root-age we will occupy for the day. It was revelatory for me.

*Edit I started this post a couple of days ago – things have picked up exponentially.

These claims by Fiona are false. ESPECIALLY the part where she says “We are constantly vindicated.”

Fiona gets 508 retweets when talking about Isaac Kappy of whom I do not follow. However Fiona and the Vegan Mikey thing are all tied together. All three. It doesn’t sound right. Fiona declaring “They got Mikey!” No follow up.

David Shurter “Fiona has encephalitis.”

Fiona and the rest have to do something to keep the drama going or where would their Twitter accounts be? They only tweet about themselves and each other.

Fiona is targeting and trying to hurt accounts who I know are doing a good job.

I don’t know HoneyBee but I know her work. She is responsible. Credible. She is doing amazing work. I don’t know her. I know her work. And Fiona says she is paid CIA. I don’t know what caused Fiona to go at HoneyBee but Fiona is WRONG and OUT of ORDER to do so if a person cared about children.

I support An Open Secret. (Gabe Hoffman) We don’t agree on everything. They don’t care and neither do I. We ARE however on the same team of helping children in danger. Go support them. Share their movie on Vimeo. (I will have to get the link.)

Fiona is calling Matt and Gabe from An Open Secret “pedo’s”. Are people serious? How can you believe this rubbish. It’s worse than rubbish but I will leave it at that for now.

I don’t know any of the other names Fiona calls out.

I’m incredulous people can look at HoneyBee’s work, An Open Secret. I don’t know about Craig Sawyer. Or the others. Craig Sawyers daughter. I don’t know about them. I only have so much time. How can people look at the work these people are doing, compare it to Fiona’s and join #TeamFiona? How? I ask a question to a silenced crowd. The leaders say “Don’t engage.” I’m personally thankful for that however I see the bondage it has put people in.

This is NOT a time to be messing around. NOW is the time to be about our Father’s business.

Our FIRST calling is to spread The Gospel. Anything beyond that? It’s between you and your Father but WE need for our focus to be storing up treasures in heaven.

Focus on storing up for yourselves treasures in heaven. How? It’s so easy. So easy. First you pray, “Abba Father, I do these things for the Gospel, for the furtherance of The Kingdom and in Jesus name. Not my own. Jesus name. He gets the credit. The Kingdom if God gets the credit.”

Next? Get creative. Get crazy. Give. Give. Give. You have nothing? Yes. You have something. Food? You have some food? Make some sandwiches to give to someone hungry.

I tell you the truth when I started this a few years ago, I had box tops. The box tops on packaging to give back to schools. I collected and collected. Then I gave them.

Sometimes I take change and put it in a parking lot. It doesn’t matter how much. A homeless person desperate can do a lot with .75.

Which I’m not trying to say, be like me. I’m just giving examples of small ways I’ve found to give. I boil eggs and take those to people. I can give 2 dozen boiled eggs to a homeless person and I gave them the ability to be a giver also or a business person and barter.

When my son passed away of a drug overdose, I along with several shaved our heads. I did not shave my head because my son passed. I shaved my head for other reasons and used the passing of my son as the impetus. Anyway I bought clippers for that and afterwards gave them to a guy who would be able to work his way through the homeless community. They cost $20/$25. That was GOLD to him. He could survive so much better and he also was a giver.

See how easy you could change someone’s life? I could go on and on.

This other business? Fiona. Sarah. Etc WHAT are they encouraging? Think about it. Sarah offers new age. (Witchcraft) Fiona offers blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. I wasn’t going to say that because I’m not trying to scare anyone into thinking they have blasphemed the Holy Spirit of which there is no forgiveness but calling Billy Graham Crusades a CIA psyop where MILLIONS have come to know The Lord Jesus IS blasphemous and I for one AM afraid for people’s salvation in this. Repent. And get away from this Dark Side.

~ CG

Isaac Kappy on Fiona Barnett

I didn’t agree with Isaac Kappy either but even he doubts Fiona. He doesn’t know if she was abused but he says she is a liar about a lot of other things.