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IDF officer who shot down Syrian plane speaks of tension before missile launch

18 Sep

via IDF officer who shot down Syrian plane speaks of tension before missile launch

What I am Saying and What I’m Not.

18 Sep

I want to say I know all of the horrors which get spoken of by what I call The Dark Side of Twitter and otherwise; all of these things happen.

The Bible speaks of “don’t pass your children through fire.” It needed to be said AND recorded or it would not have. I’ve looked through the Bible for the answers about all of the questions I had about child sexual abuse etc. I wanted to know what The Word of God says. Not only how strongly The Word addresses the issue but how many times too. (It’s a clue.)

I don’t have my notes in front of me so Im not going to try to do what I studied justice here.

Suffice it to say, I was satisfied with what I read.


I’m putting this out there because someone may have the answer. I’m not the only person who wondered this.

And I’m going to say: The Word of God holds up to scrutiny. You will NEVER catch Him out. He IS who He says He is and I AM a living testimony of that.


I’ve always had problems with Abraham sacrificing his son. The Word says God stopped him.

I don’t know how this played out and in no way am I trying to be disrespectful to The Word. (I read King James.)

There is no way I can reconcile my Father setting up a child sacrifice and then putting a stop to it. God does not go against Himself. He can’t.

So I know and believe the King James Version Bible I read is accurate and true. I’ve seen the discussions and arguments but what I personally know is my King James Version Bible is what I read and it changes my life. No other version does. That’s all I personally know. End of that story.

Anyway I knew how God felt about these things concerning wickedness against our children from The Word as well as my own ‘working’ knowledge.

As a little girl, I was groomed to take part in some sort of witchcraft thing.

I’m not sure how this couple came to babysit my sister and I; but I remember the wife’s name – not his.

I’m not sure how old we were but it was before my step father came into the picture.

I’m two years older and currently 60.

Anyway we were staying the night at this couple’s house. We were on a mattress that was just thrown on the floor, in a spare bedroom.

The bedroom was small but it was packed with pornography. Pornography in stacks everywhere.

Lots were the same title. I didn’t read the titles, to be able to tell the stacks were some of the same. It was the pictures. A stack of one girl etc. that’s how I could tell at a young age.

I think I must have found the pornography underneath the mattress. The mattress was lumpy from laying on top of the pornographic magazines underneath it. Lumpy.

I reached my hand underneath the mattress because this stuff was sticking out. Saw what it was and it scared me. I knew it was bad and I remember being afraid for my sister. I don’t have memory about this other than this.

I know I was with this couple more than once. They were neighbors. A young married couple with no children.

I know this couple, Lolly was the name of the wife; Lolly Patterson was her name, they are the ones who took me to the graveyard.

For some reason it was very important to do what we were doing at midnight.

This grown couple, took me as a little girl; I could read because I read tombstones forever, took me as a little girl to the local graveyard to pick out a name for me. A new name.

They had me sold on the idea of picking out a new name for myself from the names off of the tombstones. I was to chose a first, middle and last name from a different tombstone.

They made a game of it. They knew how to hype a little girl to go into a graveyard at midnight and pick out a first, last and middle name off of these tombstones and I did.

I use to could remember the name but I can’t any longer.

I don’t believe I ever went back to their house again after the graveyard. I have no memory of it and I do feel sure I would have knowledge of having gone on more with them.

I told my mother’s best friend what happened. This great time at the graveyard made such an impression on me, I excitedly told my mom’s best friend when she came to visit the next day.

My mother was standing there when I said it and about died of a heart attack.

I forget the friends name now too, but she came in the door and I was like “guess what I did last night”? I went to the GRAVEYARD!

My mother … …. she said “Oh my gosh! She’s lying!”

Then she hustled me off.

That was my experience and the only testimony I have of this nature. There are other things I can speak to but this is what my experience was and obviously I was spared from some sort of more horror.

So this was a small town in Oklahoma. Seminole. These people are no one but they had plans. That’s a pretty bold step to take me to the graveyard like that.

I will say from my readings and testimonies I have listened to there are a lot of people into the occult in one form or another.

I see it everywhere.

There are different people, at different times which I’ve encountered and I knew they were into the occult.

I had a neighbor.

Her name was Bobby. I loved that girl. She would visit me and I her.

I always knew she was into the occult because the Holy Spirit showed me. He just gave me a ‘knowing’ about her.

She didn’t look like someone you would think was into the occult. She wasn’t an attractive girl, but I loved the way she looked. She didn’t dress dark. No make up. She was probably 50+ but younger than me.

She was the busy body. I didn’t care. I just liked her.

Half the time she would be contentious with me. Taking digs sometimes.

I don’t know how I knew or could tell, I just did. Bobby was trying to do witchcraft against me. I was praying, not about that. Just praying and somehow Holy Spirit dropped the knowledge Bobby was doing witchcraft against me. I wasn’t alarmed or afraid. I didn’t know how to pray about those things. Didn’t matter at the time. I prayed and went in.

Me and my neighbor Bobby would have coffee and visit at least once a week.

We were talking one day, long after Bobby and I started having coffee together and I guess I wore her down.

She said, and this was her digging at me. She knew I was a Christian and she said, “You know I use to be Wiccan.”

I said, “I know.”

She knew by the way I said it, I really had known. I took her ‘thunder’ away by having prior knowledge. She talked briefly about how active she had been in the occult. Quite dedicated but she just phased out of the practices and activity.

At that time she was caring for her ailing mother.

People taking part in the occult through new age type practices looks off the charts to me. People into witchcraft is big. I’m not trying to say anything more than I know there are a lot of people into these things.

That ‘Dark Side of Twitter’? There is no difference from what I’ve read in their Twitter feeds.

Let me use myself for the example. I’m going to keep it brief.

I had already had a born again experience. Already received Christ as my Savior.

Well my mom bought me a ouija board for Christmas. I knew it was bad. Baptist Church will teach you that and I had my born again experience under the Baptist Church ministry of our town in Seminole.

Me and my friends did it anyway and scared the garbage out of ourselves doing it because “it worked.” The ouija board plastic needle thing moved without us moving it. It worked and as a born again Christian I did it. I’m thinking I was 14 at the time. A few other occult type activity happened in our house after that but it was minimal. I don’t remember the circumstances.

There is no invisible character that takes over a person doing everything causing people to act Christian after a born again experience. I was radically saved. I gave my testimony everywhere. But people still have a free will. Choices get made.

From what I’ve seen Jim Jones of the Guiana massacre started out ‘right’. Meaning from testimony he was a true Believer but went south and ended up with a Jonestown massacre.

Law enforcement will admit teens are involved in a lot of occult activity.

It is of my opinion and I’ve read FBI Head reports. I’ve read Ted Gunderson but others as well.

Law enforcement knows about adults as well but unless they are acting illegally? They have the right. I actually read this huge report from a FBI guy. If I find it I will post it.

If you are a Believer? You are a targeted individual. The Bible says so.

Ya’ll know all of the disciples were killed for their ministries right?


There are people dying today. I pray for them all the time. The martyrs. The true martyrs. That’s why I have zero sympathy for people faking it.

And I don’t appreciate at all people who have hijacked the whole satanic ritual abuse associated with children.

Ummm … James Alefantis instagram should have him investigated by authorities. Some big ones.

Alefantis and his whole group from the looks of things are telling everyone who they are on Instagram. If you’ve made it to my blog you probably know about Alefantis.

The Bloody Mary mix for Comet Pizza? I think it’s called something “Birth of Pain “. Of course there are people into dark things, dark comedy, dark atmosphere, clothing etc. and think nothing of the Bloody Mary mix. The bands Comet hosts? Not family oriented. In fact from the bands, the music and their poster signage, it LOOKS like your children would be in grave danger. Not kid friendly. I read the lyrics to a couple of songs. These people are sick.

Greta Van Sustern defends Comet Pizza and says she has ‘take out’ twice a month from there. Alrighty Greta. I use to like and respect Greta.

Greta is called a ‘handler’ of Lindsay Lohan. That could very well be. There is a compelling video of Greta and Lindsay.

Who knows?

I don’t know. They are worth keeping an eye on,

But what are we doing?

Speaking for myself. I’m on social media for the children.

The whole ‘survivor’ conversation? It’s so mucked up from my standpoint? I need to see the ‘air’ clear a bit. Quite a bit.

Because many people are sucked into Twitter accounts from survivors and their supporters? All in the name of awareness? I spit at the feet of those running these fraudulent accounts. The fraud can be debatable. The fruit can not.

What is the fruit? I’m a fruit checker.

The fruit from my observation and reading? People who are reading about these things are of no profit and then goes beyond, it not being wise spiritually speaking.

What is the fruit? You know all of these things Sarah, Cronsell, Fiona, Rebecca, Dr. Danielle have shared. Now what?

Now what?

Is there anyone tearing down the posters the pedophiles are putting up in neighborhoods proclaiming “Love is Love.”? Ya’ll doing any of that?

If you are concerned for the welfare of children satanically ritually abused what are you doing to make a change or help out? Or is it just your intent to be informed?

I know there are a lot of good people who are making a difference. They have, they are making a difference.

I also know there is a bucket full not doing jack. But maintaining information via social media. While children are dying.

In your community.

What about Grace Packard? Look her up.

We failed her. Still.

Statistically one in four females will be sexually assaulted in some nature before age 18. The male statistics vary. One in six.

Your children.

Your grandchildren are going to school with these children or maybe even they are a victim God forbid.

What is your community doing? About children in general? We need to keep an eye on them at all times.

If you aren’t making a difference in your community what are you doing and why? If you can’t do anything besides make phone calls, there are plenty of those to be made.

Sitting on Twitter to talk to survivors? Great. But they’re grown. Mental health should be considered now. There are children who are being abused and you will see them, meet them, know them and there won’t be shit you can do for that child. Everyone I’ve talked to that I can remember have stories of the child they know are being abused and not been able to help them. Wait until that happens.

Seriously this whole Dark Side of Twitter is a vacuum. Sucking energy and life right out of people who should be doing something somewhere. In their community. In real life.

And truthfully I’m going to rattle that cage hard. What are you doing?

I’m a Believer. My first calling is The Gospel. After that I pray. The Bible says pray without ceasing. I try.

I know many times people get discouraged in prayer but if I could just say “Pray to be encouraged in your prayer life.”

What is YOUR calling in this effort of combatting childhood sexual abuse. What are you doing?

What do you believe and what are you clearly saying?

We have all elements in our society and what are we doing?

For the record, I am saying I know and believe all of the things The Dark Side of Twitter; the things they talk about happening ARE happening. Satanic ritual abuse etc.

If we believe every word they say? Then what? What are you doing?

Dear Fake Becki, *Edit #3

17 Sep

Dear Fake Becki,

Where are you?

Where all did you post Fake Becki?

Voat. I see you have been triggered over on VOAT.

I saw you last posted on VOAT a couple of hours ago.

I find your platform of choice so interesting.

Are you getting any responses from those posts Fake Becki?

What an odd character Fake Becki. Is this your life? Anything else going on for you? No?

Very interesting Fake Becki. Hey do you have a source for all that inside info?

I saw where you called Howard a Christian, Fake Becki. Do you have inside info on that? Because Howard has never identified as a Christian Believer before and Rebecca knows that. I know that. That must be how Rebecca will be able to prove to others, you are you; Fake Becki and she is her. She knows Howard isn’t Christian and you obviously are mistaken.

What’s up with that Fake Becki?

Where are you getting your information again?

What caused you to want to help Rebecca, Fake Becki?

Your posts on VOAT so odd. I mean it’s obvious you are just posting stupidly not really being serious or making a point.

How come YOU didn’t get banned on those threads Fake Becki? How can you still post? I can’t. I’ve already shared the screen shot of my ban. I would go get it but I’m just a little tired.

Exhausted really.

Alright Fake Becki, I will leave it at this. For now.

… …. you never know … ….

Edit: 9/19/2018

Dear Fake Becki,

No posting recently? Why? Why not?

Dear Fake Becki, I don’t promise things because I’ve just never had any luck with that. I could promise something and something would happen I would not be able to carry through. I learned that early.

So really? I just do what I think and give things my best effort. And I pray.

I’m PRAYING for Fake Becki to be caught out.

Actually it should be an all out effort from concerned people to pray for Fake Becki to be caught out. In Jesus name.

– CG

Oh P.S. Do you know anything about the fire at my porch? Asking for the Fire Marshall.

The last pic is of Fake Becki posting 20 more comments than the last time. People aren’t coming from VOAT anymore so Fake Becki must be quiet for some reason.

Dear Fake Becki,

Your “mad postings” on VOAT?

Is this some kind of “on line persona deal”?

Like Alex Jones?

Posting like a mad person on VOAT …

Why are the postings nonsensical Fake Becki? Faking it? Having a hard time faking it?

Posting away like a mad person, gibberish … and … A LINK TO MY BLOG!

Wow! I don’t know what to say.

Or to think!

You have linked my blog 63 times yet … you don’t comment? On any of my blogs? Odd. Are you trying to distance yourself there Fake Becki?


Fire? You’re REALLY Going to Set My House on Fire? *Edit made

16 Sep

*edit: someone really did this. It’s by the grace of God a lot of people didn’t get killed.

I don’t know who would do this?

Why IN THE WORLD would think to do something this dangerous and stupid?

I don’t know. I just know someone did.

And for the record, there is nothing in MY head which would tell me I needed to fake a fire or anything else of the sort. I personally think this entire situation was bad enough by itself. Didn’t need a solitary other thing.

I had cleared my back porch to pressure wash, clean and apply linseed oil to the wood because it looks nice and that’s what my next project was.

Linseed oil is highly flammable.

Had I applied the linseed oil I wouldn’t be talking right now. Neither would they. It would have blown up on them.


I did pressure wash the porch. It was pressure washed twice at length. The wood was penetrated and soaked. When I got up I looked at the porch, it was still wet and I didn’t like the color. It was still wet is the point. The wood was soaked with water.

What if that had been linseed oil? They may have smelled it and thought better. Who knows.

This was not a joke. Nor a prank. Nor someone in our household trying to make something look bad.

The authorities have been to our house. They took this very seriously. Firemen. Their investigators. They interviewed the neighbor at length and everyone in the household. They definitely look to see if we were/ are responsible. I had one guy with me most the entire time.

They ask you the same question several times. Different ways.

End edited version – original follows …

I just saw this.

Someone really tried to set my house on fire.

These boards are for installing – I forget what it’s called. A project.

We aren’t going to use boards like that for a project. The one is burned badly. Pressure treated wood doesn’t burn that well thank God.

I hope people understand authorities have been notified.

They take these things seriously.

ESPECIALLY when senior citizens are involved. Thank you Jesus.

Someone is going to ruin their life?

And take mine? And the rest in the house?

We have shipped people out for safety reasons now.

The second picture? Someone burned a cross on my back porch. A cross.

They had to use accelerant.

We have none in our house. I ask for some just a few days ago to fill a lighter.

For the record? We don’t have any enemies to this level or degree outside of Rebecca posting on VOAT and Reddit.

Those posts started several days ago. There are new ones. Fake Becki has been triggered. A boatload of people from VOAT today. 140 people from VOAT as of now.


If They Weren’t Legit … Their Families Would Sue Them

16 Sep

I can’t speak for anyone but myself but I’m going to write this briefly.

If these people making these claims were not legit, families or injured parties would sue.

Speaking for myself?

Have you ever been to court?

For any reason?

Remember the anxiety? HIGH anxiety? I don’t care what you are going to court for, it is high level anxiety. There is a lot of consequences riding when you get to the place of a court room.

Did you want to sign up for that again anytime soon?

Ever again? As in EVER again?

Has anyone had to call the authorities on someone you REALLY did not want to? Rips your heart out but you know you have to involve the authorities? THAT person. THAT family member?

How many times did you have to make that phone call or one similar? Rips your heart out, high anxiety each time but the situation is out of control and you have to involve the authorities even when you know the consequences could be enormous. Life altering.

How many times have you had to call? How many times MORE do you want to call? How many more phone calls did you WANT to make?


This person has jacked you or your family nine ways to Sunday, kept the entire family jacked up. And then jacked the score to social media.

Can we be positive of what score needs to be settled?

Why don’t the people who are targeted or family sue these people for testifying on social media such horrific acts of criminality against children?

It makes perfect sense to me, they are tired. Worn out. Exhausted by this family member or outside person.

In my estimation it makes perfect sense, they prefer not to have any association. Much less a courtroom.

Because in the long run?

In the grand scheme of things?

In real life?

50,000 followers doesn’t mean jack to a person who goes to work every day and is just trying to live a decent life.

John Ashcraft could be as guilty as the day is long. Who knows? (He DID introduce Barack Obama)

John Ashcraft could be as guilty as the day is long and they could even bring him up on charges.

Sarah would never be able to testify because of the social media posts.

I have been to court countless times for numerous reasons. Each time was high anxiety. I hope not to ever go back. I hoped that after each time, I can tell you.

I’ve had to call authorities on ‘THAT’ family member. Serious consequences. I still had to do it. It makes you sick.

I learned I can do all of these things, high anxiety and all, sick to my stomach and all. I can still do what needs to be done.

Would I care about your 50,000 followers? No.

Really. No.

Rebecca has 20K+ and trust me I do not care.

What difference is 50K and 25K when it’s your real life?


I don’t think.

I’m thinking here again but it’s not without a working knowledge. So there is that.

Getting “Attacked”

16 Sep

I’m going to write a post about getting attacked.

As I see it, there is this group of people, on the dark side of Twitter “getting attacked”. I’m not sure what all entails an attack but they are getting attacked.

I am attacking them. I am. I am definitely taking a stand against this garbage. It’s trash. It’s demonic, devilish, soulish. The flesh with spiritual overtones throughout.

What is the purpose of these accounts?

I see people say “You red pilled me. You enlightened me. My eyes are wide open now.”

Can people tell me what you are finding out from these accounts that you did not know before? I believe these people in what they are saying. They have been red pilled, etc. I’m not being facetious. I am sincere in my question.

But … ….

Oh wait! You CAN’T! You CAN’T because the ‘leaders’ have told you “Don’t engage.” (I hear that in a deep, warning type voice.)

I’m not part of this side of Twitter, clearly so I’m going to say ya’ll because that’s who I’m talking to but do ya’ll know who you aren’t suppose to be engaging with? Is there a list? Or is it just inherently known? I don’t know. I’m asking.

Because in my mind, whoever is on the list? I’m on it.

And really. Serious question. How do ya’ll reconcile this with yourselves?

How do you reconcile ME to yourselves?

I’m just a survivor who went batshit crazy?


I find that reprehensible. I really do.

My family does as well.

My ENTIRE family who has been put in the most dangerous situation a person could be in.

An emotional plea from a survivor of satanic ritual abuse who is in danger of their immigration case being ruined by me, asking for help on VOAT and Reddit?

I see.

Do you see?

Do ya’ll see?

If you are new to my blog, there are other blogs reviewing my claims. If you are new, you will need to read the blogs explaining the immigration thing and who has done what.

I never followed Sarah Ashcraft. I would never had interest in what she posted because I could see (EASILY I might add), this is garbage. How much? I didn’t know. I still don’t. And I don’t believe it is profitable to ANYONE to keep tabs on her.

Ya’ll are going to do what you want.


I use to believe Fiona. I can’t any longer. In my estimation she has destroyed whatever testimony she might have and it goes beyond what she said about Billy and Franklin Graham. That was enough for me but her tirades are extremely dangerous. Getting people worked up into a frenzy, posting irresponsible things. I posted some of the comments. Ya’ll can look.

It also goes beyond that. I saw a blog of her other claims and I had to stop reading. I had read enough to know there was far more to what Fiona had originally claimed and testified to and had I heard these other testimonies? I would have been out. Never on board. I never would have been on board had I known about Billy Graham.


What about Rebecca?

For the love of God, CATHERINE! Can’t you STOP picking at Rebecca? She is a survivor of satanic ritual abuse, young and made a few mistakes with you because she felt cornered! For the love of God CATHERINE! WHY can’t you understand this?

Let me tell you what I know.

I KNOW I felt cornered when my house was in foreclosure, we had no electricity, the children of the home had to stay elsewhere, because you can’t have children in a home with no electricity. CPS will take your children. I felt cornered at that time for many reasons. Rebecca knew these reasons. I felt cornered and terrified for the future and I ask Rebecca what her plans for the future were because planning with Rebecca from my end was enormous. We had no money. She would not tell me. Would not tell me. Never mind we were still the co-signer on her $40,000.00 bond.

It was the darkest time of my life. Bar none.

All I ask was what are your plans?

Nothing. Haven’t made any.

Not true. There is a blog about it.

I know I felt cornered when I saw Rebecca tweet out the nasty blog. I felt cornered then. I ask for help from you and Wendy, Rebecca. Ya’ll said you reported it. Ya’ll made me DM with you on Twitter to get the evidence of you and Wendy trying to get the blog taken down. Then provided nothing. Nothing. Zip. Zero. Ya’ll lied. Straight up you both lied. So much for ‘Truther’s’.

I felt cornered then and acted accordingly.

How did I act?

I didn’t do anything. Oh wait. I turned the blog in to ICE cyber crimes. I did that before though.

How did I act when cornered? I didn’t do anything.

An Open Secret called Rebecca out on Twitter. I defended her. I defended Rebecca to them. Someone had DM’d me that Rebecca was getting called out by An Open Secret.

I defended her.

Then I saw them say, she had DM’d THEM asking for help. When they ask her for ANYTHING which could substantiate her testimony? She blew them off. Just didn’t answer. Just didn’t answer.

I said, “IF it’s the truth her parents are SO wicked and they have destroyed EVERY relationship Rebecca has ever had? What is wrong with saying that?”

When An Open Secret ask for any shred of evidence, they said they were willing to help her. These guys are from Hollywood. (Remember?) They know people. Who know people. Who BEST to help out? Dear Lord she may have gotten a movie out of it. (Just kidding.)

The thing is I knew nothing of having ask An Open Secret for help.

It was news to me.

I had no idea Rebecca had ask An Open Secret for help.

When I saw Rebecca’s response I said “Foul”

That is what “Red Pilled” me if you will.

If you ask people from Hollywood to help you out, you trusted them enough to direct message them. When you ask people from Hollywood to help you AND THEY RESPOND?

THEY RESPOND TO YOUR PLEA FOR HELP!?! And then you blow them off with NO RESPONSE in return? Really? Are ya’ll kidding me here?

Is this where Ashton Kutcher jumps out with crew and camera’s?

I can’t even describe my response. This doesn’t come close.

Then I started investigating.

People who had substantiated to ME Rebecca’s testimony of anything, much less satanic ritual abuse but there is a blog about those people too. Gone.

Everyone is gone.


Accounts deleted. Accounts not active. Accounts with no contact. Every last one. Gone. No access.

Ya’ll can check times and dates of my blogs.

After An Open Secret exchange, I was like what the very heck? How bad is this? How freaking BATSHIT CRAZY IS THIS?

So I started writing my blogs to get it straight in MY head.

Then someone reads my blogs even though they were private. No one has the right to breech my privacy. Especially after they have been grossly irresponsible with my privacy and family.

It went on from there. Read the blogs.

So who is under attack here?

Who is it?

Who is under attack?

They are. They are under attack. They have taken some hard hits. They are going to lose followers because people see how they have overplayed their hand.

I don’t know so much about Fiona but Sarah and Rebecca have overplayed their hand. That’s what usually happens when you are running a fraud.

Both. One thing after another. A hook. A new incident. A new memory. A new revolution.

Go loooooookkk! Go look and see if I’m telling the truth. Or even EXAGGERATING in any manner.

They have to keep people HOOKED to their Twitter accounts or social media platform. You have to stay HOOKED on THEM.

Their Twitter accounts is what I know of so I will leave it at Twitter.

Their Twitter accounts are about raising awareness of THEM.

What is the next thing either of these accounts are going to post because it’s USUALLY revolutionary. Some how.

Well Catherine for the love of God, they are just telling their truth.

Right. I get that.

Their truth.

I’ve seen first hand Rebecca’s ‘truth’ … …. And said “FOUL!”

I’ve read Sarah’s truth and I seriously can’t believe people are buying it. I won’t even think about it because it boggles my mind and I am praying.

For the love of God.


Sarah has the most timely testimony of all time. She had to have had inside knowledge. She knows so much and it’s all happened to her personally.

Her father introduced Barack Obama. I saw the video. Let’s go all in and say everything is true.

This is an attack on Believers and the church. Follow Sarah Ashcraft as she takes you in a journey with all of the spiritual overtones and you can be one big spiritual MESS after reading a few of her threads.

Don’t believe me. Don’t. Don’t take my word for it.

Fast her Twitter feed for three days. I double dog dare you to “FAST” her Twitter feed for three days.

What if you rarely read her Twitter?

Why at all then? Why read it at all? Because you are supporting someone who CLEARLY is not talking about the same Jesus of the Bible. She has made multiple posts recommending new age authors and titles.

How many Christian ones?

She quotes scripture CATHERINE!

Isn’t that enough?

If you are a Believer, or Christian, you know the answer to that question.

Why read it at all, indeed?

I don’t know about ya’ll but I prayed for a spirit of love, power and a sound mind because God hath not given me a spirit of fear; but of love, power and a sound mind. (I recommend this prayer)

I’m not confused. The Bible clearly says. “Satan is the author of confusion.”

So who is under attack? Everyone will have to decide for themselves with the knowledge they have. If I could interject here: Anything trying to make you sound batshit crazy? It will work. There is no need to go there to help raise awareness for children in danger. We need people of sound mind and body.

Awareness can be brought without destroying any credibility you might have with batshit crazy.

If you sound batshit crazy who is it helping?

If you had a heart to foster parent a child? Could social services go on your social media and feel confident you are a good candidate to care for a child?

What about if you were ask to serve on a board of some sort? Locally. Concerning the welfare of children.

Could they go on your social media and think wow! These people are informed and responsible.

Me? I don’t know. Go look. Tell me.

Oh wait … ….

No Thanks Necessary and VICTIM MENTALITY

16 Sep

My last post I said unequivocally the Reddit poster is Rebecca. That’s her Reddit account. That’s her handle.

This is HER Reddit post. Her Reddit handle.

I had actually decided not to post anymore. I figured I have covered this.

Then someone tried to catch my porch on fire. My back porch. At my bedroom.

And then ‘Fake’ Becki went crazy posting on VOAT. No longer asking people to investigate me, I guess someone I called in regards with Rebecca, the REAL one, they must have caused her to understand you can’t do that, ask people to investigate me.

And then I remembered the handle on Reddit.

And then I read what Rebecca actually posted on Reddit? What she actually wrote?

I decided to go through the post on my blog.

See how this works?

I “LURED” Rebecca to the United States. Lured her.

There is a link to the original blog post I read of Rebecca’s which started my conversation with her on line. Ya’ll can find the link in the post.

According to Rebecca’s testimony to me, at that time, she was going to be made into a snuff film for her 19th birthday. I believed her. I hurriedly got her out of the country.

Now the ‘testimony’ has changed. Evidently the truth was Lee Percy TOLD Rebecca he would sacrifice her to molech – the devil.

I guess it’s an easy mistake.

Rebecca laments her jail stay of 14 months.

I tried to prepare Rebecca for her interview with ICE before she came. I talked with her about it. I said practice their questions in front of a mirror until you are absolutely comfortable with answering their questions. She didn’t.

Where Rebecca was jailed, at the James A. Musick Facility (she posted this info all over her Twitter) it was a farm type setting with a dormitory for people in immigration. They had enough freedom to spend the day outside at picnic tables. It’s still jail but not a prohibitive as we know a typical jail is.

I received tons of mail from Rebecca while she was at the James A. Musick Facility. I may or may not post anything from there but I can tell you there is ZERO conversation about any physical problems outside of falling out of bed.

In the Reddit post she says she felt unhappy at my house. Unhappy?

The attorney comments? Oh my …

Rebecca’s Attorney’s are highly respected. Highly respected. They are good attorneys and better yet, they are good people.

When I went to see the attorney and told him the story, he immediately said I want this case and we will do it pro bono. He had heard me ask the receptionist about the charges of attorney etc. He overheard this conversation and said, “Hey, come back to my office and let’s talk about it.” I can’t say enough good things about Rebecca’s attorney. She would have been gone long ago if not for them. Her first female attorney wrote a brief three inches thick in the nothing she was given for evidence. THAT’S how good of an attorney she is.

Lost Rebecca’s case on PURPOSE? On purpose? Zero evidence of a trafficking ring and the attorneys lost the case on purpose?

Why did I take her away from her ‘real family and friends’?

Why did I “take her away from her real family and friends”? I did my best to get Rebecca out as soon as I could for fear she would be made a snuff film. I have the conversations to prove it so … good luck with that.


I could piss myself laughing or die from a heart attack at the absurdity of this statement.

A “set up” ……. A SET UP?

WHO was set up?

She raised a lot of donations while she was at my house.

Wow! I’m not sure what she is trying to say here but when our family was collapsing financially she sent money to her former classmate because they were losing their flat. How much was that Rebecca? It’s her money to do with as she pleased.

We NEVER took her money. It’s just a slap in the face.

I made her take her GoFund down.

I didn’t make Rebecca take her GoFund down. I confronted her about the lies. (There are screen shots and a blog post) SHE chose to take it down. I told her she could run Gofunds all day long, just don’t use my situation as the base for a lie. My situation being we paid the money she was alleging Wendy McAvene did. It was a lie. I called Rebecca on it. She decided to end it altogether. There is still a GoFund active. She isn’t lost or bankrupt. Yes. There. Is.

We are not bankrupt. We aren’t out of the woods financially by any means.

The McAvenes? They are taking a loss on the sale of their home. After 35 years of marriage. And getting a divorce.