The Movement … *Trigger Warning *Edit #2 made

29 Sep

The response to you tube video – this is exactly what I’m talking about.

People carelessly and irresponsibly throwing things about salvation around about as though it’s just another YouTube video and social media comment.

I challenged people to get off YouTube, get involved in their own community and this guy, the wild eyed guy, (see) tells me to repent and follow the real yeshuah.

This guy has had six wives and he tells me this. He doesn’t give account for his six wives. He won’t address the six wives and you have people on you tube comments shouting “BRO! You don’t owe these people ANYTHING! You don’t have to answer to these people.”

Huh. Here we are.


Okay. Remember ya’ll said that.

It took me three days to write the GoFund blog. It took me all day to post it.

I come over to my blog and 20+ people from Facebook have visited. Anyone know who is doing that? Sending people from Facebook over here?

Does Fake Becki have Facebook?

I noticed one of the advocates Rebecca and I friended mutually on Facebook is no longer a friend. Of mine. Check

This has been an eye opening day. “The Movement” has been active.

I went on YouTube. I see a guy I’ve never seen before. Wild eyed. Making a video, rapid fire. He has sources. Names. Exclusive evidence. About Jim Carry.

He also did a video on Kenneth Copeland. I won’t even dignify it with description.

His source was linked with Fiona Barnett and Fiona is going to follow up and do a lengthy, detailed interview.

The Movement is gaining traction.

And then I saw this video: They played the 2011 skit Tom Hanks did for Jimmy Kimmel Live. It’s wicked. Really wicked. Tom Hanks, Jimmy Kimmel, his entire production team AND RON HOWARD should all be in trouble for the exploitive skit.

The two young girls were not Tom Hanks and Ron Howard’s daughters. They were paid actors. It was bad.

This video makes the point “Looks like Sarah Ashcraft was right.” From “Gospel Authentic” YouTube channel with 3000 subscribers. I didn’t check them out. I did challenge them in their comment section though.

No question Tom Hanks is skeevy. Along with Ron Howard, Jimmy Kimmel and crew.

“Gospel Authentic”? I don’t know them. Will not. Calling yourself “Gospel Authentic” does not make you authentic. It could mean you have mad marketing skills.

What matters is what “Gospel Authentic” is legitimizing here. Sarah Ashcraft.

I’ve pointed out the big problem with these accounts on the dark side. It all about them. ALL about them.

They have made some Twitter changes. It’s still all about them or their ‘inside’ knowledge.

The timing is incredible. I’m incredulous.

For Sarah and Cronsell to have the revelations they have in the manner they have is absolutely surreal.


On a level I’ve never seen. I’m just a regular person though.

I’ve talked with many survivors. One young girl comes to mind.

Her mother was into satanic ritual abuse. She was the subject a lot of times, she said. She also said she was a born again Christian. She ministered to some of the same homeless people I also knew.

She said she struggled with seeing demons in every day situations. It was a spiritual door she was praying to close. I prayed with her before I left. For this spiritual manifestation to be gone.

She was a prayer warrior. She prayed. But she still wanted that door closed.

See the difference?

I stress the point, The Dark Side of Twitter, their accounts are all about them. Revelation after revelation. Everyone sitting on the edge of their seat with the next revelation that gets rolled out.

Shocking tweets. No trigger warnings.

They talk about programming and then hash tag tweets which would make a ‘programmer’ thrilled.

We are trying to close spiritual doors. Not open them.

See the difference?

There is an “opening of prison doors” which Jesus can and still does. Today. There are millions who will testify of the same thing.

If anyone needs prayer, in Jesus name, message me.


Hysterical, blanket statements. ‘The Movement’ stirs it up.

28 Responses to “The Movement … *Trigger Warning *Edit #2 made”

  1. karnevilnine September 29, 2018 at 11:19 pm #

    When you know these people are lying, making up shit about child abuse it is infuriating. You have to be really really sick and without morals to do that. They all have one thing in common, extreme narcissism. Nobody is interested in real victims of “mundane” abuse with these circus freaks and their Sci Fi B movie tales. They make me sick and i dont even know any of them.

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    • duffy1958 September 30, 2018 at 12:23 am #

      You make a good point. “Nobody is interested in real victims of “mundane” abuse with these circus freaks and their Sci Fi B movie tales. They make me sick and i dont even know any of them.” That along with the extreme narcissism.

      Sci Fi B movie tales is exactly what they make me think of. Scripted. Timely. Revelatory. Authoritative. The list goes on.

      Truth is stranger than fiction and these are examples.

      Frauds hurt everyone and these examples are rife with fraud of one form or another. I don’t even have a problem seeing that and wonder why others do.

      There are many vulnerable people following. Thinking these are the ‘experts’ so to speak.

      Cannibal sightings at every trip to the market could scare the crap out of people.

      The suggested manner of dealing with ‘cannibals everywhere’ could get you looked at by law enforcement pretty hard. After people call police on YOU for screaming at people. (Dr. Danielle)

      There are people who have survived these horrors. Similar to. They have been helped by law enforcement. Encouraging side stepping the authorities and engaging in side stepping the authorities is a mess of bad choices.
      Nothing will change if you don’t make the change. Through legal channels.

      There are corrupt cops, CPS etc. I work with the same system everyone else does.


  2. strangemagicnz October 1, 2018 at 1:05 pm #

    They are doing the devil’s work in deceiving the masses and turning them towards their fake “Christ”.

    As you said, they need discernment and to reach for the true Word of God.

    That’s what I’m doing as I traverse my repressed #csa memories. I will not let these devil’s deceive me ever again.

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    • duffy1958 October 1, 2018 at 1:50 pm #

      As Believers we need to remember our first calling is to The Gospel.
      The Gospel of The Lord Jesus Christ. Getting people saved. That’s our first calling.

      And we do need to know what The Word of God says.

      And in all honesty, I am taken aback at how many are on board with the Billy Graham accusation, how they reconcile this.

      Billy Graham is a Freemason. A Freemason who preaches Christ? What? Millions, literally millions born again Believers because of the Billy Graham Crusades.

      Some how these people want me to believe God promoted a child rapist to world preacher? No. It’s not scriptural.

      And the Billy Graham Crusades are a CIA psyop.
      That’s blasphemy and people better simmer down and be serious because it’s a very serious matter to insult the Holy Spirit in that manner.

      Fiona says they are the only true Christians. And people buy that?

      I’ve seen her say she received salvation at age 15.
      Does she preach Christ? At all? As being the only true Christians?
      At all?

      I’m talking to Believers.

      The whole Dark Side – It is a hot bed of deceit. Hot bed. Hot mess. I don’t need it. I want to hang with people who value life, value a quality of life and CERTAINLY don’t make me afraid to offend the Holy Spirit.
      People need to ask forgiveness if they have.

      There is a strong spirit of pride over there. God says I will resist the proud.

      God will never leave us. Never forsake us. But we can offend Him. We need to repent of that.

      If we are proud, He will still be there but He will resist us. That’s Bible.

      Everybody is prideful!

      Yes. We are. Every last one of us. Prideful. God has a way of showing us the error of pride.


      • justanotherfangirlweb August 2, 2019 at 1:42 am #

        Hi Catherine –

        In answer to a few of your questions about the BP blog, I don’t think it’s anyone from Team Becki writing it. Personally I think it’s hilarious but then I’m not living it. The underaged youth you talk about is still on the BP blog, FYI. It’s half of him in the Christmas photo. Here’s the link- – Is this the one you were talking about? I’m a friend of James’ and have been against Becki since day one. It just never made sense. And how many ‘ums’ and ‘ahs’ are there on her videos? That screams lies to me. I can’t watch them.

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      • duffy1958 August 2, 2019 at 11:19 pm #

        In all honesty, I have been at a loss for words to answer you.
        The picture you point out, I knew nothing of. I’ve only ever talked about one picture because I didn’t know about this one.
        Well if that isn’t interesting. The person responsible for taking the (photo 1) – knew about photo 2, the one still standing. Here I thought someone had done something honorable, and evidently they were just playing.
        Someone went to the trouble of taking down the picture I wrote 50 blogs about yet decided to keep the shaft going by leaving the other one up. Someone has a vendetta with me, the score isn’t settled and they are willing to put youth at risk. Still.
        I had been getting fresh traffic from that blog to mine but what did I care? I know there was a fresh wave of people in “the community” of people trying bring awareness of child sexual abuse, found the bp blog, some have made their way here.
        Straight up; I think someone was trying to help Rebecca’s 9th circuit hearing, or not hurt it.
        Who would do that? James and the rest want Rebecca held accountable. In England. Is someone over there going to act like they helped but still keep the vendetta going? I don’t think the blogs are about me. I’m not confused. I actually thought the blogs were funny. Even when they were swiping at me.
        This isn’t a game or funny. Not at the expense of an innocent youth.
        I’m going to leave it at that for now. Thank you for the heads up. ~ CG


      • justanotherfangirlweb August 3, 2019 at 10:28 am #

        Hey Catherine, you’re welcome. I don’t think anyone has a vendetta against you per se, I think it’s more we found Becki’s story so ludicrous. You got roped in because you believed her. She obviously knew exactly what buttons to press. Also the fact that her ‘testimony’ has evolved as much as it has is definitely suspicious. And no scars? Why invent something that’s impossible to prove? Like you’ve said, scars *stay*. Unless you have plastic surgery which she hasn’t had. I think everyone will go away and leave you alone once the outcome of the 9th circuit is over. (Not being from the US I don’t know exactly how it works but her case has not yet been announced on the court’s website. I’m always happy to chat with you because honestly, the way you and your family have been treated is abominable. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. I think you’re a little naive (read, wanting to see the best in people) and perhaps I am a little jaded (read, a lot). The second I heard her story I just thought, ‘what a load of bollocks’. Since that time I’ve been trying to catch her out in a lie, as has James. I know you and he don’t see eye to eye about the religious stuff (I’m not at all religious) but he’s a good man who only wants the best for Becki’s supposed ‘victims’ and by that I mean the thousands of invisible kids that have apparently disappeared in Hull. I’m aware of the 2017 sting of said pedos in Hull, I’m talking if that many kids vanished there would be a national outcry and nothing has been reported.

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      • duffy1958 August 3, 2019 at 4:44 pm #

        I did see several arrests of pedophiles in Hull. A pedophile does not make them child killing satanist. If people are using that as a crutch for Rebecca’s fable that would be a ridiculous leap. I do see a lot of leaping going on though. As though the truth and reality of how badly our children are mistreated is not bad enough. People who lie or exaggerate are not helping, they make it that much harder and worse. So in reality they are joining WITH the pedophiles to further the agenda. Liars are dangerous people.
        I think a good majority of people have figured out Rebecca is lying. She has little to no support on Twitter and the few still left are supporting her not necessarily because they believe her story but are concerned for someone so obviously “troubled”. No one, including myself wants her to hurt herself. She is hurting herself though.
        She’s also hurting a lot of other people and she doesn’t give a damn about children. If she did she wouldn’t keep up the charade.
        I’m coming to the conclusion people don’t care about children much though so it’s no wonder our children suffer. They can get on Twitter and talk mad crap but when it comes down to it they aren’t doing anything outside of Twitter to help. They are making themselves feel good by tweeting about pedophiles but a lot are just empty heads. Ambulance chasers. I don’t make any friends by saying that and I know I’ve pissed a few off. I don’t care. I want to yank their chain hard because every time I see their phony garbage I see the faces of kids I was not able to make safe that I went to the authorities over. Their faces motivate me to land in the middle of these people hard.
        A lot of this feeds a certain lawlessness. I’ve ask people are we abandoning the rule of law because of “survivors” with very sketchy stories?
        Rebecca says she has scars yet produces none or shows anyone. The law has the ability and obligation to ask for evidence and in Rebecca’s case they ask and received nothing. Our attorney wanted to take pictures. Rebecca blew her off. In court before the judge she is asking for asylum from, I would have offered to show the judge then and there. Nope. Nothing. There are none. Despite the years of abuse? Running through the woods time after time? Running for your life?
        Remember she claimed Ann burned her with an iron? No scar there? No one I know of has seen it. Has Nurse Wendy been on Twitter shouting she’s seen the scars? No. Does Wendy care about the truth? I don’t think she does. I’m still struck by giving up a 30+ year marriage and her children because of Rebecca.
        My family will survive. Forgiveness will take place and relationships mended. Had Rebecca stayed in the picture no.
        This is not my first rodeo with wayward young people. I told Rebecca she was not the first young person to lie to me straight to my face. It was after I called her out for contacting countless people on Twitter, “Will you tell Catherine to give me a hug?” She couldn’t just cross the yard or house and come give me a hug, she had to be victim and ask over half a dozen people no less. That’s pretty whack. And in my respect it wasn’t cool at all. It’s very unhealthy mentally.
        There is a story I tell of a young woman who I knew, acted very much like Rebecca but with her husband/ex husband. She lied. Tried to ruin his life. It backfired on her. She literally went insane. Lost her children. Was homeless and walked the streets lost. It’s not karma, it’s just what happens if you choose that path of manipulation by any means. I’m pretty sure I told Rebecca that story. I know she tells people, because they’ve told me she tells them, that she has little memory of being here at my house. It would be laughable if this weren’t so hurtful to so many. It would be laughable she has such vague memory when it’s been played out on a Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, Gofund, Voat and a few miscellaneous other places. Oh shit. Just a few minor details.
        Maybe Rebecca’s new weight loss business will help her?
        I saw Rebecca say she was staying off Twitter because she couldn’t be bothered with the people who don’t believe her. She is just lying low. She’ll be back at it if she feels like it’s safe. She has Vegan Mikey as an ally which I’m taking this opportunity to point out.
        For the record, if I believed Rebecca I would go to the ropes, bad behavior or not. I understand bad behavior but nothing she has said can be supported in any fashion. Not even by her own testimony.
        I saw on Twitter where An Open Secret was talking about her again. I don’t know why but I saw @Enty Lawyer joined in. That’s a big hit in “the community” for Rebecca to take.
        Rebecca NOR Nurse Wendy have a problem trashing An Open Secret or Gabe Hoffman. Have they hurt An Open Secret? I would say so. People attacked them on Rebecca’s behalf. If you ask those same people how many pedophiles did An Open Secret expose in their documentary? *Crickets. Many arguments I’ve had on Twitter over An Open Secret and whether Gabe Hoffman is a psyop or mossad agent, I ask them, “How many pedophiles did An Open Secrets documentary expose? Do you know how many?” They don’t answer. That’s the end of the conversation. I never say either. They can go “research” it as easily as viewing on Vimeo with a pencil and paper the asshats.
        If it’s not obvious, I’m taking this opportunity to vent. Just so people don’t think I’m fooling myself.
        This second picture has taken me off guard and it pisses me off. Because it always comes back to Rebecca and Team Becki sending over a 1000 people to the bp blog. Some or probably most didn’t know but Rebecca did. Nurse Wendy did. “Gotta save them kids!”
        Wendy wanted Rebecca to be the poster child for SRA instead of taking care of business in immigration, meaning get a job, go to school. Time and again Rebecca and I would go talk to homeless people. Give them food. We had a closet for the stash to help homeless people out. No problems. She can do what she has to but is not inclined or motivated beyond self indulgence. And she is so gifted and talented. I saw she did a chalk board. I don’t know if it was a decal but Rebecca CAN pen beautifully. I wanted to go into a sign making business with her. She has MAD skills I would covet if I were given to covetousness. I would be jealous if I were a jealous person. Her sewing? She could be a taylor. I would love to be as gifted. I love to sew. She made money with her business of the neck warmer/cooler if you ever saw that.
        Ok, I’ve wound down pointing at this. I’m pissed. Pissed off all over again. You can thank yourself Rebecca. I’ll say it again. “You don’t get to cause a train wreck and walk away without giving answer.”
        Having said that, I’m going to also take this opportunity to apologize to Ann and Lee Percy. People can think what they want and make of it what they will. I went too far on Twitter. I am sorry and I apologize to them.
        Thanks for interacting Fan Girl. Thanks for keeping me on my toes. I mean that sincerely. And you can give me crap for being gullible. We can even laugh at it. Dear Lord. Help me Jesus. Take care. ~ CG


  3. justanotherfangirlweb August 8, 2019 at 8:19 pm #

    Hey Catherine, sorry for the late reply. I would never point and laugh at gullibility, I just felt so sorry for you. I once interacted with Becki on DM (not my favourite thing to do btw) and said I saw her videos. I didn’t say how they made me feel, I wanted to give her enough rope to hang herself. The first thing she asked me? “Want to buy some candles?” I made some excuse and logged off. I asked her at a later time why she wouldn’t just tell her stories to the authorities (there was a Twitter page for Hull police) if she reported on there it would be there for all the world to see. Nowhere to hide for those wanting to sweep it under the carpet. Evidence. But no. She told me ‘people were working in the background to protect the thousands of vulnerable children’. I asked who, she declined to answer. That was what confirmed it for me. The candles thing and the not willing to report. That’s when James decided to open a police investigation through a friend of his. I’m not sorry for the part I played. I would do anything to expose a charlatan such as Becki, not to mention the rest of her psycho mates. I do find it odd that Becki found the link to the BP website before anything was written though. Would she have just googled her own name? Odd.


    • duffy1958 August 9, 2019 at 12:32 am #

      I would be willing to venture Rebecca has her own name on google alert. I don’t know how it works but it’s very important to Rebecca to keep up with herself so I wouldn’t be surprised if she has herself on google alerts.
      What I thought was sickening; was her post saying “here is where it gets interesting…” and posted a picture of the blog with nothing on it.
      “Interesting”? Interesting? If someone used my name; which in turn denied ME the ability to use my name for a website I wouldn’t find it interesting I would be pissed.
      Rebecca has been talked to by people who supported her and coached her through how to contact Interpol. I only know of one source but they were credible and had ties outside of country. Ex-patriots was my understanding. She did not respond. That told them all they needed to know and I was told. It’s how I know people support her as a person but not her testimony.
      Her comment “people are working in the background” is a familiar term for Rebecca to use. That’s what she said to me when I confronted her over the BP blog.
      It’s unfathomable how this can be, how manipulative and deceptive. Rebecca could stop any time.
      I saw “someone” tweet Rebecca that her GoFund was broken. I checked the Twitter account. Low tweet count, 12 or 13 followers, following 12 or 13 people. Someone’s sub account.
      I checked the Gofund, it wasn’t broken.
      It’s a hot mess. People getting hurt all over the place. Still.
      And there is a boat load of lying going on. Still.
      I’m going to leave it at that before my mouth gets any further ahead of itself.

      We can talk about other things. How is the weather? Lol It’s 93 degrees today. Perfect.
      I have squash and tomatoes in my garden. 🤷‍♀️ I put out good food Fan Girl. Garlic and/or butter cures everything.
      Do you have outside interests? I craft a lot. I watch YouTube videos on how to make something of nothing and put my spin on it. I usually have about 5 projects going. I’ll post them on my blog. I’m shameless like that. 😁

      This is all going to be finished before the court with Rebecca shortly. It will take a miracle for Rebecca to stay in the United States. I know she’s praying for one and I’m not praying against her so we are going to see what happens.
      Take care Fan Girl, we’ll be talking soon I’m sure. ~ CG


  4. justanotherfangirlweb August 9, 2019 at 2:55 am #

    I’m happy to talk about other things. We’ve spoken before, and got along great. I won’t say what name I used (in public) but we did. I’m the one from New Zealand. I’m a writer (not published but hoping to some day!) I would cook for people but I like them too much. I’m a crappy cook. I rotate 3-4 meals a week (my poor husband grins and bears it!) and that’s it. The only cake I ever made was so rock solid the knife got stuck in it. Yeah. That’s about the extent of my baking skills. Good on you for feeding people, bodies and minds. I think you’d be a cool mate.


  5. justanotherfangirlweb August 9, 2019 at 2:59 am #

    Oh, and also, I’m addicted to Youtube videos about decluttering and tidying. I’m currently doing my whole house (and life) which makes me feel so good about myself. Chaotic mind equals chaotic life. My thoughts. Have you seen/heard of Marie Kondo? She’s brilliant. Tidying guru, tiny little thing. Got me started on my ‘feel better’ journey. I have also blocked people on twitter who make me upset so that’s a good feeling too!

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    • duffy1958 August 14, 2019 at 6:39 pm #

      Sorry it took so long to respond FanGirl. Sometimes things start “popping” off and I have to take care of business.

      I get anxiety watching the decluttering videos but I will look up your connection and see what I can learn. I’ve been working on decluttering but it’s so hard to get rid of things which will be a future project but I AM working on it. You challenge me to dig deeper. That’s like a miracle. I’m not even kidding.

      I hear you about the “feel better” journey. What I think and from my experiences; people who don’t have a certain characteristic that you/we do; will find you/us and when all is said and done? It is an experience which tried/tries to suck the oxygen right out of you/us. Does that resonate with you? One sided relationships is what I call them. I ATTRACT that. Or I’m doing something wrong. Both.

      It’s always a good thing to “clean up” in life; in our OWN life and I have definitely been doing a lot of that contrary to what SOME might think. And seeing progress or fruit; contrary to what SOME might think. No credit to myself. Lol God is a miracle working God.

      Twitter locked my @Duffy_1958 Twitter account but I should be able to get it back soon. I was locked out because of explaining to liberal forces on Twitter that calling someone “retarded” did not reflect on any part of the population that had been born developmentally delayed or Downs. Only hateful people would call someone born with those circumstances and we weren’t talking about someone like that but someone who is a liberal with a retarded, liberal point of view.

      I’m considering going off of Twitter. I may. That’s why I haven’t hurried to restore my account. I did develop a new sub account but it’s on an android device which is not compatible to anything else I have like my blog or YouTube.

      I actually posted my testimony of childhood sexual abuse on my YouTube channel but it has buffering. I left it up anyway. Two parts anyway. I’m going to pursue my YouTube channel and take care of the technical difficulties.

      I have a lot going on, thank God. You get old if you set idle and I’m a spring chicken yet. 😁

      Take care Fan Girl and thank you. ~ CG


      • justanotherfangirlweb August 15, 2019 at 9:17 am #

        Ha, that’s why I don’t use facebook. I can’t stand it. I’ll probably see you on Youtube then. If you fancy emailing me it’s – probably the best way to contact me. You’re a cool person, Catherine. Lots to offer and lots to receive. You’ve got your head screwed on right. I hate the political side of things, when I got into it it was for a purpose which I no longer have. Sorry that the cluttering upsets you, it’s harder for those of us not ready to let go. My mum’s the same. I cleared out her pantry the other day and found food from 2005… yeah. She’s a big time hoarder though not in the same league as those in those telly programs. No poo in the corner… lol – just stuff from the 70s! My hubby is also resisting the decluttering so I’m concentrating on me. Books were a big thing for me, as are dvds. I’ve spent so long collecting them but I no longer read/watch them. You have to set aside how much money you’ve spent collecting them and move on. Give joy to someone else. On my bookshelf I now have all the books I’d forgotten I have and am now rereading them. Everything else is slow going. I have a Monopoly kind of thing, I have to have the whole set! That’s on the dvd front anyway. Flick me an email, I’d be happy to hear from you. No pressure, just as and when you want.


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      • duffy1958 August 16, 2019 at 9:23 am #

        I stinking hate Facebook. I call it “Fakebook” because I KNOW some of those people and I KNOW they are lying. People don’t go on Facebook and say hey look at the asshat I’ve been acting like. Lol and ain’t nobody’s life as rosy as they paint it. I know some of these people.
        You mention your mom’s pantry. My grandmother was a child during the depression and their family almost starved to death. She never got over it and when she passed, they went to clean out her root cellar and found canned goods over 20 years old. My grandfather grew a beautiful garden and my grandmother canned it all. Then I realized why she was so big on a lot of food. There was hardly room for people at Grandma’s house for the food. We had a big family too. 7 aunts and the cousins along with them.
        I will put you in my contacts FanGirl. We can stay in touch. It’s late and I had better call it a day for now. I’ll talk to you soon, take care ~ CG

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      • justanotherfangirlweb August 16, 2019 at 10:18 am #

        Thanks! Please do.

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      • duffy1958 September 4, 2019 at 2:27 pm #

        I sent you a test email. 👋😁


      • justanotherfangirlweb October 28, 2019 at 10:51 pm #

        Sorry. Never saw that. I’ll go and find it. I don’t check my email as often as I should.

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      • justanotherfangirlweb October 28, 2019 at 10:54 pm #

        I can’t see it. All that comes up under your name is posts you’ve made on your blog. Is it under something else?

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      • duffy1958 October 29, 2019 at 12:32 am #

        It’s been a long time ago


      • justanotherfangirlweb October 29, 2019 at 6:01 am #

        Should still be there tho. Also, BP blocked me. Can you still see the crap she writes?

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      • duffy1958 October 29, 2019 at 8:30 am # if you want to shoot me an email. Give me a few days though. I’m in the California blackout so my internet is off and on for this week. They gave us a few hours electric reprieve today; bless their hearts.
        No I can’t see anything Rebecca is posting. I’m finished watching anyway. There is no benefit to me to keep watching. It’s poisonous.

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    • duffy1958 August 17, 2019 at 5:32 pm #

      Ok I looked up Marie Kondo and I am EXCITED! I like this lady and her instructions make perfect sense. I love the minimalist look but I’m not a minimalist. I have some hope for myself now. Shoot FanGirl I’m a FAN of Marie. Thank you. I’m honestly impressed with her.

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      • justanotherfangirlweb August 20, 2019 at 7:45 pm #

        I wish there were more than twelve episodes made. I also watch the hoarders show. NZ Netflix has so much less than America. Even if you’re not a minimalist, that’s okay. I’m not either. Especially when hubby’s a hoarder! I just work on me. Getting rid of stuff that brings anxiety rather than joy. Keeping the books I’ll actually read, keeping the clothes I actually wear, etc. Do what makes you happy!

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      • duffy1958 August 20, 2019 at 8:28 pm #

        Keeping only what brings you joy is a very good motto. I love it. Maybe I will make a pillow or something. Life isn’t all about joy and roses but putting effort into making life rosier and more joyful is sure as fire a better payout. I’m learning about minimizing. I’m working it.
        It’s helping me finish projects because if not? I need to get rid of some project materials and as you said, give to someone who can benefit. I’m going to have to read some of the books Ive been putting off too so I can give them to someone. I said I see everything as my next project and it’s true. I like to up cycle. I’ll post pictures pretty soon.
        What I could be happy doing? Making retro kitchens for little kids. You should see my Pinterest boards. Hog heaven.
        I’ll send you an email soon.

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  6. justanotherfangirlweb August 22, 2019 at 7:08 am #

    I’m all about the upcycling and organising. Using what we have as opposed to buying more stuff. A lot of those videos on YT that talk about organising go to a shop called the dollar tree. We don’t have that here. And why buy matching boxes when you can use old lunch boxes or something similar? I use those to store sauce mix packets standing up so you can see them. Keeps them in order so they don’t dislodge themselves when you take one out! As for not finishing projects, I’m right with you there. I start and can never ‘find the time’ to finish them. Pretty sure that’s just an excuse though. I’ve lost momentum. Passion.

    Liked by 1 person

    • duffy1958 August 25, 2019 at 12:06 pm #

      I heard you loud and clear about no momentum, no passion. I get you. I’ve been praying for BOTH of us. It takes the joy out of things. I hope things have been better for you. They have me. I have one big project down. However … …. I have an unending list. I haven’t even been on Twitter in a couple of days. Ha!

      I wonder why y’all don’t have dollar tree? Interesting. That’s a rip. Everyone needs a Dollar Tree.
      We have a Dollar General too ; but
      My DG doesn’t do the good sales and such like the videos show. I tried. That’s frustrating because some of those girls can SHOP!


      • justanotherfangirlweb August 25, 2019 at 7:07 pm #

        Ha, no Dollar Tree (and I checked, they don’t do international shipping) and worse, no IKEA. No Ebay. Amazon we can order from but the shipping (at least $80 to NZ) costs a fortune. Thanks Catherine, I’m not religious at all, just believe in being a good person and treating others like you want to be treated. I’d say more spiritual than anything else. Like asking the angels to find lost things! I do believe in ghosts or presences though. A painting flew off the wall of its own accord last week. Think it was my Nan…!


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