Go Fund Campaigns

28 Sep

I have been ask the most: What about the GoFund was fraudulent?

First I am going to write why I’m posting this blog. And the others.

This has been emotional for me as is evidenced by my blogs. I write how I talk. Ya’ll will just have to roll with it.

I was born in Texas and raised in Oklahoma. I will start talking with an Okie drawl if I am sarcastic or tired. Or talked with my sister. That will also ‘trigger’ Okie accent.

I have explained; I first started writing the blogs because I could not disseminate this situation. I had to write it down. I would not have been able to write it on paper, which would have been my preference; my writing would not have been legible. *Triggered. I wrote a blog about being triggered.

I told Rebecca and her new sponsor Wendy McAvene long ago; “The ͏w͏a͏y ya’ll do things? Triggers me. Right over the edge.” It was true.

It seems like I find fault with everything Rebecca does. And now Wendy.

The things I have hit on are not small ‘incidents’. There is NOT a colossal misunderstanding here.

Some things I understand VERY well. I GOT the message.

So now ya’ll have a COLOSSAL amount of blogs to answer to.

Along with answering to:

The US Government

The UK Government



All of the supporters on social media

The list goes on.

If there were answers to be given? They would have been given.

“Just unfollow me”?

It’s a cop out.

It’s disrespectful. Disingenuous. And an easy way out. To not answer for their actions.

‘They’ are trying to make changes surrounding the child sexual abuse issue with satanic ritual abuse as part of the campaign.


This is Wendy responding to An Open Secret “Don’t question a survivor.”

Why is there a PUSH “Don’t question a survivor.”?

I would like to know the answer to that first and foremost. I want substantial answers.

Ya’ll PUSH for this “Don’t question a survivor”. And the campaign is run by the Rebecca Percy/Wendy McAvene two and I’m telling the whole community Rebecca’s entire ‘testimony’ has zero evidence to support her testimony of ANY abuse incurred. Zero means zero. Not a scar. (There would be scars ya’ll.) Not one person from Rebecca’s history are still around to support. There is a list that I know of. I don’t know who’s not on the list. Everyone has been mistreated. I’m sorry. I didn’t do it. I’ve been trying to get this business to stop.

In that line of thought.

Rebecca said “If you don’t believe me? Just unfollow.”

I tried that.

I wrote messages. Texts. Emails. Emails to attorneys. Mutual contacts. Confrontations on Twitter. The authorities. The list goes on.

Rebecca started this huge international incident, affecting others in a DRASTIC manner and her response is “Just unfollow.”

That hasn’t worked out very well for me.

And not for lack of effort on my part.

I said “Rebecca, if you’ve done nothing less than write the president over the beckipercy.com blog? You have not done enough.”

Rebecca is not working. What better things did she have to do than try to get the blog with a picture of an underage youth in it taken down. (The picture) zero effort was put forth outside of contact with John Robinson of the Hagman Report. THEY are the seasoned investigators. Nothing came if it. Zero. Again.

Nor could you scroll back in your Twitter feed to delete the originating tweet.

This strong campaign of satanic ritual abuse survivors exposes an underage youth beyond what beckipercy.com had and takes zero responsibility. And then adds injury upon injury in dishonest answers to being confronted over the beckipercy.com blog.

Is Rebecca writing beckipercy.com? Personally I didn’t think so. I’ve said who I thought it was. EL Coyote says it’s not him or his group. That’s who I thought it was. I don’t know who they are. They exposed an underage youth and not corrected it whoever they are. I turned the blog into authorities.

What I know is Rebecca found the blog one month. (So coincidental)

And then a few months later RT’s the beckipercy.com blog WITH the picture of an underage youth in it.

Not acceptable on any level. It’s part of ya’ll doing ‘business’. No. 1000 times no. I rebuke you both in Jesus name.

I was forced to DM with Rebecca. I vehemently did not want to. I wanted the information they said they had. To add to my complaint to ICE Cyber crimes. There was no information.

Rebecca and Wendy forced me to DM and gave me nothing. There was nothing to give.


That was my grandson.


Do people remember?

Rebecca was able to contact law enforcement when she connected with an on line predator.

Rebecca was able to call law enforcement to the McAvene home. Not related to the on line predator.

Patterns. Overwhelming patterns.

Below, I Go Through GoFund Campaigns

See the Difference?

The first picture is Rebecca’s original posting on Gofund after she had moved to Texas.

The second picture, Rebecca is crediting Wendy McAvene with supporting her since she has been free from being jailed as an asylum seeker.

These are the same GoFund campaign. Rebecca developed it after she went to Texas.

When a person asks for asylum, they are taken into the care of the US government. They are jailed.

A bond of $40,000 was mandated by the Federal immigration judge. The judge was a woman and she is in the top for sending asylum seekers back to their home country. She wanted to make sure Rebecca didn’t take off. Evidently.

An immigration bond is comparable to a criminal bond; but finding a bond company is not easy. An immigration bond is high risk. I found the bond company after speaking/calling at least half a dozen.

When a person co-signs on an immigration bond it is not revocable. Once you sign as co-signer you are bound to the bond for the duration of the bond and immigration case. You will pay the monthly fee. If you do not, they just accrue it like any other bill. We always paid the bond company.

In 15 months we had a donation to cover the monthly bill three times. Once my daughter, another will remain anonymous, the third was Wendy.

When Wendy donated, they made such a production out of it.

That’s really nice. We appreciate it. What a gift.

However the attitude it was given?

I’m like

Reality is this is REBECCA’S bond.”

“However, if I am able to pay the bond off completely, I will not only be able to have the ankle monitor taken off, but I won’t have this big sum of money lingering over my head.”

Rebecca is asking for $40,000 to get the ankle monitor off of her ankle.

An ankle monitor is embarrassing to wear. People do notice if you wear one and it shows. They think you are a criminal.

Just wear different pants.

Seriously. For $40,000 you can buy some new jeans and wear those. I don’t know but it just makes good sense to me. It’s quite a savings. I’m frugal like that.

The black strap at Rebecca’s ankle is the monitor. Not part of her shoe.

This really got me. Rebecca knew she needed to have the ankle monitor on.

I can only imagine the drama had she not had an ankle monitor.

She told me once, “Do you know I’ve had a bag packed ready to run since day one?”

I thought to myself “Rebecca, I’ve had a bag packed for almost 55 years. Do you think I didn’t KNOW you had a bag packed?”

Also. In the bond of $40K.

If Rebecca had collected enough to post the bond.


It sits with the court. Sits in the US Immigration court’s bank account until the immigration case is settled. A person either gets asylum or they are sent back to their home country. That satisfies the bond. The $40K is given BACK to the person who posted it. In this case, would have been Rebecca.

So after her case was settled they would have given Rebecca $40K back. That’s a nice start to a new life somewhere. And thinking ahead. Thinking ahead is good.

If a person is asking the general public for $40K attached to a highly, emotionally written GoFund account and you don’t take the time to explain the situation correctly and openly? Sketchy. Very sketchy.

If you explain clearly and people give? It’s all good.

The second photo of Rebecca’s Texas GoFund campaign says; Wendy McAvene provided for Rebecca since her release of James A. Musick Facility. (Nothing says danger and must stay hidden from danger like posting the place you were in jail.)

The first GoFund could have flown. It states “I have been paying like I should”.

Well no. Not exactly. We paid. My husband. The retired peace officer.

I am not a paid CIA monarch, paper clip subjugate. We live on my husbands retirement as a peace officer.

However the CHANGE on the second GoFund?

No. It’s not true or correct. It’s a big fat lie. Connected to a request for $40,000.00 I could hardly believe it. I though does Rebecca think I don’t look or she just doesn’t care or what?

What about ICE? Do they (Rebecca and Wendy) think ICE is going to be ok with this?

What about other people who knew the truth? There are a few. Silent few.

If $40K was paid, Wendy McAvene would not have to pay $420 a month to the bond company.

When I first told Wendy she could make the bond payment; I was furious at something they did. I don’t remember right this minute.

I wanted her to understand, overnight you can get a $420 bill with Rebecca. That’s not pocket change.

We always paid the bond company and the attorneys. The attorneys were pro bono but a person still has to pay for quite a few things. Courier service was a big one. Phone calls. Phone calls with attorneys are not free. There are all sorts of hidden costs.

I tried to explain. However by this point, I was the enemy so nothing I said mattered.

I said, “this is how it works Wendy. You can get a bill for $420 over night. Call my husband and see if you can negotiate with him”.

I told my husband I wanted to show mercy. We weren’t going to stop paying.

They never contacted my husband.

I said “Huh.”

Ok. Well ya’ll can just take over that payment then.

They were so busy making me the enemy they did not take care of business.

What people didn’t see was the garbage surrounding the change of co-signer.

For over six weeks Rebecca and Wendy played a game about the changing of co-signer. Wendy said she would give everything for Rebecca, every cent, yet they did not take care of business with the change of co-signer to the $40K bond.

And then threatened to call police on me for not sending Rebecca’s things she left behind – on to her in Texas. For whatever reason they did not hear my message “I’m not on team Rebecca, I have a life I’m trying to put back together.”

It just didn’t matter to them. The tragedy of my household? Did not matter.

Honestly? Believers? Don’t tell people “I’m praying for you” when you can’t take the time to listen.

They said “I’m praying for you”, I believe them, I believe they prayed. And then go on to be grossly disrespectful as though it was all about Rebecca.

They made post cards up. Of Rebecca’s testimony of satanic ritual abuse to hand out. With all of Rebecca’s social media contacts.

And the ability to donate towards a victim of gross satanic ritual abuse.

I’m just telling you what I was told.

I wrote a blog about it before.

Personally speaking it grosses me out. I’m glad no one saw my face when Rebecca told me about this.

I just have a wretched stomach reaction to that post card business. This is not Easter Seals.

Children being sexually abused SHOULD BE Easter Seals but currently, it’s not.

People who are newer to following Rebecca will not have seen or put together the $$ part of this.

Three Gofunds and the total is probably over $16,000.00. Rebecca had two at my house. One raised over $5K and the other was close to $4K.

The one in Texas is the remaining balance. Im not sure of the total sums of each GoFund.

Rebecca had her business with the warming neck pads. I don’t know how much she made off of them. It was very low overhead so it was profitable and she did a beautiful job sewing the neck pads.

People send Rebecca money directly. I went on a periscope the other night of a lady who prays for people on periscope. I was reminded she had sent Rebecca a $50. Gift card.

I know we received gifts here at the house. Two years supply of homemade jam. Materials. Boxes of material.

After Rebecca had left; and been in Texas long enough for everyone to be mad, they ask after a package.

Did we get a package for Rebecca? We do not have a key to Rebecca’s mail box. We don’t know. I don’t know what was suppose to be in it.

I’m going to tell on myself here.

One of the people who had been jailed with Rebecca in immigration had been released before Rebecca. She had a job and was going to school.

She sent $100 to me for Rebecca.

My husband and Rebecca were going to the store. I told my husband to give Rebecca money and use the rest for groceries.

My husband doesn’t listen. He totally messed it up.

This is the one lie I told Rebecca. I told her we had not gotten mail from this girl.

This happened not long after Rebecca had been released from jail and we were at home. I was embarrassed and did not want to explain this mess with my husband.

Stupid huh.

I told Rebecca eventually. It’s not funny living with conviction. Mmm No.

When I told Rebecca the truth about that; the reason was the Bible says to judge yourself before God has to do it.

The Bible also says “Judgement begins in The House of God.” We. Me. Us. The church.

When you see God judging the House of God? Know the world is next up.

So I confessed that sin. To clear the air.

Looking back the money and gifts sent to Rebecca thing; I didn’t keep track.

Pressure was put on people to send gifts. I didn’t know it at the time or to the degree. The one mutual friend was to send boxes of art supplies. She never did send them. She felt pressured. She is one who is present but she is not having anything to do with this. She also was one her daughter spoke with Rebecca and it was not appreciated. I think that was a deal breaker.

Rebecca could have and should have been working. I don’t know if she had prior work experience or not. She told me she worked in a pizza parlor and did not make tips. Evidently they don’t tip in England? I don’t know. Just telling you what I was told.

I’m not sure what Rebecca was thinking when she told the one troll account on Twitter, if they were so concerned about me for them to contact me.

Twice …

I don’t appreciate this. Did NOT appreciate this.

It’s also not true she could not contact me. Howard was her go between.

And then there was this …

Here, Wendy is comparing what was done to General Flynn and the beckipercy.com blog.

Did ya’ll read that right?

Wendy McAvene – Rebecca’s Texas sponsor compares the beckipercy.com blog to what has happened with General Flynn.

“Kathy, don’t believe that blog. They made it up just to hurt her.”

“They are also building a website.”


I would like to have seen my face when I read that.

Wendy is @TrinityBeliever

Rebecca is @BeckiPercy

If I could make the section “Never question a survivor” neon flashing I would.

This is dangerous and it’s as though everything Rebecca and Wendy are doing is without regard to THE LAW or even common decency. I’m sure they are very decent to the people who help them. The people helping now.

Never question a survivor.

And in this tweet Wendy is tweeting the Pope.

People in this conversation. The Pope. Pope Francis.

“Please see @BeckiPercy tweets of satanic ritual abuse.

Blows. My. Mind.

Does not compute. Does not compute. Does not compute.

Rebecca and Wendy along with Fiona Barnett have accused Billy Graham of being a child rapist.

And then Wendy tweets the Pope? Wait? What?

Dear Reader,

I had been ask about the GoFund situation, to explain so I have.

I explained why I wrote this blog and the others. It’s personal,

It is most definitely personal on several levels.

This has not been a situation of gross misunderstanding as has been summarized by some.

I personally speak very plainly as you can see. The messages I have sent are not confusing.

The problem it seems to me is Rebecca and Wendy did not regard what I had to say.

They have twisted what I said.

Labeled me as an abusive person.

I have done all but beg to be left out. It wasn’t heard.

Rebecca said she was sure I would make everything about her.

She got that right. Now. After they played games with my life for months.

Both of them.

How nice.

No. Really. I didn’t need this.

It is wrong.

There is everything off the charts wrong with Rebecca Percy and now Wendy McAvene.

I responded to someone asking for help.

This is not acceptable in any manner.

This is not high school.

It’s truly bizarre. I see MANY acting like this. Under real life circumstances. Rebecca and Wendy are not the only ones.

*Prayer Warriors take note.

Below are the screen shots of the Twitter exchange. Another one. I couldn’t believe it.

Trinity Believer. … …

I have screen shots.

These are not small misunderstandings.

They are all evidence of gross abuse. By Rebecca Percy and Wendy McAvene.

They don’t like my delivery. They think I’m abusive.

“You people” have zero idea of where I’ve been. Zero idea.

For starters?

I have to take responsibility for my part.

I testified before the US Federal Immigration Court.

Staying away from my home for a year. So I could visit with Rebecca three days a week. Our BMW which was paid for is now parked. The brakes are shot. We went through a set of tires. Break downs along side the freeway. In L.A. traffic.

It wasn’t cost free to live away from my home for a year.

I’m not complaining. I made the choices.

However now?

I have no idea what ALL Rebecca and Wendy are trying to do. I don’t know. Nor do I care what their motives are.

What I SEE is bad. It’s all bad.

Whatever Ron McAvene did I hope it was worth 35 years of his life. To become the next Twitter questionnaire.

There is STILL an active GoFund. I just searched Rebecca’s name on Duck Duck go

It comes up fourth in line.

The BeckiPercy.org is the website Ron McAvene bought Rebecca. She said.

That GoFund WAS linked to our bank account. It no longer is. People HAVE donated to it since it was in the Texas bank account.

I harped on this active GoFund on An Open Secret Twitter feed awhile back. It’s still there. The active GoFund is still there. It will probably come down in 5 … 4 … 3 …

I feel sure people are going to be concerned about the big emotional button this blog will push.

I can’t help it.

And everyone is going to be just fine.

God is on the throne.

He desires mercy above sacrifice. I’m on board with that.

I have shown mercy.

And been shown none.

And even though I have brought forth a lot? I have shown mercy.

In questioning myself about this situation. What happened. How it happened.

Two things stood out.


The blog post I read. The org legitimized Rebecca’s testimony by posting it. I checked them out. A little.

Second was NSPCC a children’s organization in the U.K.

They also legitimized Rebecca. She was a keynote speaker at a conference in London. I saw text messages.

I contacted the person who’s name Rebecca gave me at the NSPCC and Rebecca’s attorney negotiated with them for a statement for the hearing for asylum before the Immigration Federal Court. I don’t know what the outcome was. I don’t know what or if there was a statement. I know NSPCC is not going to stick their neck out.

So in looking back those were a couple of things.

That’s another reason why I am sounding alarm bells.

Rebecca had legitimacy to me because of these two contacts.

WHO are WE legitimizing on social media?

I have addressed in a blog; the necessity to NOT sound like a crack pot on social media. Our endangered children NEED people who have it together.

Dear Twitter,

Could you please send us the Twitter activity of @BeckiPercy @TrinityBeliever – their Twitter activity for the past 18 months?

Twitter activity to include 1) Tweets posted 2) deleted tweets 3) Direct messages

Also to include any other related activity to the social media platform of Twitter and @BeckiPercy @TrinityBeliever


9th Circuit Supreme Court of Appeals, Immigration Division.

WHAT are ya’ll thinking over there? On those Twitter feeds?

Dear Child Advocate,

Thank you for your interest in the project we are finally able to launch on behalf of sexually abused children. This truly marks history for children endangered by childhood sexual abuse.

Thank you for your interest, we regret to say this position has been filled.

P. S. We have changed our name, phone number and location ~ Thank you,

The Team


Dear Reader. Your social media sounds bat shit crazy so we don’t know you. Never heard of you. Don’t call us. We won’t call you.

Don’t think it doesn’t happen.

What does our social media say about us?

Help us Jesus.

Ya’ll have put us all in a horrible situation. If y’all haven’t figured this out by now?

We are all broke now. The McAvenes are taking a loss on their home. Wendy quit her job. Rebecca ? Ron? Where is Ron McAvene? (Someone ask Fake Becki).

I’m going to post this and if people don’t think this has cost me? It has. This is hurtful. People are hurting. And people are not being honest. Still.

I have written about working for the school district with difficult children.

I would tell those difficult children; “If you behave well? We will have a good time. I know how to have a good time. If you do not? You will have a bad day, because I am not. I am not going to let you jack up the class, school or my day.”

I have said that countless times. In school. In Children’s Church. To my own children. And beyond.

Never on an International scale.

Dear Rebecca and Wendy,

This IS about endangered children and your actions are not helping.

This is bad leadership and ya’ll are trying to be leaders. No.

I rebuke you Rebecca Percy, you Wendy McAvene, I rebuke you both in Jesus name.

~ CG

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