Kidnapping *TRIGGER WARNING *Edit

23 Sep

This is a true *Trigger Warning. NOT click bait. Please be advised and practice self care.

From this comment by anonymous:

It looks like the fake Becki reddit account has been deleted.

<br />

<br />I have a request though Catherine: from my opinion the biggest revelation about how nasty Rebecca really is came from your posts about the kidnapping. There’s no doubt in my mind that she set it all up to play you.

<br />

<br />Could you possibly do a blog detailing how these “people” came into contact with you, how the relationship grew and the circumstances around the “kidnapping”? It would be really helpful for myself and others who read your blog to know more about this.

<br />

<br />God bless.

I will talk about the kidnapping because this took a huge toll on my already stretched way thin family.

The kidnapping was the catalyst to Rebecca leaving California.

I don’t recall how long Rebecca and I left the house. In terror. To stay with someone else. We were gone over two weeks. I’m really bad with time.

Rebecca first received word someone had been missing. For two days, three nights.

We were in prayer for the situation.

I think it was the third evening, earlier evening, they were allowed to come home.

‘They’ is a She.

At first there was confusion if there was a sexual assault. Like she was going to say there was and thought better of it. (Check)

Then there was confusion who did it.

I’m like “really?”

I thought Rebecca’s parents had all of these connections, they are trafficking satanist’s and Im telling ya’ll it was them? (Check)

According to this person, (she) there is a building she was taken to. Where there is a wall dedicated to Rebecca. An entire wall like a shrine type thing but the pictures are wicked, mostly, I guess. Top to bottom. Wicked pictures. Of Rebecca. Of varying ages was my understanding.

A collage. Floor to ceiling. It was described as a sort of shrine wall dedicated to wicked pictures of Rebecca and horrid situations. (My words).

Evidently there was no avoiding seeing this wall.

See here we are again. All focus on Rebecca. (Check)


From what I was told she, the kidnapped victim, was secured to a table and made to watch pornographic videos of Rebecca. On a loop. Non stop. Like a torture.

As was related to me the videos were varying. Wicked. Certain people were identified in video. She was relating this because she was confirming Rebecca wore a ‘go pro’ type camera on her head.

If you haven’t done the math? This was approximately 8 to ten years ago from Rebecca’s testimony. I have to agree with the website it seems highly unlikely.

This is a screen shot from

They make valid points with sarcasm. I can’t disagree with the message though.

I did describe before the manner which I received information from the Facebook account. The ‘she’ of this.

They/she was not forthcoming with information. She was insistent she wanted to tell me, wanted me to know what happened but words failed her. It could take up to three days to receive this information she wanted me to have.

All of these horrific crimes yet no one can say “anal sex” or something similar.

The focus was always “what Rebecca went through”. She had seen it on video and it was horrific.

The direction of conversation was always back to Rebecca.

To interject here. While I’m having these ‘conversations’ I’m wondering where trauma for herself comes in.

If you are kidnapped and held against your will for two days, three nights, caused to watch these horrific, graphic videos on a loop, where does it come out? The conversation was always “what Rebecca went through.” (Check)

By the time we returned to the house, Rebecca was sleeping with me. In my room. In my bed. The second party to these conversations from England was insistent Rebecca must go to my room. They told me they were sure my elderly husband wouldn’t mind sleeping in Rebecca’s room. I was NOT keen on the idea of having Rebecca in my room. I needed space. The 2nd party was insistent. She was telling me from England “You need to do this.” The End. (Check) I complied but I can tell you right here is literally where I stopped brushing my teeth.

I felt my personal space kept getting infringed and it was getting to me. I wasn’t unaware and it was a decided choice. (Dr. Danielle?)

Rebecca was in my bed until she left for Texas. (Check)

It was a kidnapping but it was all about Rebecca. (Check) The floor to ceiling collage of pictures through the years. The ‘loop’ of videos.

I don’t know what other people think their reaction would be if they are a kidnap victim. I don’t know how I would react under a kidnapping circumstance, but I’m thinking this wasn’t it. By a long shot.

Reportedly this crime was reported to authorities. According to this accounting the authorities said “Oh, you had sex with a boyfriend and stayed away. Your religion is against it.”

There were a lot of religious connections.

There are a couple of other things I won’t detail here.

I do think this is going to get sorted by authorities somewhere.

I was told how the kidnapping allegedly took place but I will leave that as well.

There was an adamant push to have me leave my home and strike off with Rebecca. That’s why I said in the one blog. “These people (two) were prophesying over my life.” This insistence I leave my home. In Christian world, that’s a big deal. A Believer prophesying over your life.

I wasn’t having it.

That’s also why I’ve said, I could navigate the the Federal Immigration court, obtain very reputable attorney’s, Rebecca being jailed for a year and bond to get her out but as soon as ‘these people’ from England and Wendy get involved I’m a blithering idiot. All were in agreement I was not doing enough for Rebecca.


(Check) (Check) (Check)

This was the message I last sent to the Facebook account. They never responded and the account has been disabled or I can no longer message them.

I sent this to them after Rebecca accused ME of abuse.

I have ask and am asking again now. “Rebecca, please detail abuse from my household.”

People can not disrupt people’s lives like this and have no accountability.

I think there are authorities somewhere who can investigate the entire thing.

Probably ya’ll have figured out why I write (Check) after some of these things I write. It’s because I ‘felt checked’ at these things.

This didn’t happen over a couple of weeks. This started in October. I sent the above message January 11.

All of these things occurred. My house was in foreclosure. No electricity. A divorce after 11 years of marriage for my daughter and grandson.

The complete break down of all I had accomplished with Rebecca. Gone; or on its way to destruction.

And people thought of me as a Twitter follower and my family some sort of Twitter side show. Huh.

To further more describe how this went with The Facebook account:

I received countless messages from this Facebook account. “Pray for Rebecca.” “Rebecca is having a hard time.” “Rebecca has told Wendy about her baby”.

I responded. Every time. I prayed. And responded according to the message sent. Night. Day. I listened. I talked. I responded. Every time. And it was a lot.

I knew this name was a name supposedly linked to Rebecca’s past. That’s why I gave it the time and credibility I did.

Where are these people now? Why is it they could not buy a burner phone and give me a call substantiating their testimonies? Why? I can’t fathom it myself. I can’t.

I do think this will get investigated and in that investigation- electronic accessibility.

Below is the message I sent to people who knew about a ‘kidnapping’.


Before I was a middle aged grandmother, wife, mother, gardener etc. Just serving God.

Now? I am an enemy to the community combatting child satanic ritual abuse and probably a paid/monitored agent from the CIA. (Check) (Check) (Check)

Ya’ll are going to have to get a much better grip on how ya’ll explain me. If there weren’t huge ramifications for doing so, I would inform my entire history of people and let THEM tell you.

From the tweeting I have seen on The Dark Side, there is no in between. You either buy their whole bill of goods with no evidence or you are a CIA monarch, paper clip activated subjugate.

As I perceive this? It’s like a very serious game people have been ‘playing’ which is why reactions are so inappropriate. It’s why some are hiding. I think. And in my personal situation? I don’t appreciate it.

People reading can not get an understanding of the emotional toll. A kidnapping was not traumatic enough (for them). Further manipulation needed to be made. And it was. Emotional buttons pushed like a mad person. (Get it?)

The end game? Rebecca was in my room, then on to Texas. Mission accomplished.




If people have wonder why I wrote so many blogs about this? Read them. They tell you.

There are changes trying to get made by what I call the Dark Side of Twitter – they are dangerous, inviting trouble.

I’m going to say this from a survivors perspective.

People are going to think what they will.

One danger I haven’t talked about are the ‘flashbacks’.

I know this is hallowed ground to some people. The flashbacks.

Rebecca would be in a trance of sorts for two and three days at a time. This was consistent. Up. Down. Days. Days. Days spent having ‘flashbacks’.

She said she was having flashbacks.

This was new. Nothing had ever been mentioned before and I have 14 months of letters while Rebecca was jailed. 14 months of visitation and phone calls while she was in jail. Nothing about the flashbacks. Nothing about satanic ritual abuse. No fainting. None of these ‘manifestations’ during that time.

Then we get to my house and what?

Ya’ll can and will think what you want; but any flashback I ever had were hurtful. Extremely. It hurt my heart, my spirit, my mind etc. They are destructive because it’s a replay of injuries received by a person.

I don’t want or need one. Not even one.

Days? Days?

This is suppose to be graphic. Graphic images of people and children being harmed under the most horrific of conditions.

People. Children. Animals. Dead children.

Rebecca wanted my undivided attention to hear and be with her during these ‘flashbacks’.

The very idea sends me reeling.

What in the WORLD are ya’ll thinking?

One of the focus’ from ‘the Facebook account’ was Rebecca and the flashbacks. It was from ‘good authority’ God was doing something different with Rebecca in regards to the flashbacks. (The same authority relegating Rebecca to my bed) Rebecca needed to go through this. They were indulging this. Wanted me to. There was a lot of pressure put to me to think this was something God was doing.

No. I’m not having it.

Rebecca always tried to convince me she had no control over what her mind did. What she thought about. It was a battle.

If people don’t know they SHOULD “take captive every thought” like the Bible says? Read The Word. It tells you.

They’re over there on a The Dark Side trying to rewrite everything ya’ll.




This contact and conversation was all after ‘the kidnapping’. And the focus was always Rebecca and how I could improve myself for her. To meet her needs.

As though I had no needs of my own. As though I had no other family. Everything was Rebecca.

There are people wondering out loud “What next?”

I’m adding this next bit because of the ‘movements’ to make these changes within ‘The Community’ of satanic ritual abuse survivors and how people should be responding.

Moving on … ….

Next …

And then you have Dr. Danielle ‘wondering’ about some ‘altered state’ Jesus may have brought.

I’m not trying to teach Dr. Danielle’s lesson here. It’s the general idea. It’s dangerous.

Do ya’ll see danger in this?

Dr. Danielle has endorsed Sarah Ashcraft fully. I saw the tweets.

Dr. Danielle: I saw you say you have ‘spoken’ with Sarah Ashcraft to the degree you can endorse her fully.

Dr. Danielle,

Could you please describe the ‘conversation’ you have had with Sarah Ashcraft to cause such a solid endorsement please?

When you say “you spoke with her”? Are you talking about physically? Did you have a phone call? Was this through DIRECT MESSAGE only?

I was not having this business. Not. Having it.

Not. Taking. Part.

Dr. Danielle held out some of Sarah Ashcraft art and said “This is NOT normal!”

Dear Dr. Danielle,

Anyone can and will come up with dark art if they are spending a lot of time studying or observing dark subject matter.

Dear Dr. Danielle PHD,

I’m sorry but it’s not hard. Really it’s not. As an artist it would probably take me about half an hour of interest in dark subject matter to come up with dark paintings.

I wouldn’t try but I feel pretty sure I could.

There are emotional buttons being pushed all over the place. I see tweets that are sent out with no *Trigger Warning.

Dear Lord.

Some of these tweets are shocking.

I saw someone ask Fiona for details of abuse. They weren’t a troll. Just ONE OF THE THOUSANDS WHO FOLLOW AND SUPPORT!

Her answer was crude and disrespectful.

Fiona herself said she has had every survivor she tried to help turn against her. – Her words. Not mine.

Dear Fiona,

I am going to write a blog stating compelling questions people should be asking themselves.

A blog discussing pertinent questions to ask and have answers for.

Dear Fiona,

I would like to ask you, in the future, if you could speak to the events surrounding your visit to the United States? I saw you said you were ready to hang everything up but decided to return.

Can you speak to the U.S. visit and any results please?

As I read all of this back to myself? I have to disassociate. I can’t put myself back to the time if the kidnapping because it’s too much. (Dr. Danielle PHD?)

For Rebecca and anyone else to disrespect the effort I put forth, along with my family, it’s too much.

I don’t suffer from victim mentality. These blogs are to show people from my perspective. This whole Rebecca Percy is Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, VOAT, You Tube And I don’t know where else. I have screen shots or otherwise to back up what I write.

I thank God, I have all of the paperwork to back myself up here.

I have Rebecca’s diary. I don’t know what all is in it. (I don’t care what people’s personal opinion is of me having it either.)I have the 14 months of letters from jail between Rebecca and myself. Even though I visited 3 days a week, I still wrote a letter most every day. I have all of those things. I have screen shots of every conversation. Every one. I’ve always been a record keeper. These were important conversations.

I’m going to close this with this:

The Twitter exchange between Rebecca Percy and An Open Secret was the slap in my face I needed to put things together.

I’m going to briefly speak to it.

Rebecca had evidently ask An Open Secret for help.

An Open Secret is the Twitter account for the movie An Open Secret which was a multi-million dollar documentary about pedophelia in Hollywood.

The Twitter account is run by the two guys who made the movie An Open Secret.


I feel like I need a flashing neon sign.

In Hollywood.


I wonder how much money it has cost them since?

The guys from An Open Secret, Gabe and Matt have interviewed a lot of survivors for their documentary.

They responded to Rebecca. “How can we help you?” “Do you have anyone who can help us to substantiate anything” anyone. Anything.


Rebecca blew them off.

She would do that to me too.

I didn’t know about the exchange between Rebecca and An Open Secret until that night on Twitter.

I defended Rebecca TO An Open Secret that night.

Then I saw where there had been this exchange between them and said “No. This is not right.”

I’ve said it before, If you get people from Hollywood asking if they can help you and you are in desperate need of help and you blow them off? Off the charts improper response. In my estimation.

It caused me to go back. Try to investigate. Substantiate some things for my self. Ya’ll can read the blogs.

I came up with nothing. Or a bad report.

This exchange between An Open Secret and Rebecca brought The Hagman Report in.

Did ya’ll see that part?

I mean ZERO disrespect to Jon Robinson from The Hagman Report nor any disrespect to The Hagman Report.

From Rebecca, while she was at my house just before she left to go to Texas, The Hagman Report offered us 24/7 security. Because of the kidnapping and threat.

It was The Hagman Report to provide a private investigator to get to the bottom of the

Jon Robinson defended Rebecca on Twitter with the support of all of his followers.

And now he is mentioned in this situation and An Open Secret gets crossways with Hagman Report.

An Open Secret did an interview with Hagman Report before this exchange. I haven’t seen the interview.

Now they are crossways with each other. See how this works? It just keeps growing.

People are furious with An Open Secret. Confrontational on Twitter. Tried to discredit and defame them.

Two guys who put their hard earned millions into a movie combatting Hollywood child molesters and pedophiles.

I understand An Open Secret well. They aren’t going to spend all day defending themselves on Twitter against an EXTREMELY sketchy Twitter account claiming satanic ritual abuse who has been so disrespectful to them.

Block and roll. That’s what I do too.

And with this idea of dissension in mind?




I will take care of my business. I am taking care of my business. I’m not asking for, nor do I need any sort of help. And legally speaking: This is a legal disclaimer.

This is not a game.

If ya’l think this is my life?


It’s not.

I’ve had a lot to do.

And my family is in recovery.

And Jesus is coming back. And I am cognizant of that. I’m looking forward to it. Get ready. Be ready.

Jesus IS coming back just like He has already been here. It’s recorded. It’s true and it IS more important than any of this.

#Word – CG

This was the opportunity I had, in June to ask about ‘the people’ in England from the Facebook account.

Rebecca no longer knows a thing about these ‘friends’ who’s lives were forever altered by a kidnapping and horrific assault.

On June 26 after forcing me to direct message with her, Rebecca understood on line danger in regards to keeping the people in England safe. But my family? Not so much.

This was the exchange between Rebecca and myself in my struggle to get she and Wendy to provide me with evidence they had turned the blog in to authorities. A picture of a minor. From my family.

Rebecca does not trust authorities


The last message the profile on Facebook messaged me. December 14 it says

~ CG

32 Responses to “Kidnapping *TRIGGER WARNING *Edit”

  1. JK September 23, 2018 at 4:51 pm #

    That girl is very disturbed and will leave many more lives in ruin. You are lucky you are out of it. Good luck.

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  2. Anon and Concerned September 23, 2018 at 4:52 pm #

    Becki Percy claimed seriously horrific crimes against children. There was a lot of people willing and ready to put an end to these crimes if Becki had provided evidence to support her claims, and was willing to cooperate. As an example, Becki Percy claimed extensive torture that left her with scars, did you see any of these scars?

    Becki Percy played you, and plays everyone with her wicked mind games. I am alarmed that Becki Percy seeks to involve people who were abused into her campaigns.

    Becki Percy is mentally ill, this is clear, and she needs professional help. Many hope that Becki Percy returns to the UK as soon as possible so that the police can investigate her claims.

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    • duffy1958 September 23, 2018 at 10:33 pm #

      *Trigger Warning *Trigger Warning I was never shown scars. The Federal Immigration Court was not shown scars. If there were scars that’s the time to reveal them.
      Drag that judge in back and say “LOOK IT HERE!”

      I can’t argue with anything you say. I wish I could.

      How many people in Hull think there is a group of blood drinking satanist in their midst?
      I was told they drive a white van.

      I LIVED like there was around 200 blood drinking satanist in Hull. It didn’t matter if it was real or imagined. Reckless on line social media posts to an audience of who?

      Dear Ann and Lee Percy. I again apologize for my actions on social media.

      I wish this could be investigated to the fullest.

      However, how much more money gets spent on this?

      This has been a high dollar endeavor. The Percy’s. My family. The US government. The UK government. A BEAUTIFUL TEAM of ATTORNEY’S. (Pro bono).
      U.S. Immigration.
      The McAvene family.
      Those are the people front and center.
      Then there are all of the other people. More behind the scenes unless you’re reading everything. So many.
      This is hurtful to a lot of people.
      Three trips to the emergency room by ambulance is not cheap. You can’t transport by car.
      Rebecca has a medical issue but the fainting was not the result. (Nurse Wendy?) (Dr. Danielle?)
      The medical issue was addressed by hospital staff and Dr’s on the first ER visit.
      We don’t have socialized medicine. The State of California has medical benefits though.
      Cat scans. I don’t remember what else.
      The medical issue was unchanged as of the last trip to ER.
      Should I be saying all of that?

      I see the dollar signs.

      The consequences.

      I brought Rebecca here. I have to own it.
      I have to own it.

      I’m owning my part.

      Again …

      “Dear Ann and Lee Percy,

      I apologize for my disrespectful and irresponsible posts on social media.”

      To those reading right now it looks like I’ve just lost my mind and agreeing with ‘The Dark Satanist Side’.

      You know. James. El. (Where is U.S.A. By the way?)

      I am not answering for anyone but myself. People can and will draw the conclusion they will.

      I haven’t written a blog about this and probably won’t.
      But when I researched I found a blog written by Rebecca talking about ‘touching’. By Lee Percy. Then it went to trafficking and the count was three or so men. (There were blogs. I have screen shots.)
      Then it goes to 10 or so men.
      Then it goes to satanic ritual abuse and sacrificed children.
      After my experiences with Rebecca and the unnecessary, attention getting drama?
      This is a pattern.

      I’m not mental health or a physician (Nurse Wendy) (Dr. Danielle PHD)
      I do know this has been crazy. Destructive. Very.


      • Anonymous September 25, 2018 at 11:33 am #

        How were the Percy’s involved in the asylum request if you don’t mind me asking?

        You said they had your address because of court documents, how were they involved?

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      • duffy1958 September 25, 2018 at 11:46 am #

        The immigration part of the case was sealed. Sealed means sealed.
        There was a guardianship case in our local courts, the Percy’s were notified. That’s when they received my address because of court docs


  3. Anonymous September 23, 2018 at 8:43 pm #

    Thanks for sharing Catherine.

    Just some followup questions if that’s OK.

    When did Wendy start getting involved? What lead to Becki moving to Texas?

    Liked by 1 person

    • duffy1958 September 23, 2018 at 9:15 pm #

      I’m not sure exactly when Wendy got involved. This was one of the ‘side contacts’ Rebecca had talked with and I didn’t know her.
      (There were a few of those.)
      I didn’t know OF her until the kidnapping.
      The kidnapping was the catalyst to send Rebecca to Texas at Wendy’s. For protection.


      • Anonymous September 23, 2018 at 11:40 pm #

        I’m so sorry to hear that. It must have been really hard saying goodbye to someone who you considered to be part of your family. It must have been even worse to discover that she was a manipulative narcissist who doesn’t have a care for anyone but herself.

        I hope someone can get through to Wendy soon. It looks like she’s lost a husband and a home over this, she’s in deep and I could see her following Becki wherever she ends up.

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  4. Mrs Anon September 23, 2018 at 10:38 pm #

    Has anyone in England offered to check out the people who were talking to you. i.e. to find out if they really exist? There are records that can be accessed online. Have you checked the names? Or do you think it was all Becki?

    On one of Becki’s videos she says that social workers called her an ‘allegation maker’. Allegations are always looked into. They don’t call someone an ‘allegation maker’ unless a person has made several allegations that have proved untrue or are at least highly doubtful. The social worker who wrote this on her file did it to protect colleagues, so they knew not to see Becki alone. Becki will be aware of this.

    Liked by 1 person

    • duffy1958 September 23, 2018 at 10:47 pm #

      No. No one has made an offer to check on the people in England. I have looked for the name on line and find nothing.
      I wouldn’t just give a name out though.


      • Mrs Anon September 24, 2018 at 12:39 am #

        If you can access it try Genes Reunited where some info is available for free.
        There’s also which will give you phone numbers and, for a fee, electoral register information.
        I’m not sure if you can access these as you are out of the country.

        Best Wishes.

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      • duffy1958 September 24, 2018 at 1:07 am #

        Genes reunited turned up nothing that could be considered in the age range. Too old.
        I was able to access it.


      • duffy1958 September 24, 2018 at 1:10 am #

        On anyone possibly applicable has passed away. From what I could tell.


      • duffy1958 September 24, 2018 at 1:13 am #

        For the record? I did not access those links from what you posted. I used Duck. Searched. Accessed websites.
        I say that because people will be like “DON’T CLICK ON ANYTHING!”
        I didn’t.
        Thank you for the info though. Thank you very much.


      • Anonymous September 24, 2018 at 6:49 am #

        Did you ever look at their Facebook profile? Did they have photos etc?


      • duffy1958 September 24, 2018 at 10:49 am #

        Yes. I looked at the profile. It was supposedly for an adult female to keep track of family only. I’ve seen that. I don’t use Facebook. But I have one.


      • Mrs Anon September 24, 2018 at 9:03 am #

        If you know someone with an ‘Ancestry’ account try that too. If you can’t find the person on the family history sites I’d be 99 percent sure they don’t exist. Of course the person you’re looking for might have been born abroad – but even that would show up on ‘Ancestry’. Everyone can be found these days. If you’re not finding them they’ve used a fake name and it was a set up.

        Best Wishes

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      • duffy1958 September 24, 2018 at 2:18 pm #

        I checked out Thank you for the info.

        I feel like people with integrity would respond.

        Failing to respond is a response.

        It’s hideous and cruel.


    • duffy1958 September 23, 2018 at 11:08 pm #

      I knew Rebecca talked about being an allegation maker on her videos. She says the same in real life.
      I ask her one day why she did that. I said why give what they (UK social services), why give them any oxygen for the allegation maker assessment?
      I said, “It’s like you are announcing for them.”


  5. duffy1958 September 24, 2018 at 12:55 am #

    Wendy isn’t going to appreciate me.

    I didn’t post the voluntary orgasm conversation to sensationalize.

    I didn’t say that about people wanting to read her divorce papers to be hurtful.

    It’s a wake up call.

    This is your life. High drama and action packed.

    I’m being sarcastic on purpose.

    As you can see from the conversation posted I did not exaggerate the pressures put upon me.


  6. Hidden Person September 25, 2018 at 2:05 am #

    Catherine I’ve been a supporter of you and Becki for a long time, I use my real name on Twitter and we’ve spoken before, but I’m staying anonymous here because I don’t want those who are still wrapped up in the Becki cult to harass me and my family.

    I was 100% on team Becki until I saw your blog. Now I realise what she truly is: a scammer. Thanks so much for having the courage to speak out against her. I’m sure there a more like me who are waking up to her lies.

    I know you don’t want to play the victim, but you are. You’re a victim of criminal fraud on a massive scale.

    Honestly I think you should go to the police about this. She shouldn’t be able to get away with what she’s done, it’s not right.

    Liked by 1 person

    • karnevilnine September 25, 2018 at 3:12 am #

      I agree. When i first commented on here I was hard on catherine but I see now she was totally taken in by somebody extremely manipulative. I hope things go well for you.

      Liked by 1 person

    • duffy1958 September 25, 2018 at 3:58 am #

      I hope no one is harassing anyone.

      I was 100% team Becki also until she accused me of abuse.
      I know of an incident she tells where “I got in her face.”
      I may write a blog about it some time but probably not.
      I certainly never got in her face. I have a diary and more paperwork to prove I did not. Now what?

      These are the patterns.

      I find a blog from years ago where Rebecca writes of ‘touching’ with alcohol breath. Did she blow things out of proportion at that time? Social Services said so.
      I don’t trust social services anywhere.
      However, Rebecca has broken trust to this degree. A fist full plus of blogs.

      I may write a blog about this but I’ve worked with people who would be sent back to their home country, if they broke a law. They were the most law abiding people you want to know.

      Rebecca was in jail in immigration for 14 months. Some of those people were to be sent back to their home countries because of problems they got into.

      Good cripes.

      I will be accused of playing a game with Rebecca but no really. I’m off team Rebecca.
      And the cure for that is “Don’t read my blogs. Carry on.”

      I’m not going into detail but I do need to be clear, I do believe in calling authorities.
      When a person has done all they can to keep authorities out and that didn’t work then it’s time to involve the authorities.

      I tell you the truth. When I saw this with Rebecca going sideways after she went to Texas, I cried for three months.
      I could not help myself. I could not stop praying. I could not stop crying.
      My property was in foreclosure but it was watching this with Rebecca …

      My husband was worried.

      I see Wendy. All in. I wrote them a letter about being all in. It’s in a blog.


      Reality is the first I ever saw of Wendy was in my Twitter DM in August of 2017 an automated thanks for the follow from her account to mine.

      Rebecca could have known her before then.
      Rebecca got out of immigration jail in June of 2016.

      Wendy told me in October she had been a follower of Rebecca’s on YouTube and contributed $50.00 to her monthly. I don’t know for how long nor what account she contributed to.

      Rebecca went to Texas in October. I don’t know when this divorce will be final but this is high risk for Wendy.
      If the FBI did a risk assessment? (I say that a lot BTW) This would be off the charts for Wendy.

      I brought Rebecca here because she said she needed safety.

      Now we have everyone on Twitter and Facebook writing President Trump and ICE on Rebecca’s behalf because she ask them to. With her P.O. Box as a return address. Who knows who wrote what to whom under those Twitter campaigns.

      Rebecca and Wendy are trying to side step the laws of immigration. The immigration system. Help. Me. Jesus.

      Side step immigration.
      Don’t question a survivor.
      Let’s rewrite the medical journals to include God knows what as factually and true because a survivor said it. (Dr. Danielle)

      There is a big web of lawlessness trying to get loose it looks to me like. No accountability.

      I don’t want to go on. Gah!

      This hurts a lot of people.
      It hurts people who are truly victims.

      There are people I care deeply about I wouldn’t write these blogs because of them. I wrote one about it.

      Honestly, I can’t not say.

      I put my name to this. God will get the Glory. I declare it. It will happen.

      But really. No I can’t have this. (If the FBI did a risk assessment … )

      – CG



  7. duffy1958 August 7, 2019 at 6:34 pm #

    If you and your family read my blogs you will probably find some answers. Rebecca has patterns.
    My first blog, “It Started With A Blog” and goes from there.
    If you have questions you can email me.


  8. duffy1958 August 7, 2019 at 6:53 pm #

    I’m going to add this because it’s public.

    If your family is made to feel shunned for asking questions about Rebecca’s testimony that’s absolute garbage.

    Rebecca has come into your family with an EGREGIOUS testimony and BY her testimony there is danger at every turn. That’s her testimony.
    By all rights Rebecca SHOULD BE forthcoming with a wealth of information because EVERYONE needs to be safe, right? How can people protect themselves, in this case, your family, how can you protect yourselves from such unknown, HIGH LEVEL danger.
    According to Rebecca her parents are very powerful people in a huge satanic group who murder children. The police are also involved. Social services UK are involved. All according to her own testimony. With this much evil and danger, Rebecca AND you Aunt Wendy SHOULD be helping you to understand how best to protect yourself. Anything less is like asking people to play Russian roulette. Maybe ya’ll will get some answers I did not. I’m skeptical but if I say so maybe they can feel pressured to answer. ~ CG


  9. MYCHAL SANTANA August 7, 2019 at 9:55 pm #

    Thank you so much for responding back!! Would you be willing to have a conversation over the phone? My husband and I have been reading your blogs..we are very concerned.


    • duffy1958 August 7, 2019 at 10:02 pm #

      Yes, I would talk with you on the phone. I understand your concern.


  10. duffy1958 August 7, 2019 at 10:10 pm #

    You have to weigh it out for yourself. Personally, I would because the more you know; the more you know. ~ CG


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