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The Movement … *Trigger Warning *Edit #2 made

29 Sep

The response to you tube video – this is exactly what I’m talking about.

People carelessly and irresponsibly throwing things about salvation around about as though it’s just another YouTube video and social media comment.

I challenged people to get off YouTube, get involved in their own community and this guy, the wild eyed guy, (see) tells me to repent and follow the real yeshuah.

This guy has had six wives and he tells me this. He doesn’t give account for his six wives. He won’t address the six wives and you have people on you tube comments shouting “BRO! You don’t owe these people ANYTHING! You don’t have to answer to these people.”

Huh. Here we are.


Okay. Remember ya’ll said that.

It took me three days to write the GoFund blog. It took me all day to post it.

I come over to my blog and 20+ people from Facebook have visited. Anyone know who is doing that? Sending people from Facebook over here?

Does Fake Becki have Facebook?

I noticed one of the advocates Rebecca and I friended mutually on Facebook is no longer a friend. Of mine. Check

This has been an eye opening day. “The Movement” has been active.

I went on YouTube. I see a guy I’ve never seen before. Wild eyed. Making a video, rapid fire. He has sources. Names. Exclusive evidence. About Jim Carry.

He also did a video on Kenneth Copeland. I won’t even dignify it with description.

His source was linked with Fiona Barnett and Fiona is going to follow up and do a lengthy, detailed interview.

The Movement is gaining traction.

And then I saw this video: They played the 2011 skit Tom Hanks did for Jimmy Kimmel Live. It’s wicked. Really wicked. Tom Hanks, Jimmy Kimmel, his entire production team AND RON HOWARD should all be in trouble for the exploitive skit.

The two young girls were not Tom Hanks and Ron Howard’s daughters. They were paid actors. It was bad.

This video makes the point “Looks like Sarah Ashcraft was right.” From “Gospel Authentic” YouTube channel with 3000 subscribers. I didn’t check them out. I did challenge them in their comment section though.

No question Tom Hanks is skeevy. Along with Ron Howard, Jimmy Kimmel and crew.

“Gospel Authentic”? I don’t know them. Will not. Calling yourself “Gospel Authentic” does not make you authentic. It could mean you have mad marketing skills.

What matters is what “Gospel Authentic” is legitimizing here. Sarah Ashcraft.

I’ve pointed out the big problem with these accounts on the dark side. It all about them. ALL about them.

They have made some Twitter changes. It’s still all about them or their ‘inside’ knowledge.

The timing is incredible. I’m incredulous.

For Sarah and Cronsell to have the revelations they have in the manner they have is absolutely surreal.


On a level I’ve never seen. I’m just a regular person though.

I’ve talked with many survivors. One young girl comes to mind.

Her mother was into satanic ritual abuse. She was the subject a lot of times, she said. She also said she was a born again Christian. She ministered to some of the same homeless people I also knew.

She said she struggled with seeing demons in every day situations. It was a spiritual door she was praying to close. I prayed with her before I left. For this spiritual manifestation to be gone.

She was a prayer warrior. She prayed. But she still wanted that door closed.

See the difference?

I stress the point, The Dark Side of Twitter, their accounts are all about them. Revelation after revelation. Everyone sitting on the edge of their seat with the next revelation that gets rolled out.

Shocking tweets. No trigger warnings.

They talk about programming and then hash tag tweets which would make a ‘programmer’ thrilled.

We are trying to close spiritual doors. Not open them.

See the difference?

There is an “opening of prison doors” which Jesus can and still does. Today. There are millions who will testify of the same thing.

If anyone needs prayer, in Jesus name, message me.


Hysterical, blanket statements. ‘The Movement’ stirs it up.

No Really, *Trigger Warning

29 Sep

I was a regular person before I ask Rebecca if she wanted to come to our home to be safe.

Really. Just a regular person who STRONGLY believes in minding my own business. I learned that from my mother. As TRULY dysfunctional as our family was, there were good standards to be found.

I’m going to bring some of this together. From my standpoint.

I also write my blog like if you were sitting across the picnic table from me. Sometimes I think you know things you don’t and I write that way. Sorry!

To say I am triggered is an understatement. I’m not trying to present an ‘all together’ version of me. I’m not. I never have been. Ask anyone who knows me.

I write like I talk. I am very predictable. I give myself a lot of credit but I also know who I am, where I’ve been and I don’t lie to myself. I’ve made tons of mistakes and I own them. I do NOT blame my mistakes on my history of child sexual abuse. The abuse has lifetime effects for everyone. But it’s not an excuse. When you know better, you do better. Unless you are in self destruct mode. Or evil.

I ‘tell’ on myself. I’ve done good and bad things. Made good and bad choices. “Love does not keep a record.” “Love” does NOT keep a record. But there is record. Right?

The people who love me have not kept record of my marriages and divorces. They don’t hold it against me. They are not thinking about it. They forgive. They forget.

However, if you go to the court house? There is a record. The court house does not love. It adjudicates.

Love does not keep record but there is a record and sometimes love does have to refer to that record.

And for whatever I am or am not, I’m not a liar. I don’t exaggerate to support my argument.

I have always been a record keeper because I’ve needed to be, I mention having to go to court multiple times. (Not because I was in trouble except for once which I will tell on myself) Every job I’ve ever had; had human resource problems I had to keep records for.

I worked my backside off providing for my children. I had three jobs and worked seven days a week. Usually. And I STILL took my children to football, cheerleading and sports. Yes. Really I did. I’m not trying to sound like Wonder Woman. I loved my children and worked hard to make a good life for us. As many times as I was married, my children were mostly raised by me as a single parent.

I am writing from my own experiences. And as is in my life, God is and will be all through it. I’m not writing TO a particular person. I’m just a record keeper.

I tell on myself before others get to. It takes their power away. Really it does.

And then when you keep bringing it up? Those offenses they were going to hit you with? It’s like smashing a peanut butter sandwich in the face of the school bully at lunch.

The thing is, I give people PLENTY to bag on me for. Those are not the things they choose though. Barking up the wrong tree.

I say I am the “woman at the well”. The Bible talks about the woman at the well. I am married now just to be clear. My fifth marriage.

I married almost every boyfriend I had. And divorced them almost as quickly. I just did not know shit from shinola and have not had grace for nonsense. I take my life and others seriously and SERIOUSLY HATE IT when others do not.

Why do I say all of that?

I have to out myself. I have to.

I’ve talked about the lies I’ve said. The one with Rebecca. Point to another.

I’ve broken the law but I’m not a law breaker.

I brought Rebecca here legally. I have navigated all of the legal channels. Our family only wanted to give Rebecca a new, fresh start.

A person who said she had been trafficked by her biological parents. I have spoken several times to the ͏w͏a͏y Rebecca’s testimony ‘developed’.

When I first talked with Rebecca. (She has since deleted the tweets)

“May I message you?”

February 14, 2015 – Valentines Day for America. That is telling us something because times and dates DO make a difference.

Rebecca and I messaged on Twitter and then went to Facebook messenger.

I have talked before that I was not Rebecca’s first US contact.

I wasn’t.

There was another lady who evidently loved Rebecca but did not have the resources to adopt her. It was the plan.

*Trigger Warning

Because Rebecca was convinced she would be the next snuff film on her 19th birthday, I needed to act with this in mind.

I had to talk to my family first. They had to agree. We share a house.

I had to raise the money to pay for her travel.

I talked with people who validated Rebecca. What I didn’t know is they were newer people who had taken Rebecca for her word of being a victim of trafficking.

I talked with Rebecca most every waking moment. I was afraid for her.

One of the people who was in the care home that I ‘spoke’ with has died. ‘No one’ knows how or why. A young girl. (I don’t have a full name.)

When I would ‘talk’ with Rebecca via Facebook messenger I knew what I knew from what she said. We did not however talk about abuse 24/7. I talked about God and my relationship with Him. I told Rebecca of the passing of my son from a drug overdose.

This was my first red flag. I had to,d Rebecca of my son’s passing and she said it uplifted her and encouraged her so much, she ran into Ann at the post office and declared to her “You will never abuse me again!”

Rebecca told the same story. To a mutual friend. Except in that recounting it was Lee Percy Rebecca ran into at the post office and declared to him “You will never abuse me again.”

Our mutual friend shared with me what Rebecca had said. I had not. She did not know and still does not know, I had heard the testimony. It was just different.

So I knew that was a dishonest testimony but in my mind and thinking, “What do you expect from this sort of history”? Gross sexual abuse and then “Care” for 4+ years.

Rebecca and I talked about asylum. I did research asylum. I told her to.

I ask myself did Rebecca get caught up in a fantasy of coming to the US, become the poster girl for child sex trafficking and it grew from there?

A big red flag was Rebecca’s attorneys first trip to the jail.

It’s an hours drive from her office. They have a stunning office BTW. Their office runs like a well oiled machine. They would be highly recommendable as immigration attorneys. Any one of the many.

Rebecca knew she was coming and she was to give her written testimony to the US Immigration court.

Rebecca would not give her testimony.

I don’t know how the incident took place. The attorney called me as planned. “She would not tell me her testimony.”

This was no small ‘prank’.

This was a big red flag.

A person could tell themselves, “she was afraid”, because that’s exactly what I told myself at the time.

The thing is, Rebecca ask the US Government for protection because of CREDIBLE FEAR of returning to the UK,


Rebecca being at the James’s A Musick Facility was a vision of things to come. Help me Jesus.

I lived away from my home for a year. With family who thought I was coming for two weeks. They still speak to me thank God. I adore them.

I visited Rebecca three days a week, driving in L.A. traffic. I saw an accident every time we got in the car.

It was an hours drive both ways for a half hour visit.

The facility is under the sheriff department. The deputies were a mixed bag. Some were mean. Some not. Some very nice.

Rebecca had officers who liked her, some who were annoyed by her and she said a couple made passes at her.

I could never get to the bottom of the two officers who Rebecca said was giving her problems. Again. There was this “sit on the edge of your seat Catherine, I will eventually give you the information I desperately need for you to have to protect me.”

It’s a pattern. The ‘people from England”, the Facebook account. They had this too. The SAME pattern.

Rebecca wrote me a letter saying “You can NEVER let ANYTHING like this happen to me AGAIN!” From the James A. Musick Facility. I’m sure I still have the letter.

She wrote it like I described it.



Why would anyone think another could fill that order? I wasn’t going to rush and say “of course not!”


Chances are good there were two officers looking for trouble. I don’t even doubt it could happen. Did it?

How could anyone get to the bottom of it when everything said was so sketchy. I can’t and won’t scramble my brain. We are talking English here with two women who neither are short on being able to speak clearly.

My husband didn’t know Rebecca had said this to me. I told him the other day. My husband is not a deep person. And he is finished with this business but he just shook his head.

When Rebecca was at Musick, it is more triggery than thinking I had 200 satanists breathing down my back.

This was huge for the love of God.

Getting taken into custody at the border is a big deal.

Of all I’ve talked about; I have not talked about when I first saw Rebecca after being taken into custody.

Help me Jesus. I had no clue what it was going to take to navigate any of this. Any step of the way. Each issue was new. God helped me. Every step of the way. Opened doors.

Every day for the year I was down south it was all about Rebecca. How was I going to fix this?

I wrote letters to my Senator. She has a file for and on Rebecca. I know how to call on the people representing us. I worked hard.

It was nothing to Rebecca. As a reader you can’t even come close to getting an accurate picture.

God was there. He showed Himself miraculously many times. I never could have stayed away from my ’99’ for this one if God had not made a way.

My husband and I are on the same page about money spent. We don’t count it. God is the best accountant there is.

Regardless of how my husband and I feel about money, gone is gone.

Our car was rear ended. In a parking lot. No harm.

My husbands blood sugar rose to over 700. No. I’m not exaggerating. The doctor himself called me. Dr’s down south don’t just call your personal cell phone. They do not have the time. They could get stuck for time.

My husband was hospitalized that time. I lost track of hospital visits. My husband. My brother in law. My niece. Me. In one years time.

My goodness. God is on the throne.

He was then and still is.

I said all of that to say I’m not a phony and I put a lot into Rebecca’s future to then become a Twitter follower and then enemy.

I’m not going to let them speak for me. So I am.

From all I said above; and former posts, it should be obvious Rebecca has an inordinate desire for attention.

Looking back? No evidence. No people. No scars. A lot of manipulation.

I’m going to hit on that. The manipulation.

With Rebecca, the fainting spells, no eating. Three trips to the E room. Social services ALL up in our business.

That is like another day at the office for Rebecca.

Trips to court. Social services all up in our business.

Ann and Lee Percy were served with papers for me to serve as guardian for Rebecca. There was no way to protect our address and cause this ‘area’ of Rebecca’s case to continue. (I won’t go in to specifics on this.)

And in between there was drama. Small and large. Self imposed. Not self imposed.

When Rebecca got to my house she still wanted everything to be about her.


How she was feeling. “Outing Ann and Lee” You Tube video’s. The book. It’s all part of what is going on with Rebecca.

Our entire household lived this.

In this time Rebecca also did a lot of good things. I would not say she didn’t. She did. I could write a lot of very good things. But that’s not why I’m writing my blogs.

To give answer for Rebecca and Team Becki.

They can give answer for themselves.

They have run this big campaign and can give answer. I think.

I have to.

This was and is so many lives here.

“Dear God.


I’m not kidding.

This is a lot.

I’m going to post this. Over 300 people have been to my blogs today. Someone on Facebook is sending people. Everyone is pretty well represented today though. Pretty much every social media platform.

~ CG

Dear Twitter

28 Sep

From my blog entitled GoFund I wrote this. I thought it deserved its own post

– CG

Go Fund Campaigns

28 Sep

I have been ask the most: What about the GoFund was fraudulent?

First I am going to write why I’m posting this blog. And the others.

This has been emotional for me as is evidenced by my blogs. I write how I talk. Ya’ll will just have to roll with it.

I was born in Texas and raised in Oklahoma. I will start talking with an Okie drawl if I am sarcastic or tired. Or talked with my sister. That will also ‘trigger’ Okie accent.

I have explained; I first started writing the blogs because I could not disseminate this situation. I had to write it down. I would not have been able to write it on paper, which would have been my preference; my writing would not have been legible. *Triggered. I wrote a blog about being triggered.

I told Rebecca and her new sponsor Wendy McAvene long ago; “The ͏w͏a͏y ya’ll do things? Triggers me. Right over the edge.” It was true.

It seems like I find fault with everything Rebecca does. And now Wendy.

The things I have hit on are not small ‘incidents’. There is NOT a colossal misunderstanding here.

Some things I understand VERY well. I GOT the message.

So now ya’ll have a COLOSSAL amount of blogs to answer to.

Along with answering to:

The US Government

The UK Government



All of the supporters on social media

The list goes on.

If there were answers to be given? They would have been given.

“Just unfollow me”?

It’s a cop out.

It’s disrespectful. Disingenuous. And an easy way out. To not answer for their actions.

‘They’ are trying to make changes surrounding the child sexual abuse issue with satanic ritual abuse as part of the campaign.


This is Wendy responding to An Open Secret “Don’t question a survivor.”

Why is there a PUSH “Don’t question a survivor.”?

I would like to know the answer to that first and foremost. I want substantial answers.

Ya’ll PUSH for this “Don’t question a survivor”. And the campaign is run by the Rebecca Percy/Wendy McAvene two and I’m telling the whole community Rebecca’s entire ‘testimony’ has zero evidence to support her testimony of ANY abuse incurred. Zero means zero. Not a scar. (There would be scars ya’ll.) Not one person from Rebecca’s history are still around to support. There is a list that I know of. I don’t know who’s not on the list. Everyone has been mistreated. I’m sorry. I didn’t do it. I’ve been trying to get this business to stop.

In that line of thought.

Rebecca said “If you don’t believe me? Just unfollow.”

I tried that.

I wrote messages. Texts. Emails. Emails to attorneys. Mutual contacts. Confrontations on Twitter. The authorities. The list goes on.

Rebecca started this huge international incident, affecting others in a DRASTIC manner and her response is “Just unfollow.”

That hasn’t worked out very well for me.

And not for lack of effort on my part.

I said “Rebecca, if you’ve done nothing less than write the president over the blog? You have not done enough.”

Rebecca is not working. What better things did she have to do than try to get the blog with a picture of an underage youth in it taken down. (The picture) zero effort was put forth outside of contact with John Robinson of the Hagman Report. THEY are the seasoned investigators. Nothing came if it. Zero. Again.

Nor could you scroll back in your Twitter feed to delete the originating tweet.

This strong campaign of satanic ritual abuse survivors exposes an underage youth beyond what had and takes zero responsibility. And then adds injury upon injury in dishonest answers to being confronted over the blog.

Is Rebecca writing Personally I didn’t think so. I’ve said who I thought it was. EL Coyote says it’s not him or his group. That’s who I thought it was. I don’t know who they are. They exposed an underage youth and not corrected it whoever they are. I turned the blog into authorities.

What I know is Rebecca found the blog one month. (So coincidental)

And then a few months later RT’s the blog WITH the picture of an underage youth in it.

Not acceptable on any level. It’s part of ya’ll doing ‘business’. No. 1000 times no. I rebuke you both in Jesus name.

I was forced to DM with Rebecca. I vehemently did not want to. I wanted the information they said they had. To add to my complaint to ICE Cyber crimes. There was no information.

Rebecca and Wendy forced me to DM and gave me nothing. There was nothing to give.


That was my grandson.


Do people remember?

Rebecca was able to contact law enforcement when she connected with an on line predator.

Rebecca was able to call law enforcement to the McAvene home. Not related to the on line predator.

Patterns. Overwhelming patterns.

Below, I Go Through GoFund Campaigns

See the Difference?

The first picture is Rebecca’s original posting on Gofund after she had moved to Texas.

The second picture, Rebecca is crediting Wendy McAvene with supporting her since she has been free from being jailed as an asylum seeker.

These are the same GoFund campaign. Rebecca developed it after she went to Texas.

When a person asks for asylum, they are taken into the care of the US government. They are jailed.

A bond of $40,000 was mandated by the Federal immigration judge. The judge was a woman and she is in the top for sending asylum seekers back to their home country. She wanted to make sure Rebecca didn’t take off. Evidently.

An immigration bond is comparable to a criminal bond; but finding a bond company is not easy. An immigration bond is high risk. I found the bond company after speaking/calling at least half a dozen.

When a person co-signs on an immigration bond it is not revocable. Once you sign as co-signer you are bound to the bond for the duration of the bond and immigration case. You will pay the monthly fee. If you do not, they just accrue it like any other bill. We always paid the bond company.

In 15 months we had a donation to cover the monthly bill three times. Once my daughter, another will remain anonymous, the third was Wendy.

When Wendy donated, they made such a production out of it.

That’s really nice. We appreciate it. What a gift.

However the attitude it was given?

I’m like

Reality is this is REBECCA’S bond.”

“However, if I am able to pay the bond off completely, I will not only be able to have the ankle monitor taken off, but I won’t have this big sum of money lingering over my head.”

Rebecca is asking for $40,000 to get the ankle monitor off of her ankle.

An ankle monitor is embarrassing to wear. People do notice if you wear one and it shows. They think you are a criminal.

Just wear different pants.

Seriously. For $40,000 you can buy some new jeans and wear those. I don’t know but it just makes good sense to me. It’s quite a savings. I’m frugal like that.

The black strap at Rebecca’s ankle is the monitor. Not part of her shoe.

This really got me. Rebecca knew she needed to have the ankle monitor on.

I can only imagine the drama had she not had an ankle monitor.

She told me once, “Do you know I’ve had a bag packed ready to run since day one?”

I thought to myself “Rebecca, I’ve had a bag packed for almost 55 years. Do you think I didn’t KNOW you had a bag packed?”

Also. In the bond of $40K.

If Rebecca had collected enough to post the bond.


It sits with the court. Sits in the US Immigration court’s bank account until the immigration case is settled. A person either gets asylum or they are sent back to their home country. That satisfies the bond. The $40K is given BACK to the person who posted it. In this case, would have been Rebecca.

So after her case was settled they would have given Rebecca $40K back. That’s a nice start to a new life somewhere. And thinking ahead. Thinking ahead is good.

If a person is asking the general public for $40K attached to a highly, emotionally written GoFund account and you don’t take the time to explain the situation correctly and openly? Sketchy. Very sketchy.

If you explain clearly and people give? It’s all good.

The second photo of Rebecca’s Texas GoFund campaign says; Wendy McAvene provided for Rebecca since her release of James A. Musick Facility. (Nothing says danger and must stay hidden from danger like posting the place you were in jail.)

The first GoFund could have flown. It states “I have been paying like I should”.

Well no. Not exactly. We paid. My husband. The retired peace officer.

I am not a paid CIA monarch, paper clip subjugate. We live on my husbands retirement as a peace officer.

However the CHANGE on the second GoFund?

No. It’s not true or correct. It’s a big fat lie. Connected to a request for $40,000.00 I could hardly believe it. I though does Rebecca think I don’t look or she just doesn’t care or what?

What about ICE? Do they (Rebecca and Wendy) think ICE is going to be ok with this?

What about other people who knew the truth? There are a few. Silent few.

If $40K was paid, Wendy McAvene would not have to pay $420 a month to the bond company.

When I first told Wendy she could make the bond payment; I was furious at something they did. I don’t remember right this minute.

I wanted her to understand, overnight you can get a $420 bill with Rebecca. That’s not pocket change.

We always paid the bond company and the attorneys. The attorneys were pro bono but a person still has to pay for quite a few things. Courier service was a big one. Phone calls. Phone calls with attorneys are not free. There are all sorts of hidden costs.

I tried to explain. However by this point, I was the enemy so nothing I said mattered.

I said, “this is how it works Wendy. You can get a bill for $420 over night. Call my husband and see if you can negotiate with him”.

I told my husband I wanted to show mercy. We weren’t going to stop paying.

They never contacted my husband.

I said “Huh.”

Ok. Well ya’ll can just take over that payment then.

They were so busy making me the enemy they did not take care of business.

What people didn’t see was the garbage surrounding the change of co-signer.

For over six weeks Rebecca and Wendy played a game about the changing of co-signer. Wendy said she would give everything for Rebecca, every cent, yet they did not take care of business with the change of co-signer to the $40K bond.

And then threatened to call police on me for not sending Rebecca’s things she left behind – on to her in Texas. For whatever reason they did not hear my message “I’m not on team Rebecca, I have a life I’m trying to put back together.”

It just didn’t matter to them. The tragedy of my household? Did not matter.

Honestly? Believers? Don’t tell people “I’m praying for you” when you can’t take the time to listen.

They said “I’m praying for you”, I believe them, I believe they prayed. And then go on to be grossly disrespectful as though it was all about Rebecca.

They made post cards up. Of Rebecca’s testimony of satanic ritual abuse to hand out. With all of Rebecca’s social media contacts.

And the ability to donate towards a victim of gross satanic ritual abuse.

I’m just telling you what I was told.

I wrote a blog about it before.

Personally speaking it grosses me out. I’m glad no one saw my face when Rebecca told me about this.

I just have a wretched stomach reaction to that post card business. This is not Easter Seals.

Children being sexually abused SHOULD BE Easter Seals but currently, it’s not.

People who are newer to following Rebecca will not have seen or put together the $$ part of this.

Three Gofunds and the total is probably over $16,000.00. Rebecca had two at my house. One raised over $5K and the other was close to $4K.

The one in Texas is the remaining balance. Im not sure of the total sums of each GoFund.

Rebecca had her business with the warming neck pads. I don’t know how much she made off of them. It was very low overhead so it was profitable and she did a beautiful job sewing the neck pads.

People send Rebecca money directly. I went on a periscope the other night of a lady who prays for people on periscope. I was reminded she had sent Rebecca a $50. Gift card.

I know we received gifts here at the house. Two years supply of homemade jam. Materials. Boxes of material.

After Rebecca had left; and been in Texas long enough for everyone to be mad, they ask after a package.

Did we get a package for Rebecca? We do not have a key to Rebecca’s mail box. We don’t know. I don’t know what was suppose to be in it.

I’m going to tell on myself here.

One of the people who had been jailed with Rebecca in immigration had been released before Rebecca. She had a job and was going to school.

She sent $100 to me for Rebecca.

My husband and Rebecca were going to the store. I told my husband to give Rebecca money and use the rest for groceries.

My husband doesn’t listen. He totally messed it up.

This is the one lie I told Rebecca. I told her we had not gotten mail from this girl.

This happened not long after Rebecca had been released from jail and we were at home. I was embarrassed and did not want to explain this mess with my husband.

Stupid huh.

I told Rebecca eventually. It’s not funny living with conviction. Mmm No.

When I told Rebecca the truth about that; the reason was the Bible says to judge yourself before God has to do it.

The Bible also says “Judgement begins in The House of God.” We. Me. Us. The church.

When you see God judging the House of God? Know the world is next up.

So I confessed that sin. To clear the air.

Looking back the money and gifts sent to Rebecca thing; I didn’t keep track.

Pressure was put on people to send gifts. I didn’t know it at the time or to the degree. The one mutual friend was to send boxes of art supplies. She never did send them. She felt pressured. She is one who is present but she is not having anything to do with this. She also was one her daughter spoke with Rebecca and it was not appreciated. I think that was a deal breaker.

Rebecca could have and should have been working. I don’t know if she had prior work experience or not. She told me she worked in a pizza parlor and did not make tips. Evidently they don’t tip in England? I don’t know. Just telling you what I was told.

I’m not sure what Rebecca was thinking when she told the one troll account on Twitter, if they were so concerned about me for them to contact me.

Twice …

I don’t appreciate this. Did NOT appreciate this.

It’s also not true she could not contact me. Howard was her go between.

And then there was this …

Here, Wendy is comparing what was done to General Flynn and the blog.

Did ya’ll read that right?

Wendy McAvene – Rebecca’s Texas sponsor compares the blog to what has happened with General Flynn.

“Kathy, don’t believe that blog. They made it up just to hurt her.”

“They are also building a website.”


I would like to have seen my face when I read that.

Wendy is @TrinityBeliever

Rebecca is @BeckiPercy

If I could make the section “Never question a survivor” neon flashing I would.

This is dangerous and it’s as though everything Rebecca and Wendy are doing is without regard to THE LAW or even common decency. I’m sure they are very decent to the people who help them. The people helping now.

Never question a survivor.

And in this tweet Wendy is tweeting the Pope.

People in this conversation. The Pope. Pope Francis.

“Please see @BeckiPercy tweets of satanic ritual abuse.

Blows. My. Mind.

Does not compute. Does not compute. Does not compute.

Rebecca and Wendy along with Fiona Barnett have accused Billy Graham of being a child rapist.

And then Wendy tweets the Pope? Wait? What?

Dear Reader,

I had been ask about the GoFund situation, to explain so I have.

I explained why I wrote this blog and the others. It’s personal,

It is most definitely personal on several levels.

This has not been a situation of gross misunderstanding as has been summarized by some.

I personally speak very plainly as you can see. The messages I have sent are not confusing.

The problem it seems to me is Rebecca and Wendy did not regard what I had to say.

They have twisted what I said.

Labeled me as an abusive person.

I have done all but beg to be left out. It wasn’t heard.

Rebecca said she was sure I would make everything about her.

She got that right. Now. After they played games with my life for months.

Both of them.

How nice.

No. Really. I didn’t need this.

It is wrong.

There is everything off the charts wrong with Rebecca Percy and now Wendy McAvene.

I responded to someone asking for help.

This is not acceptable in any manner.

This is not high school.

It’s truly bizarre. I see MANY acting like this. Under real life circumstances. Rebecca and Wendy are not the only ones.

*Prayer Warriors take note.

Below are the screen shots of the Twitter exchange. Another one. I couldn’t believe it.

Trinity Believer. … …

I have screen shots.

These are not small misunderstandings.

They are all evidence of gross abuse. By Rebecca Percy and Wendy McAvene.

They don’t like my delivery. They think I’m abusive.

“You people” have zero idea of where I’ve been. Zero idea.

For starters?

I have to take responsibility for my part.

I testified before the US Federal Immigration Court.

Staying away from my home for a year. So I could visit with Rebecca three days a week. Our BMW which was paid for is now parked. The brakes are shot. We went through a set of tires. Break downs along side the freeway. In L.A. traffic.

It wasn’t cost free to live away from my home for a year.

I’m not complaining. I made the choices.

However now?

I have no idea what ALL Rebecca and Wendy are trying to do. I don’t know. Nor do I care what their motives are.

What I SEE is bad. It’s all bad.

Whatever Ron McAvene did I hope it was worth 35 years of his life. To become the next Twitter questionnaire.

There is STILL an active GoFund. I just searched Rebecca’s name on Duck Duck go

It comes up fourth in line.

The is the website Ron McAvene bought Rebecca. She said.

That GoFund WAS linked to our bank account. It no longer is. People HAVE donated to it since it was in the Texas bank account.

I harped on this active GoFund on An Open Secret Twitter feed awhile back. It’s still there. The active GoFund is still there. It will probably come down in 5 … 4 … 3 …

I feel sure people are going to be concerned about the big emotional button this blog will push.

I can’t help it.

And everyone is going to be just fine.

God is on the throne.

He desires mercy above sacrifice. I’m on board with that.

I have shown mercy.

And been shown none.

And even though I have brought forth a lot? I have shown mercy.

In questioning myself about this situation. What happened. How it happened.

Two things stood out.


The blog post I read. The org legitimized Rebecca’s testimony by posting it. I checked them out. A little.

Second was NSPCC a children’s organization in the U.K.

They also legitimized Rebecca. She was a keynote speaker at a conference in London. I saw text messages.

I contacted the person who’s name Rebecca gave me at the NSPCC and Rebecca’s attorney negotiated with them for a statement for the hearing for asylum before the Immigration Federal Court. I don’t know what the outcome was. I don’t know what or if there was a statement. I know NSPCC is not going to stick their neck out.

So in looking back those were a couple of things.

That’s another reason why I am sounding alarm bells.

Rebecca had legitimacy to me because of these two contacts.

WHO are WE legitimizing on social media?

I have addressed in a blog; the necessity to NOT sound like a crack pot on social media. Our endangered children NEED people who have it together.

Dear Twitter,

Could you please send us the Twitter activity of @BeckiPercy @TrinityBeliever – their Twitter activity for the past 18 months?

Twitter activity to include 1) Tweets posted 2) deleted tweets 3) Direct messages

Also to include any other related activity to the social media platform of Twitter and @BeckiPercy @TrinityBeliever


9th Circuit Supreme Court of Appeals, Immigration Division.

WHAT are ya’ll thinking over there? On those Twitter feeds?

Dear Child Advocate,

Thank you for your interest in the project we are finally able to launch on behalf of sexually abused children. This truly marks history for children endangered by childhood sexual abuse.

Thank you for your interest, we regret to say this position has been filled.

P. S. We have changed our name, phone number and location ~ Thank you,

The Team


Dear Reader. Your social media sounds bat shit crazy so we don’t know you. Never heard of you. Don’t call us. We won’t call you.

Don’t think it doesn’t happen.

What does our social media say about us?

Help us Jesus.

Ya’ll have put us all in a horrible situation. If y’all haven’t figured this out by now?

We are all broke now. The McAvenes are taking a loss on their home. Wendy quit her job. Rebecca ? Ron? Where is Ron McAvene? (Someone ask Fake Becki).

I’m going to post this and if people don’t think this has cost me? It has. This is hurtful. People are hurting. And people are not being honest. Still.

I have written about working for the school district with difficult children.

I would tell those difficult children; “If you behave well? We will have a good time. I know how to have a good time. If you do not? You will have a bad day, because I am not. I am not going to let you jack up the class, school or my day.”

I have said that countless times. In school. In Children’s Church. To my own children. And beyond.

Never on an International scale.

Dear Rebecca and Wendy,

This IS about endangered children and your actions are not helping.

This is bad leadership and ya’ll are trying to be leaders. No.

I rebuke you Rebecca Percy, you Wendy McAvene, I rebuke you both in Jesus name.

~ CG

Kidnapping *TRIGGER WARNING *Edit

23 Sep

This is a true *Trigger Warning. NOT click bait. Please be advised and practice self care.

From this comment by anonymous:

It looks like the fake Becki reddit account has been deleted.

<br />

<br />I have a request though Catherine: from my opinion the biggest revelation about how nasty Rebecca really is came from your posts about the kidnapping. There’s no doubt in my mind that she set it all up to play you.

<br />

<br />Could you possibly do a blog detailing how these “people” came into contact with you, how the relationship grew and the circumstances around the “kidnapping”? It would be really helpful for myself and others who read your blog to know more about this.

<br />

<br />God bless.

I will talk about the kidnapping because this took a huge toll on my already stretched way thin family.

The kidnapping was the catalyst to Rebecca leaving California.

I don’t recall how long Rebecca and I left the house. In terror. To stay with someone else. We were gone over two weeks. I’m really bad with time.

Rebecca first received word someone had been missing. For two days, three nights.

We were in prayer for the situation.

I think it was the third evening, earlier evening, they were allowed to come home.

‘They’ is a She.

At first there was confusion if there was a sexual assault. Like she was going to say there was and thought better of it. (Check)

Then there was confusion who did it.

I’m like “really?”

I thought Rebecca’s parents had all of these connections, they are trafficking satanist’s and Im telling ya’ll it was them? (Check)

According to this person, (she) there is a building she was taken to. Where there is a wall dedicated to Rebecca. An entire wall like a shrine type thing but the pictures are wicked, mostly, I guess. Top to bottom. Wicked pictures. Of Rebecca. Of varying ages was my understanding.

A collage. Floor to ceiling. It was described as a sort of shrine wall dedicated to wicked pictures of Rebecca and horrid situations. (My words).

Evidently there was no avoiding seeing this wall.

See here we are again. All focus on Rebecca. (Check)


From what I was told she, the kidnapped victim, was secured to a table and made to watch pornographic videos of Rebecca. On a loop. Non stop. Like a torture.

As was related to me the videos were varying. Wicked. Certain people were identified in video. She was relating this because she was confirming Rebecca wore a ‘go pro’ type camera on her head.

If you haven’t done the math? This was approximately 8 to ten years ago from Rebecca’s testimony. I have to agree with the website it seems highly unlikely.

This is a screen shot from

They make valid points with sarcasm. I can’t disagree with the message though.

I did describe before the manner which I received information from the Facebook account. The ‘she’ of this.

They/she was not forthcoming with information. She was insistent she wanted to tell me, wanted me to know what happened but words failed her. It could take up to three days to receive this information she wanted me to have.

All of these horrific crimes yet no one can say “anal sex” or something similar.

The focus was always “what Rebecca went through”. She had seen it on video and it was horrific.

The direction of conversation was always back to Rebecca.

To interject here. While I’m having these ‘conversations’ I’m wondering where trauma for herself comes in.

If you are kidnapped and held against your will for two days, three nights, caused to watch these horrific, graphic videos on a loop, where does it come out? The conversation was always “what Rebecca went through.” (Check)

By the time we returned to the house, Rebecca was sleeping with me. In my room. In my bed. The second party to these conversations from England was insistent Rebecca must go to my room. They told me they were sure my elderly husband wouldn’t mind sleeping in Rebecca’s room. I was NOT keen on the idea of having Rebecca in my room. I needed space. The 2nd party was insistent. She was telling me from England “You need to do this.” The End. (Check) I complied but I can tell you right here is literally where I stopped brushing my teeth.

I felt my personal space kept getting infringed and it was getting to me. I wasn’t unaware and it was a decided choice. (Dr. Danielle?)

Rebecca was in my bed until she left for Texas. (Check)

It was a kidnapping but it was all about Rebecca. (Check) The floor to ceiling collage of pictures through the years. The ‘loop’ of videos.

I don’t know what other people think their reaction would be if they are a kidnap victim. I don’t know how I would react under a kidnapping circumstance, but I’m thinking this wasn’t it. By a long shot.

Reportedly this crime was reported to authorities. According to this accounting the authorities said “Oh, you had sex with a boyfriend and stayed away. Your religion is against it.”

There were a lot of religious connections.

There are a couple of other things I won’t detail here.

I do think this is going to get sorted by authorities somewhere.

I was told how the kidnapping allegedly took place but I will leave that as well.

There was an adamant push to have me leave my home and strike off with Rebecca. That’s why I said in the one blog. “These people (two) were prophesying over my life.” This insistence I leave my home. In Christian world, that’s a big deal. A Believer prophesying over your life.

I wasn’t having it.

That’s also why I’ve said, I could navigate the the Federal Immigration court, obtain very reputable attorney’s, Rebecca being jailed for a year and bond to get her out but as soon as ‘these people’ from England and Wendy get involved I’m a blithering idiot. All were in agreement I was not doing enough for Rebecca.


(Check) (Check) (Check)

This was the message I last sent to the Facebook account. They never responded and the account has been disabled or I can no longer message them.

I sent this to them after Rebecca accused ME of abuse.

I have ask and am asking again now. “Rebecca, please detail abuse from my household.”

People can not disrupt people’s lives like this and have no accountability.

I think there are authorities somewhere who can investigate the entire thing.

Probably ya’ll have figured out why I write (Check) after some of these things I write. It’s because I ‘felt checked’ at these things.

This didn’t happen over a couple of weeks. This started in October. I sent the above message January 11.

All of these things occurred. My house was in foreclosure. No electricity. A divorce after 11 years of marriage for my daughter and grandson.

The complete break down of all I had accomplished with Rebecca. Gone; or on its way to destruction.

And people thought of me as a Twitter follower and my family some sort of Twitter side show. Huh.

To further more describe how this went with The Facebook account:

I received countless messages from this Facebook account. “Pray for Rebecca.” “Rebecca is having a hard time.” “Rebecca has told Wendy about her baby”.

I responded. Every time. I prayed. And responded according to the message sent. Night. Day. I listened. I talked. I responded. Every time. And it was a lot.

I knew this name was a name supposedly linked to Rebecca’s past. That’s why I gave it the time and credibility I did.

Where are these people now? Why is it they could not buy a burner phone and give me a call substantiating their testimonies? Why? I can’t fathom it myself. I can’t.

I do think this will get investigated and in that investigation- electronic accessibility.

Below is the message I sent to people who knew about a ‘kidnapping’.


Before I was a middle aged grandmother, wife, mother, gardener etc. Just serving God.

Now? I am an enemy to the community combatting child satanic ritual abuse and probably a paid/monitored agent from the CIA. (Check) (Check) (Check)

Ya’ll are going to have to get a much better grip on how ya’ll explain me. If there weren’t huge ramifications for doing so, I would inform my entire history of people and let THEM tell you.

From the tweeting I have seen on The Dark Side, there is no in between. You either buy their whole bill of goods with no evidence or you are a CIA monarch, paper clip activated subjugate.

As I perceive this? It’s like a very serious game people have been ‘playing’ which is why reactions are so inappropriate. It’s why some are hiding. I think. And in my personal situation? I don’t appreciate it.

People reading can not get an understanding of the emotional toll. A kidnapping was not traumatic enough (for them). Further manipulation needed to be made. And it was. Emotional buttons pushed like a mad person. (Get it?)

The end game? Rebecca was in my room, then on to Texas. Mission accomplished.




If people have wonder why I wrote so many blogs about this? Read them. They tell you.

There are changes trying to get made by what I call the Dark Side of Twitter – they are dangerous, inviting trouble.

I’m going to say this from a survivors perspective.

People are going to think what they will.

One danger I haven’t talked about are the ‘flashbacks’.

I know this is hallowed ground to some people. The flashbacks.

Rebecca would be in a trance of sorts for two and three days at a time. This was consistent. Up. Down. Days. Days. Days spent having ‘flashbacks’.

She said she was having flashbacks.

This was new. Nothing had ever been mentioned before and I have 14 months of letters while Rebecca was jailed. 14 months of visitation and phone calls while she was in jail. Nothing about the flashbacks. Nothing about satanic ritual abuse. No fainting. None of these ‘manifestations’ during that time.

Then we get to my house and what?

Ya’ll can and will think what you want; but any flashback I ever had were hurtful. Extremely. It hurt my heart, my spirit, my mind etc. They are destructive because it’s a replay of injuries received by a person.

I don’t want or need one. Not even one.

Days? Days?

This is suppose to be graphic. Graphic images of people and children being harmed under the most horrific of conditions.

People. Children. Animals. Dead children.

Rebecca wanted my undivided attention to hear and be with her during these ‘flashbacks’.

The very idea sends me reeling.

What in the WORLD are ya’ll thinking?

One of the focus’ from ‘the Facebook account’ was Rebecca and the flashbacks. It was from ‘good authority’ God was doing something different with Rebecca in regards to the flashbacks. (The same authority relegating Rebecca to my bed) Rebecca needed to go through this. They were indulging this. Wanted me to. There was a lot of pressure put to me to think this was something God was doing.

No. I’m not having it.

Rebecca always tried to convince me she had no control over what her mind did. What she thought about. It was a battle.

If people don’t know they SHOULD “take captive every thought” like the Bible says? Read The Word. It tells you.

They’re over there on a The Dark Side trying to rewrite everything ya’ll.




This contact and conversation was all after ‘the kidnapping’. And the focus was always Rebecca and how I could improve myself for her. To meet her needs.

As though I had no needs of my own. As though I had no other family. Everything was Rebecca.

There are people wondering out loud “What next?”

I’m adding this next bit because of the ‘movements’ to make these changes within ‘The Community’ of satanic ritual abuse survivors and how people should be responding.

Moving on … ….

Next …

And then you have Dr. Danielle ‘wondering’ about some ‘altered state’ Jesus may have brought.

I’m not trying to teach Dr. Danielle’s lesson here. It’s the general idea. It’s dangerous.

Do ya’ll see danger in this?

Dr. Danielle has endorsed Sarah Ashcraft fully. I saw the tweets.

Dr. Danielle: I saw you say you have ‘spoken’ with Sarah Ashcraft to the degree you can endorse her fully.

Dr. Danielle,

Could you please describe the ‘conversation’ you have had with Sarah Ashcraft to cause such a solid endorsement please?

When you say “you spoke with her”? Are you talking about physically? Did you have a phone call? Was this through DIRECT MESSAGE only?

I was not having this business. Not. Having it.

Not. Taking. Part.

Dr. Danielle held out some of Sarah Ashcraft art and said “This is NOT normal!”

Dear Dr. Danielle,

Anyone can and will come up with dark art if they are spending a lot of time studying or observing dark subject matter.

Dear Dr. Danielle PHD,

I’m sorry but it’s not hard. Really it’s not. As an artist it would probably take me about half an hour of interest in dark subject matter to come up with dark paintings.

I wouldn’t try but I feel pretty sure I could.

There are emotional buttons being pushed all over the place. I see tweets that are sent out with no *Trigger Warning.

Dear Lord.

Some of these tweets are shocking.

I saw someone ask Fiona for details of abuse. They weren’t a troll. Just ONE OF THE THOUSANDS WHO FOLLOW AND SUPPORT!

Her answer was crude and disrespectful.

Fiona herself said she has had every survivor she tried to help turn against her. – Her words. Not mine.

Dear Fiona,

I am going to write a blog stating compelling questions people should be asking themselves.

A blog discussing pertinent questions to ask and have answers for.

Dear Fiona,

I would like to ask you, in the future, if you could speak to the events surrounding your visit to the United States? I saw you said you were ready to hang everything up but decided to return.

Can you speak to the U.S. visit and any results please?

As I read all of this back to myself? I have to disassociate. I can’t put myself back to the time if the kidnapping because it’s too much. (Dr. Danielle PHD?)

For Rebecca and anyone else to disrespect the effort I put forth, along with my family, it’s too much.

I don’t suffer from victim mentality. These blogs are to show people from my perspective. This whole Rebecca Percy is Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, VOAT, You Tube And I don’t know where else. I have screen shots or otherwise to back up what I write.

I thank God, I have all of the paperwork to back myself up here.

I have Rebecca’s diary. I don’t know what all is in it. (I don’t care what people’s personal opinion is of me having it either.)I have the 14 months of letters from jail between Rebecca and myself. Even though I visited 3 days a week, I still wrote a letter most every day. I have all of those things. I have screen shots of every conversation. Every one. I’ve always been a record keeper. These were important conversations.

I’m going to close this with this:

The Twitter exchange between Rebecca Percy and An Open Secret was the slap in my face I needed to put things together.

I’m going to briefly speak to it.

Rebecca had evidently ask An Open Secret for help.

An Open Secret is the Twitter account for the movie An Open Secret which was a multi-million dollar documentary about pedophelia in Hollywood.

The Twitter account is run by the two guys who made the movie An Open Secret.


I feel like I need a flashing neon sign.

In Hollywood.


I wonder how much money it has cost them since?

The guys from An Open Secret, Gabe and Matt have interviewed a lot of survivors for their documentary.

They responded to Rebecca. “How can we help you?” “Do you have anyone who can help us to substantiate anything” anyone. Anything.


Rebecca blew them off.

She would do that to me too.

I didn’t know about the exchange between Rebecca and An Open Secret until that night on Twitter.

I defended Rebecca TO An Open Secret that night.

Then I saw where there had been this exchange between them and said “No. This is not right.”

I’ve said it before, If you get people from Hollywood asking if they can help you and you are in desperate need of help and you blow them off? Off the charts improper response. In my estimation.

It caused me to go back. Try to investigate. Substantiate some things for my self. Ya’ll can read the blogs.

I came up with nothing. Or a bad report.

This exchange between An Open Secret and Rebecca brought The Hagman Report in.

Did ya’ll see that part?

I mean ZERO disrespect to Jon Robinson from The Hagman Report nor any disrespect to The Hagman Report.

From Rebecca, while she was at my house just before she left to go to Texas, The Hagman Report offered us 24/7 security. Because of the kidnapping and threat.

It was The Hagman Report to provide a private investigator to get to the bottom of the

Jon Robinson defended Rebecca on Twitter with the support of all of his followers.

And now he is mentioned in this situation and An Open Secret gets crossways with Hagman Report.

An Open Secret did an interview with Hagman Report before this exchange. I haven’t seen the interview.

Now they are crossways with each other. See how this works? It just keeps growing.

People are furious with An Open Secret. Confrontational on Twitter. Tried to discredit and defame them.

Two guys who put their hard earned millions into a movie combatting Hollywood child molesters and pedophiles.

I understand An Open Secret well. They aren’t going to spend all day defending themselves on Twitter against an EXTREMELY sketchy Twitter account claiming satanic ritual abuse who has been so disrespectful to them.

Block and roll. That’s what I do too.

And with this idea of dissension in mind?




I will take care of my business. I am taking care of my business. I’m not asking for, nor do I need any sort of help. And legally speaking: This is a legal disclaimer.

This is not a game.

If ya’l think this is my life?


It’s not.

I’ve had a lot to do.

And my family is in recovery.

And Jesus is coming back. And I am cognizant of that. I’m looking forward to it. Get ready. Be ready.

Jesus IS coming back just like He has already been here. It’s recorded. It’s true and it IS more important than any of this.

#Word – CG

This was the opportunity I had, in June to ask about ‘the people’ in England from the Facebook account.

Rebecca no longer knows a thing about these ‘friends’ who’s lives were forever altered by a kidnapping and horrific assault.

On June 26 after forcing me to direct message with her, Rebecca understood on line danger in regards to keeping the people in England safe. But my family? Not so much.

This was the exchange between Rebecca and myself in my struggle to get she and Wendy to provide me with evidence they had turned the blog in to authorities. A picture of a minor. From my family.

Rebecca does not trust authorities


The last message the profile on Facebook messaged me. December 14 it says

~ CG

More of the Same IS More of the Same, *edit #2

19 Sep

Evidently there is someone setting random fires in our area. They killed an elderly woman 3 days ago.

In trying to put together who would put fire to my back porch, I told my husband, this is just more of the same.

It’s more of the same of what Rebecca has brought into my household.

It’s not my fault Rebecca’s behavior spiraled out of control. She hasn’t had to do many of the things she has done and at any given time could have responded in a manner which showed she took responsibility for her actions and it wasn’t going to happen anymore.

No. It’s not happened yet.

Rebecca is very troubled and as ya’ll are sitting there screaming in your heads ” Why don’t you leave this poor troubled girl alone?!? For the love of GOD why can’t you stop?

I will go through it.

1) Rebecca is a grown woman. She is not a child. She lived in care of the U.K. social services for 4/5 years before she came to my house. There is little which could have been the greatest about that. Rebecca had her allies and foes. She battled with them I know. It took a degree of intellect and savvy to negotiate social services.

2) Rebecca has all of her faculties. She has made good choices and bad choices. The bad choices directly hurt my family. Time after time, after time.

3) Rebecca and I have had many conversations about internet safety including the ones I am calling her out ON LINE, IN PUBLIC and her response is lackluster to say the least. Disrespectful and hateful is the more accurate description. Dangerous. Increasingly dangerous. For my family anyway.

4) Rebecca has more reason than ANYONE on the internet to be respectful and law abiding. If she blows it, she goes back to England. Those are very real consequences of all of the on line activity.

5) I’m throwing this in here. I can’t comprehend this behavior. It’s insane. At some point someone should have realized the collision course and put a stop to it. “Dear Wendy, has Rebecca blamed you yet? It’s coming.”

6) If you have dominated and manipulated an entire family for over three years? You do have a modicum of responsibility and the contempt you have shown has further endangered my family.

7) No means no.

8) Stop means stop

9) A social media presence that has exposed at least one minor to the degree the Becki Percy Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and who knows where else, is repugnant and counterproductive to anything I see informational for anyone of anything.

10) I have been told from very reliable sources; OTHER people have counseled with Rebecca about reporting the crimes, supposedly committed against her to authorities who would actually do something. Interpol. Interpol is one. Nothing. No follow up. No report.

11) Rebecca doesn’t even report the nasty blog which was the catalyst to my confronting Rebecca on social media.

Not only did she not report it, her sponsor, new mum, Wendy did not report it.

I can do such a great thing for Rebecca by rescuing her from certain death and deliver her to the mum she always wanted. And Wendy is reciprocal. And yet they do nothing.

12) And then Rebecca and Wendy played their game of making me DM with them for the information I needed to report the blog myself. They thought it wise to jerk me around and give me nothing. They both lied. They have both been caught out.

13) I have written multiple blogs describing these events in my house. High drama, action packed. And DESTRUCTIVE!

14) I look at the McAvenes. Wendy has thrown in her wedding vows to a 35 year marriage in less than a year. And everything that goes along with it. How long until the divorce is final Wendy? Because that’s how long it took for a family of 35 years to become social media fodder. We have to allow for the time for this situation to have blown up and get to the place of a divorce also. Truly one of the quickest divorces I have witnessed. And we know how many I have had.

I won’t guesstimate but …. … there is just a lot WAY off about this Wendy.

I don’t need to talk to Ron McAvene to figure; he hardly recognizes his wife. I don’t know the particulars and Wendy may have an irreconcilable difference on her hands there. IDK but I can tell you Wendy, it’s not me, but there are people waiting with baited breath to look at your divorce papers. High drama and action packed.

Why do they want to look at your divorce papers Wendy? Because they want to know if Ron McAvene has had mention of any charges against him. That’s all.

You can make your divorce papers private from what I understand. You might want to consider that. I’m hoping you ladies will spare your husband something.

15) The elephant hanging over this situation? If Rebecca goes back to the U.K. she COULD very well be prosecuted for allegation making. It’s more criminal in the U.K. to be an allegation maker than it is to actually commit an assault against a child. She could be prosecuted for this and she knows it. She knows.

16) If Rebecca knows all of these things? And she does. She has all of her faculties.

Whatever ya’ll think should be done? Ya’ll need to start doing it.

Since Rebecca has been out of James A. Musick Facility, the detention center she was jailed in for 14 months; for people new to my blog; since Rebecca has been out; I have had multiple people ‘weigh in’ on what they would do given my same circumstances.

Well here is your chance. ‘Whoever’ you are. Here is your chance to fix this problem in a manner you would choose. You don’t have all of the information I have, and trust me there is, believe it or not MUCH more that’s not getting said here. You don’t have the same information I have but here you go. Fix this.

In the mean time this is just more of the same.

Someone setting FIRE to my back porch in the image of a cross is just more of the insanity surrounding Rebecca. Just more of the same.

Except I thought that’s what was getting left behind?

Rebecca could not possibly be lying about her experiences. I’ve seen her videos!

Go plead with Bombard’s to go through Rebecca’s videos. She has been ask before. Try again.

Go watch them again.

Rebecca, I would ask for you to make new videos to explain your new truth. You have been extremely hateful towards my family and honestly, you are still capitalizing on our effort to help you. I would appreciate being left out.

Any of my friends and family? Including one of my ex husbands? They would like for you to unfriend them and block on any social media. Some have been afraid to say or do anything to not make the situation worse but they have been sorely tempted to respond to some of your posts.

Truly, you are not going to want that to happen.

Are ya’ll still thinking this is God’s will? It’s not.

It wasn’t God’s will for contention to start. It isn’t God’s will for contention to continue.

People are going to be held accountable. In this life AND the hereafter.

I’m not saying people aren’t going to Heaven. I know they will. This is my fruit. It ain’t going to hell. As bad as this is? I haven’t lost sight of Salvation or my responsibility to my Father.

Can I just tell you? The Holy Spirit is the ACCOUNT’ER of ALL Account’ers. He keeps record. He knows what’s up.

We are rewarded for things we do in this lifetime. Does Holy Spirit not know that?

Some of our works are going to be burned up. How do you suppose that is? Because there is no record? Huh.

Holy Spirit convicts me of sin in my life. How does He do that if He doesn’t know.

Is Holy Spirit just waving around keeping record of everyone’s good works and checking off those sins? At the end of the day the record is zero to zero. Right?

Because that’s not what is happening here.

I don’t even pray in English for this situation because Holy Spirit And I have a deal.

I will NOT pray anything that may come from my flesh. If I am LIVID and praying in tongues The Holy Spirit knows I want nothing but Sweet, Holy Spirit filled Prayer. Holy Spirit knows I don’t care if my flesh is screaming, I do not want a Him to pray about my screaming flesh but for The Goodness of God and the furtherance of His Kingdom.

This has been a hurtful situation and I will NOT stand before God, All knowing and not have tried every way I know how.

I’m not blameless. But I’ve tried.

Nurse Wendy thought I had not said “I’m sorry” to Rebecca as convincingly as I should have, or maybe not at all. IDK.

I have. I’ve said I was sorry when I should have.

If sobbing wasn’t convincing? What can I tell you?

I don’t appreciate someone trying to ‘strong arm’ more “I’m sorry.” from me. Thanks … and stop.

I was thinking this morning ya’ll must be having a great time over on the Dark Side of Twitter.

I don’t know. I’m not watching currently.

I did see a post with Sarah Ashcraft in it. She and I have mutually blocked; but I saw her handle in a VERY deep conversation about Yom Kippur. Help me Jesus. The Holiest Day of the Jewish people. I didn’t read it.

But I was thinking ya’ll are probably talking amongst yourselves and adding up all of your followers between each of you thinking “Hahahaha she thought this was just Rebecca’s followers. She has ours to contend with also.”

I wish this were funny.

We could have a great time if all of this were funny and not such high stakes.

This is suppose to be about endangered children.

It’s about the children.

Not grown adults who are seeking the attention of as many followers as they can on social media.

It’s also about trafficking.

Do you remember the last time trafficking of children was mentioned?

Oh, well, Catherine, you have terrified poor Rebecca to death and she has been TERRIFIED of posting on social media! EVEN FAKE BECKI SAID SO!

Rebecca Percy has changed social media habits after I made mention on my blog direct messaging was a huge red flag and dangerous.

I posted the incident where Rebecca DM’d seven of my followers asking them to ask me to hug her. IN ONE DAY! I got 6 messages. One didn’t want to get involved and I heard about them a year later.

It’s NOT that big of a deal. Messaging 7 people if Rebecca needed a hug. She is a survivor of satanic ritual abuse and doesn’t know how to act socially. Small mistake.

It is a big deal. These were my followers. Not ‘ours’. My life separate from Rebecca. It was a gross invasion of my privacy. Seven times.

I don’t know the tone of all of the direct messages but having been present and interacting with Rebecca through the day I had no idea she messaged seven people. It takes some time to do that. What did she say? I don’t know.

After that it was like Rebecca wanted me to feel like a social retard or something. I was some sort of emotional retard I did not hug on command.

So much drama for no reason. Except Rebecca wanted the attention and sympathy of the person she DM’d. I talked with two enough, I heard that much.

Carrying on,

In real time, let me explain how I’ve noticed this works.

Dear So and So Bail Bond,

If you had a person wearing your ankle monitor mugging citizens or robbing houses, you would revoke that persons bond. Hands down your company is not going to leave themselves liable for that sort of scenario.

Dear So and So Bail Bond,

You have credible testimony your company has a similar scenario.

I made this contact because really, really, really, I don’t care who you are OR who you think you are; if you go on Reddit and post that post? Get out. Seriously. Get out.

I made that contact and now all of a sudden Fake Becki is silent. Deathly silent. I called Fake Becki out writing a blog about it.

I’m going to interject this here. These are my people. My friends after my son passed of a drug overdose. I’m not going into detail but I COULD have people write letters to show you what I was doing before.

This guy. Alcohol. Bad, bad.

But … ….

this guy? He once knew God.

This guy knew how to pray.

I don’t know how he got to where he was as an alcoholic, we never discussed it that I remember. I love this guy. I don’t know where he is or how he is, not well last I heard. But I pray. He WIL be ready when it’s his time. There is no doubt in my mind.

The Holy Spirit knew this man. The Bible says the name of the backslider is written on the backside of God’s hand.

Our Father, which art in Heaven, Hallowed Be His Name, He has this mans name written on the backside of HIS Hand, along with EVERY other backslider, so He sees it always. Get it?

This man will be in my prayer list until one of us dies.

This boy. I wil always pray for him too. This boy with the big earring and wild eyes (it tells you something. Beware.) He is the boy my son took the shirt off his back for.

The night he died.


That boy said “Hey Michael. I like your shirt.”

My son said “You like this shirt?”

“You like this shirt?”

He took the shirt off his back and gave it to this boy.

So that’s what I was doing. Following up on what my son started. He died/passed the very night he gave his shirt to this boy.

I’m going to write a post about the Home Going of my son. It’s a very powerful testimony. God is good.

I’m not boasting am I? No. I’m just telling people these accounts because God can and will get glory for it. I’m just telling, God is all in my life. He still is.

All of these new people into my life. Help. Me. Jesus.

Now my prayer life just RAMPED up and I have a HOST of new people to add to my “Household”.

Jesus said, “Who is your Brother? Who is your Sister?”

I have taken that to mean there are people who are my Brother and Sister not by familial blood but The Royal Blood of The Lord Jesus Christ. I take it to mean I can ADD people to my “Household” and I believe God honors and appreciates I add people daily. This time by the hundreds.

All of the new people from these interactions, those reading etc. I’ve put them on my list. A HUGE influx in my “Household”.

Because I pray and because I have been taught and because The Word SAYS I can? I just decided this is how I live my life.

My Twitter followers have always been part of my household. Holy Spirit knows these things.

I’ll write a blog about how this came to be.

Some people, although added, I can’t watch. I can’t watch some of this business. Below is a. Example:

I saw Dr. Danielle say something on Twitter, “wondering about an altered state.”. I don’t know what she was trying to say but from what I read, my reaction was visceral.

As a survivor of the trauma I experienced, I have many times been in an “altered state” because my little mind just COULD NOT take in the abuse.

It is my intent for the ‘altered state’ to not revisit me. Ever.

But that isn’t what happens.

Whenever there is trauma, it’s like a train hit.

Do ya’ll think I’ve not been hit by a train? I’ve lost track of how many in the past three years.

I know ya’ll have talked with Rebecca. Do ya’ll talk about the 9th circuit court of appeals?

Because This Case? It’s sitting with the 9th circuit. They are and have been considering giving Rebecca asylum or this would have been settled already.

They evidently have been considering offending the U.K. government on Rebecca’s behalf.

Ya’ll ever talk about that?

If the US government gives Rebecca asylum, it will make the news. It will get picked up. There are people in immigration that a ruling like this would open doors for them. It would/could be a new angle to win asylum status. It would be huge.

There are women’s groups. Child advocate. Etc. it would be huge.

I would promote it. Sure I would. It’s ground breaking.

What are the odds? What are the odds a 9th circuit court clerk is going to look at social media and think this is a good idea.

If they look at Rebecca and her group? What will they see?

And then there is …

ICE checks social media. They find people that way. If a person doesn’t know? I’ve reported on it several times on my Twitter feed. Ya’ll watch my Twitter and blogs, don’t lie and say you haven’t.

This may be something which could be seen:

I don’t know if Sarah has gone back to hashtagging the crap out of all of her tweets or not, I figure it will only last for so long, but she stopped hashtagging the crap out of her tweets after my blog called her out on it. *Coincidence. I’m sure.

Catherine, you’re such a shrew. Is it any wonder things have gone the way they have? You are the big girl. The grown, mature adult. In all your background? You let this happen?

And then there is this:

I’m just a narcissist that has been triggered, decided I want to be in the forefront here. Just trying to draw attention to myself in my last poor sloppy days as a senior citizen.

Does this come close?

Let me take the opportunity to spit at the feet of people thinking this or a similar version … ….virtually speaking of course.

Really. If people aren’t asking themselves some pretty compelling questions concerning whether this is a good idea, God or any of the above? Then I don’t know what else there is.

Some plant. Some water. God gives the increase.

God will give the increase. WHERE will He increase?

Fires set to my back porch, kidnappings, disappearing witnesses, no witnesses, no pictures, no evidence, no scars, manipulation. Disappearing witnesses. Friends who have disappeared. Not just a couple. There are a few I haven’t mentioned. The lies. Fraudulent Gofunds. (I’m going to make a blog explaining eventually.) The list goes on.

It’s more of the same.

It’s more of the same but it escalated to an arson investigation. Fire people take arson seriously.

I was cleaning my porch to put HIGHLY FLAMMABLE linseed oil on my porch. Had they waited two days they could easily have been killed. It could have been an explosion for the love of God!

You’re just sitting there setting this up to LOOK like it may be connected to Rebecca and the Dark Side, Catherine!

I can’t even put into words how absurd an idea. Absurd and extremely offensive.

First and foremost? My family did not need another reason to be afraid.

Second that’s absurd and offensive.

The CARR Fire? Surrounded by fire and smoke for how long and I just thought “what the hey, I need some more garbage to stir up so how better than to BURN a cross on my back porch?”

Because fire doesn’t get out of hand ya’ll.

I mean hey! I was POSITIVE there would be no escaping embers to catch the entire yard on fire.

Our fire is/was under investigation and I/we are investigated thoroughly. They brought the law enforcement officers from the fire department and they could have/ probably would have charged us. Arson is not a prank.

I’ve said all of that to say this:

This last bit? A fire at my back porch?

It’s more of the same.

How does it get to be more of the same if it Isn’t PART of more of the same?

– CG


Millions of Jews pause their lives to honor Yom Kippur traditions 

18 Sep

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IDF officer who shot down Syrian plane speaks of tension before missile launch

18 Sep

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What I am Saying and What I’m Not.

18 Sep

I want to say I know all of the horrors which get spoken of by what I call The Dark Side of Twitter and otherwise; all of these things happen.

The Bible speaks of “don’t pass your children through fire.” It needed to be said AND recorded or it would not have. I’ve looked through the Bible for the answers about all of the questions I had about child sexual abuse etc. I wanted to know what The Word of God says. Not only how strongly The Word addresses the issue but how many times too. (It’s a clue.)

I don’t have my notes in front of me so Im not going to try to do what I studied justice here.

Suffice it to say, I was satisfied with what I read.


I’m putting this out there because someone may have the answer. I’m not the only person who wondered this.

And I’m going to say: The Word of God holds up to scrutiny. You will NEVER catch Him out. He IS who He says He is and I AM a living testimony of that.


I’ve always had problems with Abraham sacrificing his son. The Word says God stopped him.

I don’t know how this played out and in no way am I trying to be disrespectful to The Word. (I read King James.)

There is no way I can reconcile my Father setting up a child sacrifice and then putting a stop to it. God does not go against Himself. He can’t.

So I know and believe the King James Version Bible I read is accurate and true. I’ve seen the discussions and arguments but what I personally know is my King James Version Bible is what I read and it changes my life. No other version does. That’s all I personally know. End of that story.

Anyway I knew how God felt about these things concerning wickedness against our children from The Word as well as my own ‘working’ knowledge.

As a little girl, I was groomed to take part in some sort of witchcraft thing.

I’m not sure how this couple came to babysit my sister and I; but I remember the wife’s name – not his.

I’m not sure how old we were but it was before my step father came into the picture.

I’m two years older and currently 60.

Anyway we were staying the night at this couple’s house. We were on a mattress that was just thrown on the floor, in a spare bedroom.

The bedroom was small but it was packed with pornography. Pornography in stacks everywhere.

Lots were the same title. I didn’t read the titles, to be able to tell the stacks were some of the same. It was the pictures. A stack of one girl etc. that’s how I could tell at a young age.

I think I must have found the pornography underneath the mattress. The mattress was lumpy from laying on top of the pornographic magazines underneath it. Lumpy.

I reached my hand underneath the mattress because this stuff was sticking out. Saw what it was and it scared me. I knew it was bad and I remember being afraid for my sister. I don’t have memory about this other than this.

I know I was with this couple more than once. They were neighbors. A young married couple with no children.

I know this couple, Lolly was the name of the wife; Lolly Patterson was her name, they are the ones who took me to the graveyard.

For some reason it was very important to do what we were doing at midnight.

This grown couple, took me as a little girl; I could read because I read tombstones forever, took me as a little girl to the local graveyard to pick out a name for me. A new name.

They had me sold on the idea of picking out a new name for myself from the names off of the tombstones. I was to chose a first, middle and last name from a different tombstone.

They made a game of it. They knew how to hype a little girl to go into a graveyard at midnight and pick out a first, last and middle name off of these tombstones and I did.

I use to could remember the name but I can’t any longer.

I don’t believe I ever went back to their house again after the graveyard. I have no memory of it and I do feel sure I would have knowledge of having gone on more with them.

I told my mother’s best friend what happened. This great time at the graveyard made such an impression on me, I excitedly told my mom’s best friend when she came to visit the next day.

My mother was standing there when I said it and about died of a heart attack.

I forget the friends name now too, but she came in the door and I was like “guess what I did last night”? I went to the GRAVEYARD!

My mother … …. she said “Oh my gosh! She’s lying!”

Then she hustled me off.

That was my experience and the only testimony I have of this nature. There are other things I can speak to but this is what my experience was and obviously I was spared from some sort of more horror.

So this was a small town in Oklahoma. Seminole. These people are no one but they had plans. That’s a pretty bold step to take me to the graveyard like that.

I will say from my readings and testimonies I have listened to there are a lot of people into the occult in one form or another.

I see it everywhere.

There are different people, at different times which I’ve encountered and I knew they were into the occult.

I had a neighbor.

Her name was Bobby. I loved that girl. She would visit me and I her.

I always knew she was into the occult because the Holy Spirit showed me. He just gave me a ‘knowing’ about her.

She didn’t look like someone you would think was into the occult. She wasn’t an attractive girl, but I loved the way she looked. She didn’t dress dark. No make up. She was probably 50+ but younger than me.

She was the busy body. I didn’t care. I just liked her.

Half the time she would be contentious with me. Taking digs sometimes.

I don’t know how I knew or could tell, I just did. Bobby was trying to do witchcraft against me. I was praying, not about that. Just praying and somehow Holy Spirit dropped the knowledge Bobby was doing witchcraft against me. I wasn’t alarmed or afraid. I didn’t know how to pray about those things. Didn’t matter at the time. I prayed and went in.

Me and my neighbor Bobby would have coffee and visit at least once a week.

We were talking one day, long after Bobby and I started having coffee together and I guess I wore her down.

She said, and this was her digging at me. She knew I was a Christian and she said, “You know I use to be Wiccan.”

I said, “I know.”

She knew by the way I said it, I really had known. I took her ‘thunder’ away by having prior knowledge. She talked briefly about how active she had been in the occult. Quite dedicated but she just phased out of the practices and activity.

At that time she was caring for her ailing mother.

People taking part in the occult through new age type practices looks off the charts to me. People into witchcraft is big. I’m not trying to say anything more than I know there are a lot of people into these things.

That ‘Dark Side of Twitter’? There is no difference from what I’ve read in their Twitter feeds.

Let me use myself for the example. I’m going to keep it brief.

I had already had a born again experience. Already received Christ as my Savior.

Well my mom bought me a ouija board for Christmas. I knew it was bad. Baptist Church will teach you that and I had my born again experience under the Baptist Church ministry of our town in Seminole.

Me and my friends did it anyway and scared the garbage out of ourselves doing it because “it worked.” The ouija board plastic needle thing moved without us moving it. It worked and as a born again Christian I did it. I’m thinking I was 14 at the time. A few other occult type activity happened in our house after that but it was minimal. I don’t remember the circumstances.

There is no invisible character that takes over a person doing everything causing people to act Christian after a born again experience. I was radically saved. I gave my testimony everywhere. But people still have a free will. Choices get made.

From what I’ve seen Jim Jones of the Guiana massacre started out ‘right’. Meaning from testimony he was a true Believer but went south and ended up with a Jonestown massacre.

Law enforcement will admit teens are involved in a lot of occult activity.

It is of my opinion and I’ve read FBI Head reports. I’ve read Ted Gunderson but others as well.

Law enforcement knows about adults as well but unless they are acting illegally? They have the right. I actually read this huge report from a FBI guy. If I find it I will post it.

If you are a Believer? You are a targeted individual. The Bible says so.

Ya’ll know all of the disciples were killed for their ministries right?


There are people dying today. I pray for them all the time. The martyrs. The true martyrs. That’s why I have zero sympathy for people faking it.

And I don’t appreciate at all people who have hijacked the whole satanic ritual abuse associated with children.

Ummm … James Alefantis instagram should have him investigated by authorities. Some big ones.

Alefantis and his whole group from the looks of things are telling everyone who they are on Instagram. If you’ve made it to my blog you probably know about Alefantis.

The Bloody Mary mix for Comet Pizza? I think it’s called something “Birth of Pain “. Of course there are people into dark things, dark comedy, dark atmosphere, clothing etc. and think nothing of the Bloody Mary mix. The bands Comet hosts? Not family oriented. In fact from the bands, the music and their poster signage, it LOOKS like your children would be in grave danger. Not kid friendly. I read the lyrics to a couple of songs. These people are sick.

Greta Van Sustern defends Comet Pizza and says she has ‘take out’ twice a month from there. Alrighty Greta. I use to like and respect Greta.

Greta is called a ‘handler’ of Lindsay Lohan. That could very well be. There is a compelling video of Greta and Lindsay.

Who knows?

I don’t know. They are worth keeping an eye on,

But what are we doing?

Speaking for myself. I’m on social media for the children.

The whole ‘survivor’ conversation? It’s so mucked up from my standpoint? I need to see the ‘air’ clear a bit. Quite a bit.

Because many people are sucked into Twitter accounts from survivors and their supporters? All in the name of awareness? I spit at the feet of those running these fraudulent accounts. The fraud can be debatable. The fruit can not.

What is the fruit? I’m a fruit checker.

The fruit from my observation and reading? People who are reading about these things are of no profit and then goes beyond, it not being wise spiritually speaking.

What is the fruit? You know all of these things Sarah, Cronsell, Fiona, Rebecca, Dr. Danielle have shared. Now what?

Now what?

Is there anyone tearing down the posters the pedophiles are putting up in neighborhoods proclaiming “Love is Love.”? Ya’ll doing any of that?

If you are concerned for the welfare of children satanically ritually abused what are you doing to make a change or help out? Or is it just your intent to be informed?

I know there are a lot of good people who are making a difference. They have, they are making a difference.

I also know there is a bucket full not doing jack. But maintaining information via social media. While children are dying.

In your community.

What about Grace Packard? Look her up.

We failed her. Still.

Statistically one in four females will be sexually assaulted in some nature before age 18. The male statistics vary. One in six.

Your children.

Your grandchildren are going to school with these children or maybe even they are a victim God forbid.

What is your community doing? About children in general? We need to keep an eye on them at all times.

If you aren’t making a difference in your community what are you doing and why? If you can’t do anything besides make phone calls, there are plenty of those to be made.

Sitting on Twitter to talk to survivors? Great. But they’re grown. Mental health should be considered now. There are children who are being abused and you will see them, meet them, know them and there won’t be shit you can do for that child. Everyone I’ve talked to that I can remember have stories of the child they know are being abused and not been able to help them. Wait until that happens.

Seriously this whole Dark Side of Twitter is a vacuum. Sucking energy and life right out of people who should be doing something somewhere. In their community. In real life.

And truthfully I’m going to rattle that cage hard. What are you doing?

I’m a Believer. My first calling is The Gospel. After that I pray. The Bible says pray without ceasing. I try.

I know many times people get discouraged in prayer but if I could just say “Pray to be encouraged in your prayer life.”

What is YOUR calling in this effort of combatting childhood sexual abuse. What are you doing?

What do you believe and what are you clearly saying?

We have all elements in our society and what are we doing?

For the record, I am saying I know and believe all of the things The Dark Side of Twitter; the things they talk about happening ARE happening. Satanic ritual abuse etc.

If we believe every word they say? Then what? What are you doing?

Dear Fake Becki, *Edit #3

17 Sep

Dear Fake Becki,

Where are you?

Where all did you post Fake Becki?

Voat. I see you have been triggered over on VOAT.

I saw you last posted on VOAT a couple of hours ago.

I find your platform of choice so interesting.

Are you getting any responses from those posts Fake Becki?

What an odd character Fake Becki. Is this your life? Anything else going on for you? No?

Very interesting Fake Becki. Hey do you have a source for all that inside info?

I saw where you called Howard a Christian, Fake Becki. Do you have inside info on that? Because Howard has never identified as a Christian Believer before and Rebecca knows that. I know that. That must be how Rebecca will be able to prove to others, you are you; Fake Becki and she is her. She knows Howard isn’t Christian and you obviously are mistaken.

What’s up with that Fake Becki?

Where are you getting your information again?

What caused you to want to help Rebecca, Fake Becki?

Your posts on VOAT so odd. I mean it’s obvious you are just posting stupidly not really being serious or making a point.

How come YOU didn’t get banned on those threads Fake Becki? How can you still post? I can’t. I’ve already shared the screen shot of my ban. I would go get it but I’m just a little tired.

Exhausted really.

Alright Fake Becki, I will leave it at this. For now.

… …. you never know … ….

Edit: 9/19/2018

Dear Fake Becki,

No posting recently? Why? Why not?

Dear Fake Becki, I don’t promise things because I’ve just never had any luck with that. I could promise something and something would happen I would not be able to carry through. I learned that early.

So really? I just do what I think and give things my best effort. And I pray.

I’m PRAYING for Fake Becki to be caught out.

Actually it should be an all out effort from concerned people to pray for Fake Becki to be caught out. In Jesus name.

– CG

Oh P.S. Do you know anything about the fire at my porch? Asking for the Fire Marshall.

The last pic is of Fake Becki posting 20 more comments than the last time. People aren’t coming from VOAT anymore so Fake Becki must be quiet for some reason.

Dear Fake Becki,

Your “mad postings” on VOAT?

Is this some kind of “on line persona deal”?

Like Alex Jones?

Posting like a mad person on VOAT …

Why are the postings nonsensical Fake Becki? Faking it? Having a hard time faking it?

Posting away like a mad person, gibberish … and … A LINK TO MY BLOG!

Wow! I don’t know what to say.

Or to think!

You have linked my blog 63 times yet … you don’t comment? On any of my blogs? Odd. Are you trying to distance yourself there Fake Becki?