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My initial reply to my Mothers letter

11 Oct

Jeanine A Thriver

Right after reading my mothers letter I write this up in my art journal.  I am typing it up here unedited.

If these things you say were true then my visit with my Dad’s stake president would have gone differently.  He would have taken my statements seriously enough to have spoken with the state’s investigator in the attorney general’s office.  He would have taken my statements seriously enough to have contacted my Therapist.  If these things you claim are correct he would have not repeated your condescending words to me.  If the things you claim were correct then the Stake President would have even remotely resembled the person who lacked being influenced by dad as the sisters told me you said.  If that was even remotely true then the stake president would not have been the former bishop who already read family letters about this issue.  Your description of him…

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Re: Forgive me… (Seriously!? This is all you got?) from my DH

11 Oct

Jeanine A Thriver

Letter to my Sister#1 from my Dear Husband.

To Sister in Law #1,

I get it. After watching conference you wanted to feel better about what you did to Jeanine, so after a few minutes of thought you barfed some half-baked apologetic sounding ideas on to your key board and sent them.

Not OK.

If you actually re-read carefully the first paragraph of your initial message you will realize that you have not apologized for any of your actions (no one in your family ever does). You have instead apologized to Jeanine for her own emotions (which is what everyone in your family always does), while simultaneously admitting that you don’t even know what those emotions are. (PRO TIP: the phrase “I would guess” really has no place in any serious apology letter). What’s the matter? Couldn’t you think of a way to be more rude to her than YOU…

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