I Am Intense or In Layman’s Terms: A Social Misfit

16 Jun

My voice AND your voice are important 


I am intense in everything I do. If I am laughing, crying, loving, whatever the case, I am intensely involved in what I’m doing. I can multi task and be intensely focussed on multi-tasking. It’s a good attribute to have, however, there are drawbacks as well.

I am and can be too intense. People are put off if I am too intense about child sexual molestation. I lay it out there. Mostly on twitter and mostly statistics. That really bothers me.

Statistics are good. I LOVE statistics. They are a measuring stick and we need one. Our measuring stick is currently buried in the abuse that continues.

However intense I am. I accept me. I’m ok with my intensity. If no one else needs to hear my passion, I do.

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