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And now for something less cheery…

21 Jun

And now for something less cheery….

An Open Letter to the Mainstream Media

19 Jun

Admire her courage to be pissed off

Queen Victoria

Mac and WillDear Mainstream Media,

I know we haven’t exactly got along in the past, but I’m just writing to let you know the status of our relationship is now in an emergency zone. I’m no longer just pissed off. I’ve reached the point of contempt. It’s not like I didn’t already know you were a broken-record narrative, full of bias, inaccuracy and completely anti-balance, but now I have a fictional model of just how good you could be if you gave a shit. And this just makes the reality of your inadequacy even more obvious. Yes, I’m watching Aaron Sorkin’s Newsroom and it’s completely depressing.

Since you probably haven’t watched Newsroom, and if you have you’re no doubt laughing it off just like your biggest defender, @sclark_melbs, calling it ‘fictional’ and ‘drama’, I thought it might be timely to let you know you could really learn something from this television…

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My skin and her neglect

19 Jun

My skin and her neglect.

RESCUED!! When I did not even know that I needed it!

16 Jun

RESCUED!! When I did not even know that I needed it!.

Thanks for Rescuing Me! (Psalm 30:1)

16 Jun

Thanks for Rescuing Me! (Psalm 30:1).

I Am Intense or In Layman’s Terms: A Social Misfit

16 Jun

My voice AND your voice are important 


I am intense in everything I do. If I am laughing, crying, loving, whatever the case, I am intensely involved in what I’m doing. I can multi task and be intensely focussed on multi-tasking. It’s a good attribute to have, however, there are drawbacks as well.

I am and can be too intense. People are put off if I am too intense about child sexual molestation. I lay it out there. Mostly on twitter and mostly statistics. That really bothers me.

Statistics are good. I LOVE statistics. They are a measuring stick and we need one. Our measuring stick is currently buried in the abuse that continues.

However intense I am. I accept me. I’m ok with my intensity. If no one else needs to hear my passion, I do.

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How could a mother let this happen to her child?

15 Jun

How could a mother let this happen to her child?.