Dear Mr. McAvene *Edit Made *Response From Mr.McAvene

13 Nov

Dear Mr. McAvene,

My answer required more than Twitter allows.

First, I give you credit for answering me. Thank you. I appreciate it.

I can and also do appreciate that you support Rebecca 100%.

However … ….

“Rebecca is a survivor in every sense of the word”? Sounds like a play on words Mr. McAvene. Something similar to the “creative writing” which I talk about that Rebecca does.

Let me clarify that.

Rebecca nor YOU get to allow for “survivor” status because Rebecca has made the mess of things. It’s called “self-sabotage” not “survivor”. It’s also a pattern for Rebecca, please consult with Shelley. Rebecca will know who Shelley is and how to contact her. I’m sure you will want to as I’m sure Rebecca will be happy for you to. Because I’m SURE you all want the TRUTH and for Rebecca to become a HEALTHY survivor.

Mr. McAvene I’m not sure how you know that YOU are the person most personally damaged by Rebecca but I’m going to take that gauge away from you. You don’t get to be the measuring stick which measures the damages of Rebecca’s actions. I don’t think you get to acquire martyrdom status.

Can I just tell you, Mr. McAvene? It’s not a competition.

This is NOT a situation of comparing hurt or damages.

I think what you meant to say was “I have been hurt as badly as anyone else in the wake of #TeamBecki”.

Which has been my point Mr. McAvene. Rebecca’s actions and dangerous choices have been reckless, dangerous and unnecessary. Special emphasis on unnecessary Mr. McAvene. Someone needed to stand up and since I’m an adult in the youth of my family’s life it had to be me.

Rebecca continues her behavior on social media exploiting children who are abused, CONTINUING to exploit me AND my family, attacking innocent people on Twitter and misleading over 20K Twitter followers.

Rebecca has a pattern of the behavior she exhibits and it’s as far back as I can find. It needs to stop Mr. McAvene. It’s not Ok.

If Rebecca accused you righteously? I’m sorry for all y’all.

What I KNOW is NONE of the garbage my family has gone through has been necessary on any level. I/We did not rescue someone who was being trafficked sexually by their parents or THEN on to satanic ritual abuse.

Youth. In my family; exposed to this. Because Rebecca had this fascination with being YouTube famous. From her history and friends testimony this was Rebecca’s intent. Rebecca has an INORDINATE desire for attention.

Mr. McAvene you are welcome to sacrifice whatever you will but you don’t get to make the same choices for “the rest of us”.

I am neither petty or bitter.

What Rebecca did at my house and then afterwards? Endangered children Mr. McAvene. Endangered children.

You are an adult. I’m an adult. They are not.

And the children who are being abused all over the world today? The ones everyone is suppose to be fighting for? They don’t deserve this either Mr. McAvene.

They ALL deserve SAFE ADULTS.

Rebecca is mentally unbalanced and y’all are not helping matters. It’s ok if you want to allow for damages or sacrifices made for yourself Mr. McAvene but you don’t get to make that choice for everyone else.

This is wrong on EVERY level.

Rebecca’s request for political asylum is NOT what our current administration would want to pass. The Patriots, Mr. McAvene. This is one of the very cases the liberals would want to pass and the Trump administration? Not at all.

Rebecca AND Wendy the “Don’t Question A Survivor” platform is dangerous and deviant. Deviant, I choose the word on purpose.

Subverting and undermining law enforcement in two different countries and how many jurisdictions? My entire family is law enforcement Mr. McAvene. They/we don’t appreciate the implication of so many law enforcement representatives and how they are characterized by Rebecca. It makes law enforcement less safe to see “survivors” who claim law enforcement failed them every step of the way. They can’t even be trusted to report a blog to. EXCEPT … …. Law enforcement seems able to respond if they receive a phone call about you or online pedophiles. Or even me. Rebecca is well able to contact law enforcement under those circumstances.

If this were only about Rebecca, Mr. McAvene it would not be the issue it is. But this is not all about Rebecca. There are many people who have been and WILL BE adversely affected,

It’s also not just me Mr. McAvene.

Friends and associates alike have said Rebecca’s testimony is impossible and not true. People just like you and I. All #TeamBecki at different points along the way. Unanimously Rebecca has alienated them yet claims SHE was the victim. Speak with Shelley. Speak with Emily Cherry. They are professionals who have both been #TeamBeck Because all of the deception is just not going to fly. I don’t see anyone trying to contact these people because that would be one heck of a hit on Rebecca’s “testimony” and y’all are not thinking or caring about anything but Rebecca “feeling” better. She doesn’t know how Mr. McAvene and y’all are not helping her.

This behavior and the effects are out of control Mr. McAvene. You aren’t helping matters.

This is suppose to be about children in harms way. How does it work trying to help someone who says they are in danger; yet they bring the danger and never stop? Rebecca has had a HIGH TIME driving the #TeamBecki bus. Running over good people. Then backing up and taking another run at it. I get the feeling you don’t know of many of the Rebecca incidents Mr. McAvene. That’s how it works. Being kept in the dark.

If there is a question in your mind if there has been GROSSLY UNNECESSARY incidents of Rebecca placing my household in danger Mr. McAvene let me assure you, law enforcement would enlighten you. It’s not ok and I do not consent.

I have been merciful. I have been gracious.

There are many differences in our situation though Mr. McAvene. The children of our household are under age. Yours are not. Yours are not in danger from some psycho who Rebecca has been in contact with through Twitter. Or a pedophile she has reported. Or. Or. Or.

I am not Rebecca’s enemy. I have been merciful and I will not allow for you or anyone else to mischaracterize me as some sort of demonic attack just out to hurt Rebecca. For the love of God Mr. McAvene Rebecca needs to stop, before MORE people become victims. I have felt such guilt because of YOUR situation and the OTHER garbage Rebecca has pulled which I HAVEN’T gone in to. Mr. McAvene? What are you thinking? Forget the other poor bastard down the road?

If you supported Rebecca 100% you would advise her to seek deep counseling if not go into a facility. It’s not like she has not been unaware of her actions though Mr. McAvene. Rebecca is not without her faculties. I am aware of the “physical” manifestations Rebecca shows and it’s very unhealthy. Y’all will have her medicated up when the TRUTH was Rebecca had stopped many of the physical manifestations. But you see? The PHYSICAL manifestations PROVE the trauma. And Rebecca has to PROVE the “trauma” because there is no PROOF of trauma. Like other abused children. The ones with scars. The ones with wrecked female organs and rectums from childhood sexual abuse.

See where I’m going with that Mr. McAvene? Your ex wife is a registered nurse yet her professional training goes out the window upon jumping on board of #TeamBeck

This is fraudulent and you know at least part of it is fraudulent Mr. McAvene. You know it and I know you know it.

And Mr. McAvene? I’m not a liar. Nor do I exaggerate. I have said before and will say it again. If I have lied or exaggerated I will delete everything I’ve written.

But I’m not lying and I’m not exaggerating and since you are #TeamBecki Mr. McAvene maybe you can ask Rebecca to remove the video from her petition to the President which is exploitive of my household. My name. That one. Can you think of a good reason for Rebecca to use the video she made when she was at my house? 2 years later? I can’t. I also can not understand how she could be so hateful towards me or the rest of my household. All along the way you and your now ex wife have proclaimed the innocence of Rebecca while all along the way she was pulling the most hateful garbage. Directed at me. And my household. You’ll have to read my blogs Mr. McAvene.

Since you are the messenger of not being bitter and petty you might pass the message on to Rebecca. Being petty with the safety of my household has gotten her into a lot of hot water. The repercussions of her petty disregard for the safety of my household have been major.

That’s all I’m going to say for now Mr. McAvene. ~ CG

Dear Mr. McAvene,

Thank you once again for answering me. I appreciate your grace. I am thankful you have peace and joy through God. I have prayed for it. In earnest I have prayed for you. Your family. I have struggled with feeling responsible for what has happened in your family.

This isn’t all about you though Mr. McAvene. And it’s not all about me.

You are you and not me. The thing is Mr. McAvene I AM a survivor. I don’t say that often but I do know myself. I know where I came from and what I’ve done since. I don’t claim sainthood by ANY stretch.

Literally I have 1000’s of people all up in my business because? Rebecca. Because Rebecca needs to make a villain of someone to avoid personal responsibility. Except she had no reason to in my situation. None. She was perfectly free to join your family for the rest of her life with my blessing. This is where she self sabotages. She had no need.

And she does not stop. She isn’t finished.

Whether you think so or not Mr. McAvene I have given Rebecca good sound advice all along the way. I KNOW her court case. I know the law. She is trying to re-write it Mr. McAvene. I explain in the periscope which I will link. That’s not ok. It’s not. The Trump administration would have to argue her case all the way to the Supreme Court. There IS a POLITICAL component to this and is NOT currently what the President you support wants. Most people don’t understand that, maybe you don’t either but just as immigration law has been changed in the past, it would be AGAIN and it is DIAMETRICALLY OPPOSED to President Trumps immigration policy. President Trump is NOT going to want to give Rebecca political asylum and the 3000+ people who signed the petition to President Trump from Rebecca do not understand they are asking President Trump to go against his own policy. It’s not a small change. But out of emotional buttons being pushed, people being MANIPULATED they are going against what they themselves say they want in a closed border. If you open the door for one, it will open the door for all.

Watch on #Periscope: Catherine Grace Live

You’re helping her to try to achieve this Mr. McAvene and it’s not right. It’s not. Confronting people on Twitter as though Rebecca is a persecuted survivor is dishonest in every sense of the word. Yes it is. And you’re not helping Rebecca.

Today; Rebecca is as much of a product of her personal choices and decisions as much as she was being in “Care”. I do think something happened for Rebecca to leave the family home but she showed the EXACT same patterns then as she does now. How could anyone know? Because it’s ALL spelled out on social media. Mostly Facebook in the old days. Or old blogs. Rebecca has had an inordinate desire for attention. And today? She is defrauding the GARBAGE out of people on YouTube and Twitter. And other social media platforms. How long has this been such a big fraud? How far back does it go? How big are these fraudulent actions today? I would say FAKING A KIDNAPPING is pretty darn fraudulent.

Yet Rebecca is on social media as though she will be murdered if she is sent back to England. I saw someone on Twitter tell Rebecca she would be lucky if she weren’t kidnapped, raped and murdered. It was a harsh thing to say but if people don’t understand how it could be true I would say you aren’t paying attention to reality. It IS a dangerous world out there. That’s why I don’t play games. This is not in any sense of the word a “game” to me. And I don’t appreciate the disregard towards my family. And it’s not over yet! Rebecca isn’t finished yet.

Rebecca’s testimony is of satanic ritual abuse yet she plays cat and mouse games with a Twitter account who openly identifies as a satanist. Rebecca’s testimony is of being forced to ritually sacrifice children yet she goes back and forth with the James Hinds Twitter account and his followers/supporters. And then makes a video comparing herself to martyrs who have been murdered by ISIS!

Why did I turn this into a blog? Because it’s wrong. W. R. O. N. G. Wrong. Not right. Not.

And there will just be more casualties. Until these fraud accounts are shut down. And Rebecca IS a fraud account. Just from what I personally have experienced and have firsthand knowledge of she is a fraud. It’s a shame. It’s a crying shame.

The thing is Mr. McAvene, I like you have prayed and wept for Rebecca. I haven’t lost sight of who I am in God or what I’m suppose to be doing. For whatever y’all think of me? I give account for my actions every day. In prayer I stand before the same God I will stand before when it’s my time. This threatened to break my mind and kill me. It HAS robbed me of more than I say. Because I HAVE been merciful and I’m NOT trying to sensationalize things. The truth is bad enough. If what I share isn’t convincing I’ve done what I should.

I could not just do nothing Mr. McAvene. It’s not right.

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