When Do You Turn the Other Cheek?

16 Jul

I know the Bible says, turn the other cheek. Forgive 70 X’s 7. In one day.

I AM the preacher on ‘forgiveness’. I have said so many times. Ppl make forgiveness harder than it is.

How do you forgive the unforgivable?

By saying so.

“I forgive … (insert name here)

How can I say this? How can forgiveness be that simple?

How did you get saved in the first place? (I’m talking to Believers.)

You ask right?

“Jesus, will You be my Savior”? Right?


In the Beginning

16 Jul

In the beginning I knew Rebecca was not truthful about some things. She was untruthful before she left England and I knew it but I overlooked it because she was a survivor and had been in “Care” for 5 years, fighting for anything and everything, I didn’t blame her.

What had happened is I related to Rebecca the passing of my 38 year old son the year before. It’s a very powerful testimony. I will tell it soon.

Anyway I told Rebecca what had happened. She said she had gone to the post office and ran into Ann; and because she felt so great after the recounting of my sons passing etc, she felt bold enough to confront Ann and declare she would never abuse her again. Of course I was elated.

However, I was deflated after talking to a mutual friend of Rebecca and myself when SHE recounted the same exchange which Rebecca had told her, except with THIS person, it was Lee, the biological Rebecca confronted.

So I knew.

There were other things.

The mutual friend and myself both sent Rebecca money before she left England. This was for personal use. I had zero expectation of how the $200 I sent was spent. I hoped she treated herself. I don’t know what she spent it on. She said rent. She said she was behind and was going to be evicted in 21 days.

I have screen shots of everything I am saying. I’m a record keeper. Thank God. I’m not posting screen shots at this time and may not. I have over 16K pictures to go through.

I have lamented this situation like you could not believe.

The entire situation is almost beyond comprehension.

Ok. This is my blog. I can write it how I want.

Many ppl on line including the McAvenes have said they are family number 3, my husband and myself are number two, with Ann and Lee Percy being number one, the biological parents.

That’s not true. I know it and Rebecca knows it.

There was another. A couple more actually. One in England.

I’m not giving names but I do know them. I do not know the lady in England.

I do know the lady in Texas. I’ve talked with her quite a bit via Facebook messenger.

In the beginning my offer to Rebecca was to pay for her airfare/travel expenses to the lady in Texas. And to help pay for adoption expenses. (I have the screen shots)

The lady in Texas fell through. She could not act quickly enough. So I along with my family stepped up.

I had a family meeting. Ask if they would help. I couldn’t have done this without their help. They got on board.

“They” being my husband Tomas, my daughter Cammy/Cameron, her soon to be ex husband David, and my grandson.

It’s All Fun and Games Until the Authorities Get Involved

15 Jul

This is a screen shot from the blog that wasn’t trying to die. The BeckiPercy.com blog Like I said, I know who is writing the blog and it didn’t take that much to find out.

They screen shot most of the conversation. Not all but most.

The back story, some is on the other blog, but to explain.

I ask about the blog. No response.

I ask about the blog another day, putting to the main Twitter line, THEN I got a response.

Is this Dialing for Dollars?

15 Jul

This was associated with an active GoFund from the blog Rebecca Percy had originally written, posted and made the connection with me.

The blog was recently updated and reposted.

The blog states Rebecca has to pay $500 a month for her ankle monitor. The ankle monitor is connected to the bail bond company.

The payment for the ankle monitor is $420.00 a month. I know this factually. I paid it for 15 months.

500.00-420.00=80.00 huh an $80 discrepancy. I don’t think math is the strong suit in the Texas household.

The GoFund thing. I did not know of 3 different Gofunds.

This is The a GoFund Rebecca wrote after she went to Texas. She had ask me about doing a GoFund for the $40K I said No. Bad idea.

The GoFund for the ankle monitor was so Rebecca could get the ankle monitor taken off of her ankle.

However had she raised $40K; it would sit with the bond company as insurance there would not be a skip. After the immigration case is settled, be it by green card or return to home country, the money would be returned to the poster of the money. (Rebecca) Truthfully I was horrified. I don’t know how anyone else would react.

That changed however.

Rebecca posted this to her Twitter account. The reason FOR the GoFund had changed but it was not changed on the GoFund itself.

I’m sorry but if you don’t have a job, what else do you have to do besides be honest with the people who send their cold hard cash?

The pictures below are what I see as different attempts at adding $$’s to a GoFund.

The first is part of a series of tweets Rebecca had made to send her testimony to President Trump that he might give her asylum. “We have to pay a monthly fee”

The above pictures. I have four little ankle biter dogs. Rebecca lived with me for 15 months. They aren’t service dogs but …

So I’m pointing out there were three Gofunds. One is still active, linked to the blog.

I would also point out one GoFund was in the name of my daughter. Rebecca never gave my daughter money. Ever.

She also never gave money to me or anyone else in the household. Any money she ever received was hers to do with as she wanted. She did buy groceries.

She also sent money to her friend in England who was suppose to be losing her flat. I would like to ask her how much.

I just think it’s so bizarre. We were losing our house and money goes to a friend in England.

It Started With A Blog

14 Jul

It started with a blog, has been blown up by a blog, I won’t make any predictions … but I’m writing a blog.

I’m writing this blog for several reasons, which I will get to but this is to address the Rebecca Percy, Catherine Moncada, a few 1000 Twitter followers, the U.S. Government, the U.K. Government, child traffickers, child molesters, varying representatives of the occult, my entire family, and any other interested parties.

To start: This blog; updated since the original posting of Feb. 2015 is the blog post I read, written by Rebecca Percy to put in motion, my asking and bringing Rebecca to the United States, arriving in April of 2015. https://www.theburningplatform.com/2017/01/03/the-immigration-experience-of-a-sex-trafficked-girl/

Skipping all of the details between then and now, I find myself in the position of writing this blog post myself because things have gone terribly awry.

Some may have seen the exchanges on Twitter between Rebecca, her new sponsor, Wendy McAvene and myself. The entire situation keeps growing and I have been RELATIVELY quiet. For the record, no one wanted me to say anything. Even I didn’t want me to say anything. It’s out of control and my family continues to be hurt.

I will tell you as a Christian, I am not so shallow in God that I would blow up something He took me in to, something I spent 3 years of my life on, involving my entire family in; I would not be writing this blog because someone talked badly about me on Twitter. Or if someone shared every intimate detail of my life with strangers on Twitter. That is not why I’m writing this.

If you go on your social media accounts, post things which are dangerous to my family? That’s what we are talking about here.

So here I go …

For some reason Rebecca had posted this on her Twitter account. I don’t know about Facebook, Voat, Reddit, Instagram etc.

Rebecca had found where someone had purchased the domain site beckipercy.com and posted this Dec 2017. Rebecca was in Texas at this time with the McAvenes and the relationship between she and myself had completely deteriorated. I did not see the post on any of Rebecca’s social media because I have everything blocked.

From this beckipercy.com became a blog. The blog which has blown this up. I’m not giving much time to this blog. It nasty. It’s written as though Rebecca Percy is in first person. It’s also written as a parody account which I will explain the importance of later. The blog also contains a picture of a then underage youth. My grandson.

I’m not sure how many times the blog has appeared. There are several months worth of postings, however I had found it on Rebecca’s Twitter feed and ask her to remove it. It was in a thread, with Jon Robinson from The Hagman Report.

Here Rebecca says it’s definitely a possibility the blog is authored by Ann and/or Lee Percy, Rebecca’s biological parents.

Rebecca had quote tweeted the blog, I saw it, confronted her and she did not respond.

Did. Not. Respond.

No. I take that back. She RT’d her GoFund from her Twitter profile. That was her response.

I sent her attorney, cc’ing Rebecca; an outraged email explaining. The attorney responded. Rebecca did not.

The blog showed up again on Rebecca’s Twitter feed in the form of a mention by someone who had seen and read it from prior post.

I had emailed Rebecca’s attorney and cc’d Rebecca. The attorney responded. Rebecca refused the email.

Hoaxstead posted the blog.

Using approximations: Hoaxstead 60+20=80 That’s 80 ppl to view/promote blog on Hoaxstead’s behalf.

Rebecca Percy 22,000 followers on Twitter to RT and promote the blog to prove Rebecca is being harassed.

Isn’t that a 21,920 odd person difference? Approximately.

The blog was supposedly turned in and an investigation ensued. I know who wrote the blog and it didn’t take much investigating.

One of the reasons I am writing this blog and others is to point out the victim blaming.

1. If there are pictures of minors; they were already made public.

Yes. The pictures WERE public. However they were NOT linked to a filthy blog. And it was the filthy blog which was tweeted out from the Rebecca Percy Twitter account. Therefore, the Rebecca Percy Twitter account is responsible for tweeting out a filthy blog to 22,000 people with a picture of my grandson in it.

I can not express my outrage.

Because the Rebecca Percy Twitter account wants to prove to all of Twitter, they are being persecuted for telling the truth.

Being harassed by satanist’s on Twitter does not mean you are being attacked for telling the truth. It MAY mean a person opened a door to satanism THEY SHOULD NOT HAVE and have no knowledge of.

If a person is exhausted from troll Twitter accounts attacking you because you are telling the truth, why would you tag the main troll account?

To be straight up and honest, I think Rebecca is lying. I think she may be lying about everything except the sexual abuse by Lee Percy her biological father and may be Ann. Or Ann just let it happen.

I think Rebecca has watched YouTube videos to get a story. I saw her video say she was going to do more videos, not about her own story but on to others.

This is not going away. It’s not going to die. I won’t be silenced as much as there has been a push to do so.

I’m not spiteful, hateful or dishonest. I have said if it can be proven I am exaggerating or lying I will delete my Twitter account. It has to be proven I deliberately exaggerated or lied. If I’m mistaken, I will say so. That’s another reason I’m writing the blog.

The thing is there IS so much back story to how this got here and I will tell it. There have been countless ppl who have been direct messaged telling one side of the story. At every juncture I’m suppose to keep these ‘secrets’. No one wants me to talk. No one wants me to talk, ya’ll shoulda cleaned up your act.

One of the accounts I was told, expected to believe was at age 11 Rebecca gave birth to a child through a forced labor and delivery and the baby was blended in a blender and drank. For some reason, Rebecca and her ‘friend’ (I will get to that) were adamant Rebecca gave birth at 11 and the child was blended and drank by a few ppl. They INSISTED I hear this account. Can I just say? I didn’t want to hear it. I do know names but am not giving them at this point. It’s not to say I won’t.

Ppl who have tried to convince me to change my mind about whether Rebecca is truthful or not have screamed at me “No one has come out and called her a liar!” Yes. I’m afraid they have. Rebecca had a friend who after she had come to my house, they reconnected and after a time of reconnection, the relationship soured and Rebecca herself told me her friend said she had said she was going to America and become famous. Rebecca told me and my daughter this at the time it happened. I said “Awe, she’s probably just jealous”. Umm I THINK she was telling the truth and blurted it out from anger. And I remember her name. I won’t name her. Rebecca knows who I’m talking about. Maybe there is a reasonable explanation.

What I know is there is nothing wrong with wanting a family. Ppl you can call yours. I offered and agreed to be family with Rebecca and it has been grossly abused so Im going to say so. I’m sorry for whatever Rebecca has experienced in the way of abuse but she has accused ME of abuse and neglect. Lots of direct messages. Explains my abuse. An entire spread sheet of the conversations between Rebecca and myself as the relationship deteriorated. They were private but it’s fine. I’m going to post them myself. I’m going to explain this situation. At least what I know of it.

So many ppl have been told one side of a story. There is a lot more.

My initial reply to my Mothers letter

11 Oct

Jeanine A Thriver

Right after reading my mothers letter I write this up in my art journal.  I am typing it up here unedited.

If these things you say were true then my visit with my Dad’s stake president would have gone differently.  He would have taken my statements seriously enough to have spoken with the state’s investigator in the attorney general’s office.  He would have taken my statements seriously enough to have contacted my Therapist.  If these things you claim are correct he would have not repeated your condescending words to me.  If the things you claim were correct then the Stake President would have even remotely resembled the person who lacked being influenced by dad as the sisters told me you said.  If that was even remotely true then the stake president would not have been the former bishop who already read family letters about this issue.  Your description of him…

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Re: Forgive me… (Seriously!? This is all you got?) from my DH

11 Oct

Jeanine A Thriver

Letter to my Sister#1 from my Dear Husband.

To Sister in Law #1,

I get it. After watching conference you wanted to feel better about what you did to Jeanine, so after a few minutes of thought you barfed some half-baked apologetic sounding ideas on to your key board and sent them.

Not OK.

If you actually re-read carefully the first paragraph of your initial message you will realize that you have not apologized for any of your actions (no one in your family ever does). You have instead apologized to Jeanine for her own emotions (which is what everyone in your family always does), while simultaneously admitting that you don’t even know what those emotions are. (PRO TIP: the phrase “I would guess” really has no place in any serious apology letter). What’s the matter? Couldn’t you think of a way to be more rude to her than YOU…

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