Days After His Death, Jeremy Geffen’s Heinous Sexual Assault Crimes Come to Light

22 Jan

In 2008, Jeremy Geffen accepted a 5-year probation plea deal with prosecutors after being charged with 16 counts of sexually assaulting minors.
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19 Jan

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Back Slider Alley

19 Jan

I’m going to write this post this morning, telling on myself. My plan is to add to it, as I remember things… ….Help me Jesus.

I tell on myself for a variety of reasons. Number one reason? I beat anyone else to the punch.

I’m famous and not popular for saying; “If you bite it? You chew it.” Or “you make a hard bed? You sleep a hard bed.”

I use to tell my kids, “If you’re going to do something wrong? Don’t make yourself a liar on top of it. Own it. Be big enough to take the consequences for your actions.” My son Michael and I had this conversation many times.

Telling on yourself keeps you humble. God resists the proud.

I also think showing yourself as a real person who made real mistakes; other people can relate. I know people can be reminded not necessarily of an exact instance such as mine but spark a memory. Learn from your mistakes by owning them first off.

This was in my early days and my friend Roxanne Perry. I lived in Oregon. Grants Pass.

Roxanne had an MG Midget which needed a paint job. It was mostly primer.

Let me just say Roxanne and I had a blast in that car. Roxanne was a good driver and she loved to drive that car. I never drove it. I think one of us driving was enough.

Roxanne and I would have girls night about once a week. I had two children and a boyfriend but Roxanne and I had a good time together. We did a little drinking. Not crazy. We just had fun. We didn’t have to drink to have fun.

(An M.G. Midget with a good paint job)

One night Roxanne and I had been out. We had my car this time. I was driving. It was midnight and we were on our way home. The streets in Grants Pass were pretty empty.

We were stopped at a red light and I noticed something black in the road. I ask Roxanne if she could make out what it was. No. We couldn’t figure it out so we had to get out and find out. We’re at a red light right? It changed a few times during this. So odd there was no traffic

We investigate and find it’s a chicken. A full grown hen. I don’t know? We caught it and put it in the backseat of my car and went home. I took the hen to my house. I named her Henrietta of course.

That hen has a story of her own. She was the first animal that communicated with me in no uncertain terms.

If I was timely getting grain thrown for her it was all good.

If Henrietta was unhappy with my feeding time, she would come and peck at the bottom step. Hard. Enough for me to notice. So I fed her.

A couple of times I didn’t hear Henrietta at the bottom step. Henrietta would literally march up the steps and beat the glass. Peck! Peck! Peck! She wasn’t having it. I’m laughing remembering her antics. She ran the show.

Another night Roxanne and I went out we left after dark and were just looking for a bar to go have a beer. We didn’t know the bars. We were 23 but never went to bars. This night we decided to go see what there was to see. Nothing could go wrong right?

We took the MG, cruised looking for a small bar in Grants Pass. I don’t remember the name where we stopped. I may not have ever known it.

We were very naive.

We parked in back. Get out. DID NOT LOOK AROUND.


We might have noticed the unusual amount of MOTORCYCLES in the parking lot. See where I’m going with this? Mmhmmm

We randomly chose a biker bar.

We DIDN’T notice and walked in the back door. It’s America right? It’s safe. Right?

We walked in the back door and immediately we realized where we were.

Nothing but guys in leather and flying colors. We DID know what flying colors was.

The shock was registered on our faces. The whole bar stopped to see who walked in because it was a small bar that had been designated for The Gypsy Jokers and everyone knows everyone.

Except this time.

We stopped in our tracks and didn’t know what to do. The shock and fear registered on our faces and EVERYONE in the bar was staring. Some were just drinking. Some playing pool.

A little guy. He must have been their president because he took charge and ran the goings on. He stepped forward from his pool game.

He was a short little guy in jeans and his club jacket. He was thin with long hair hanging from underneath his biker dew rag.

He stepped forward and walked over to us. I don’t know exactly what he said but he reassured us we were ok. We were safe. We could stay, party and have a good time without fear of anything happen to us. He shook our hands, bought us a beer and … …. we stayed. We stayed and had a blast. I don’t know how long we stayed but we played pool, danced and drank. And we felt safe.

That guy said every guy in that bar would not let anything happen to us. And he meant it. They were all very respectful. We really did have fun. They were an interesting group. Make no mistake they were outlaws. They were dangerous and not messing around as an outlaw biker club; but this night? I always figure there was a move of God on that group. I did end up at the bar with the same guy who welcomed us into the bar which is why I’m writing this blog. I ended up sitting at the bar talking to him. I was buzzed. I don’t know how we got on the subject but I started testifying of God and Jesus. I said “I’m not living right but Jesus IS the only way to live.” He agreed with me! Lol He was buzzed too but he said “I know it.” It was just a short conversation, we went and danced again. We went back to having fun until it was time to leave.

They walked us to our car. They loved the MG. They saw us to our car, saw us out of the parking lot waving goodnight. We ALL had a good time.

Roxanne and I did realize it must have been some sort of miracle. We never made that mistake again either. Nor did we ever go back even though we were invited back with the same promise of safety.

No matter where I’ve been in life. No matter what I was doing. I ALWAYS loved God. I was ALWAYS conscious of a Him. It wasn’t until I slowed down in life I can look back and see the promise fo God “He will never leave you nor forsake you.” I can and do testify of this scripture being true.

And that’s my blog/testimony of backsliding. Installment # 1.

God bless, take care. Find Jesus! He is GOOD! ~ CG

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